Saturday, May 24, 2014

"Hoping On The Hopi"

I've been contacted by several folks over the years who want me to take them to the Hopi rez. The common denominator is the fact that many believe the Hopi are the only help for humanity. In fact ancient Hopi lore, tell that in the 'End Times'. The Good People of the world will flock to the Hopi rez, seeking refuge from the onslaught of destruction to Mother Earth. This will happen at the end of the 'Forth World', the current World. And now with the World being turned upside down, black means white, up means down now. Goods folks know in their guts, something is about to happen. With all the controlled media helping this process along, with constant reminders of impending WWIII. The masses are being driven into a frenzy.

Enter Nicole Henderson and her book 'On Sacred Time' . Her book will be released on June 17th.  Nicole contacted me a few months ago about her up-coming book release. Nicole is a firm believer along with many others, that only the Hopi can awaken the World from it's slumber. And that here near the 'End Times', the Hopi must be aware of their place in World History. A Naturopathic doctor in North Carolina, has purchased 11 of Nicole's books to be delivered to the Hopi, before the release of the book. Nicole has asked me if I would deliver the books to the Hopi Elders. I talked at length to Nicole about who the books who be given to.

Most think of the Hopi, based on what they read about from the Hopi past. But the Hopi of today and the Hopi of the past are two completely different animals now. The 'powers' have done their collective best to destroy the Hopi ancient ways. With music, movies, cell towers and cell phones, public education in the reservation schools, today's Hopi is part of the government ways. Only a few like Ahkima and others are fighting to keep the ancient Hopi ways alive. Nicole thought it would be a good idea to give the books to the Hopi Tribal Council, I vetoed this idea. The Hopi Nation is being lead astray by their Tribal Council. Corruption in the ranks of council members, is making the Hopi more connected to the federal government.  Who want nothing more than for the Hopi to just simple go away. For under the Hopi lands sets, coal, oil, natural gas, uranium, and a huge fresh water aquifer. Every agreement the Native American tribes throughout the Americas have made, has been broken. Federal government is like a j$$$$$$w lying to a goyim, the Word of Mouth, or on paper mean nothing to them. So want you have is the poorly educated Hopi councils members being easily convinced to go the government ways.

Coal and Water is being stripped from the Hopi as I type this. Tribal Council members in the past negotiated the water and coal rites away years ago. With the promise of jobs and financial help for the Hopi peoples. Only thing the Hopi got was a massive conveyor belt crossing their lands, carrying Hopi coal slurry watered down with Hopi ground water. All this to sell power to the large cities to the south,. meanwhile polluting the skies over the Hopi Homeland. Trying to help the Hopi awaking, will not pass through Hopi politicians hands. Hopi politicians are just as their white brothers (and Navajo), corrupt!!! The Hopi peoples are in the same boat as the rest of the World's peoples. No politician being Native American or other, has ever done anything to help their fellow brothers. Just as you have in America, freedom will come from within, not some politicians standing and telling the free peoples what they are doing for them. The only thing the politicians are doing is stealing.

Just got off the phone with my Hopi bud Ernest Honanie (Kachina Carver). Ernest lives in Kykotsmovi (K Town) or sometimes called New Oraibi. Ernest said that we should be able to find a few elder Hopi who read English, I can drop books off with. As Nicole and me discussed, their is no guarantees this will have any effect on the Hopi peoples. In fact many whites over the years have tried to motivate the Hopi into doing things their way. This has not worked out well. The Hopi are the Hopi and life is still laid-back for the Hopi elders. The Hopi peoples all seem to have a certain self confidence of who they are in history. and I admire the elders for this. So because some white thousands of miles away, feel they can touch the Hopi, that's a tough gig. Like Ernest and I just discussed on the phone. Many have come to the Hopi Homelands in an effort to change the Hopi. The Christian missionaries tried for decades to convert the Hopi peoples to join their religions. Today on the Hopi rez, their can't be more than a handful of Christian churches. The Christians tried to force the Hopi on Old Oraibi to become Christian at gun point. Forcing the Hopi to build a church for their own indoctrination and enslavement. As I've written before, upon completion, lightning struck the church and burned it to the ground. You see the Hopi have always been protected. The only tribe in the Americas not to be genocided or relocated. For the Hopi of today are in the same basic location as they have been for centuries. Because of this fact, trying to influence the Hopi elders is difficult. The kids are a different story all together, for the most part, the kids have gone the government ways.

In two weeks I'll be back up on the Hopi rez. I'll get the books out to who they need to go to, along with the help of Lonnie ,  Ernest, and Ahkima. Ahkima and me will do another videos in our series together. As Ahkima has already made plans for what he wants to say to the public this next video. This "Time' up, Ernest an I will do another video about a Hopi subject. One thing for sure, the Hopi and me are connected at the Hip. Maybe I am the 'Hopi Long Lost White Brother'!!!

Tibetan Book of the Dead
'Aspirational Prayer'

O' as I roam in cyclic existence (driven) by deep-seated delusion,

May the transcendent lord Vairocana draw me forward,

Leading me to the path of radiant light,

Which is the pristine cognition of reality's light,

may the supreme consort (Akasa)dhatvisvari support me from behind,

And thus (encircled) may I be rescued

From the fearsome passageway of the intermediate state,  And be escorted to the level of an utterly perfect buddha.

O, as I roam in cyclic existence (driven) by deep-seated aversions,

May the transcendent lord Vajasattva draw me forward,

Leading me to the path of radiant light,

Which is the mirror-like pristine light,

May the supreme consort Buddhalocana support me from behind,

And thus (encircled) may I be recued

From the fearsome passageway of the intermediate state,

And be escorted to the level of an utterly perfect buddha.

"God" bless


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