Saturday, May 31, 2014

"Heading Back In Time To Hopi"

That "Time" of year once again, doing what feeds my soul each Summer now days, My life changed drastically the moment I walk into Old Oraibi, 3rd Mesa, almost 2 decades ago. I look at myself now, how I've changed and the incredible changes (911) almost overnight in America. 911 interrupted my love affair with the Hopi people, but not forever. I spent years away from the Hopi homeland after 911, just trying to survive mentally and financially. A son joined the Army, thinking that was the right thing to do, right after the 911 attacks (inside job). Bush told the World, 'nothing will be the same now', he was right. Then one day I told myself, 'get on with your life'. Thought, now I must return to the Hopi Homeland, to feed my soul . I was a nervous wreak as I headed back to the rez, wondering if anyone in Old Oraibi would remember me. Was Lonnie and Pat dead, Lonnie's mom? That was back in June of 2010, here it is 2014 already. My 5th summer in a row, since my return. Now I have even more friend and each year I do my videos. Ahkima says he has prepared for this years recorded talk. Ernest and I will do a video together also. And this year of course, I'm delivering Nicole Henderson 11 books to the Hopi elders. I plan on making a video of the elder Hopi who receive Nicole's books for her to use as she pleases. I'll also post it on my YT site.

Saw my first Hopi Kachina Dance in Moenkopi, near Tuba City. I was hook instantly to the Hopi ancient ways. Seeing the Dancers circling, chanting in a tone I'd never heard before. It was like a sound (tone) from the ancient Hopi past. A tone that drew me in, like it was from my past lives here on Mother Earth. Over the years I've been to Dances on almost every village except Hotevilla and Walipi 1st Mesa. This coming weekend their are Dances in 2 villages, Hotevilla and one other village. So I;ll get to see a Dance in Hotevilla this summer. Ahkima lives across the road from Hotevilla in Bacavi. And with a little luck, Ahkima and me will be able to present Nicole's books to some elders in Hotevilla.

Talked to Nicole this past week and you can hear the compassion in her voice for the Native America peoples. Nicole wasn't sure which Native American tribe should get hers books. I guess the lure of my videos and particular the recording I've done with Ahkima over the past few summers, brought Nicole to the Hopi. We talked about which tribes should get her books, but the Hopi were the only logical choice. All other tribes in North America were either genocide or put onto reservations that were not acceptable to human occupations. The tribes in America were put on reservations land that was unlivable for the White conquering population (Oklahoma, Florida). In Arizona the Apache's of Cochise were moved around each "Time" mining (copper) materials were found on their new lands. Yet the Hopi are were they have been for "God" only knows how long. Hopi the Peoples of Peace are the only Native America tribe capable of awakening the World. The Hopi have the history, the oral and dance traditions that keep the Hopi ancient ways alive today. The Hopi have no history of violence against any other tribes of the Americas. No other Native American tribe has a better knowledge of their ancient past than the Hopi peoples. When you visit the Hopi Homeland, you will not see open alcoholism like on most reservations. The roads are not lined with trash, no cell tower every couple of miles, just openness.

This why if it is possible, with all the propaganda now in the media, the Hopi are the only chance for a 'Great Awakening' that Nicole believes. I would agree, but is it far to late? Can a peoples who only number in the few thousands, Awaken a World? How powerful are the Hopi Entities and "Gods"? If the Hopi were the 'First Peoples', will they be the 'Last Peoples' of Mother Earth? Who will enter the 'Fifth World'? The Hopi say that the good Folks of the World will come to the Hopi Homelands in the End, will they? Will the Hopi be willing to take them in, in the current Hopi World. As these promises were made long ago by the ancient Hopi. Today's Hopi is far different than the Hopi even a hundred years ago. Hopi tribal leaders have their own problems. With some wanting the government ways and the true Hopi who want only to stay in the Past. It's as if the Split on Old Oraibi is still going on today. The traditionalist on one side and the new Hopi on the other side. The Hopi rez is microcosmic of the world today. Those pushing for a NWO and those fighting feverishly against the NWO like me.

Nicole can only hope her books will have some effect on the Hopi Peoples. "Time" will tell as the old saying goes. Maybe the Hopi ancients had Nicole in their oral history, maybe not. One thing for sure, the World needs more Nicoles who are at least concerned for the their brother's overall safety and spiritual development. As Nicole and I discussed, the "Gods" made sure that I have been doing what I've been doing with the Hopi. So that Nicole could come along later and have me in place to complete her mission. If the lives of many of us are not under some sort of outside control, I don't know what else it is. Maybe the "Alein" connection to all of Mankind. The World seems to be synchronized in some sort of dance or as Santo Bonacci and others call it 'Synchronicity'. 'I'm here so you can be here', is the best way to describe it. All of mankind you could say, 'is hooked at the Hip'. For if everything started at one moment, then how could not everything be connected to each other. The 'One Hundredth Monkey' syndrome, or another term is 'Collective Conciseness'. What ever you want to call it, you can't escape it. Mankind is One Living Unit like a nest of Ants or a hive of Bees. Only difference, mankind some how lost the ability to work together for the collectivizes of all. Mankind now has been divided purposely, for control of the Masses.

Tibetan Book of the Dead

Outer Refuge

I bow down to take refuge in the spiritual teachings
Whose enlightened intention, throughout the past, present and future,
Is uninterruptedly direct toward living beings,
The infinite sentient beings of the three worlds systems and six classes.

I bow down to take refuge in the  (perfect) buddhas,
The Transcendent Ones Gone to Bliss of the ten directions and four times,
Foremost of humankind, adorned by the major and minor marks,
Whose enlightened activities are inexhaustible and as vast as space.

i bow down to take refuge in the sacred teachings,
Including the doctrines of the ultimate truth, quiescent and desireless,
The irreversible path of the three vehicles, And the transmission, esoteric instructions and treatises
Of the transmitted precepts and treasures.

I bow down to take refuge in the communities (of monks and nuns),
Who abide on the unerring path, forming a field of all supreme merits,
Together with the assembly of Sublime Ones, set apart from the stains of dissonant mental states,
And the supreme upholders of the Teaching: bodhisattvas, pious attendants and hermit buddhas.

"God" bless


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