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Orayvi is the original name of Old Oraibi 3rd Mesa Hopi. The true history of the Hopi is hidden under the current village of Old Oraibi (Orayvi). To the Hopi on Orayvi, they are living in the Fourth World now, just where they have been for the 3 previous Worlds. The history of the Hopi told by the government historians and others, tells a whole different tale. Just as those who are the victors in war get to write history. You have the same thing in Native American history. The government historian don't want the truth about the Hopi to ever come out. Fort if it did, it would distort the history of the rest of Mother Earth. I will prove how it is the Hopi have never left Orayvi, other than to settle the rest of North and South America. And that the Hopi base from which they started all their migrations to settle the Americans is Orayvi.

This last weeks trip to visit my Hopi buds and do my yearly video with Ahkima, was an incredible history lesson. I arrived up on the Mesas at about 2:00 PM Friday afternoon and headed for Ahkimas Kiva in Bacavi on 3rd Mesa. Ahkima being Hopi and living in Bacavi, had never been given a tour of Orayvi. I've tried for a couple of years now to get Ahkima a tour of Orayvi. As Ahkima is doing his best to learn ancient Hopi truths from the elders in Hotevilla (Ahkima and me visited a Kachina Dance in Hotevilla on Saturday.). Thank "God" when Ahkima and I arrived on Orayvi my bud Lonnie Nutumya was alive and doing quite well. Life is hard on the Mesas and Lonnie had already had a stroke he was lucky to survive from. Half his face is paralyzed and he lost the sight in one eye, speech is a bit slurred. But as far as Hopi history is concerned, Lonnie is just fine. And every "Time" I visit Lonnie I learn more of the true Hopi history, taught by the elders in Orayvi. With Lonnie now being in his 60s, I guess he is now a Hopi elder.

Lonnie calls me the 'Flute Player' and always greats me with kisses on my hands and tells me how much he loves me. The same thing he did when I stopped on the way to Ahkima;s kiva. Other whites were looking at Lonnie's drawings of ink and pastels when I walked up. Lonnie stopped everything to greet me in his usual way. Lonnie saying to me, 'your not leaving'. I told him I was on the way to pickup Ahkima so you can show him the village. That was fine with Lonnie and I needed to pickup ice and some fruit for him in Hotevilla. A great story about me trying to deliver Lonnie to the Kachina Dance on Hotevilla I need to share. Lonnie's family is also living the Hopi traditional ways in the old part of Hotevilla. Like Orayvi, Hotevilla's old part has no running water or electricity. Hopi folks living how they did hundreds of years ago.

I introduced Lonnie to Ahkima, telling Lonnie, 'Ahkima is also Hopi, but had never been taken around the village of Orayvi'. Little history about Orayi and the rest of the Hopi. All Hopi believe their roots are in Orayvi, no matter what village they live in. And that the Hopi are where they were from the beginning of the Hopi. Historians would like people to believe this isn't true, makes their BS told history sound correct. But if you mix the Hopi history with current history being told, it just doesn't match up. Because the government history of Orayvi says it was settled late and not from the beginning. A fact that no one on Orayvi buy's into. They will say they are where they started from. And if you spend as much "Time" each year, trouncing around with Ahkima, their is one fact you can't escape, their are ancient pottery shards everywhere you walk on the rez. Their is so much of the stuff, it's used for decoration on walls and floors by the Hopi people. You go out by Ahkima's corn field which has been handed down over the centuries. Everywhere you step is pottery shards in the corn fields. Everywhere you look, an ancient Hopi site of Kivas, is now a pile of rocks.

Now to the three of us, touring Orayvi history. As the three of us walked along, the first stop was at the east edge of Orayvi. Lonnie vehemently showing us the burnt marks on the ground, on bottom level of Orayvi. Lonnie saying, 'see, this was the fire-pit of the first Kiva in Orayvi, during the First World'. Then Lonnie showed us an amazing fact. One of the first Kivas on Orayvi was still standing, just a few yards away. Lonnie extremely emotional saying the 'First Hopi' where tiny peoples who came from inside Mother Earth. The windows and doors on the ancient Kiva were tiny, maybe 2 feet tall by 18 inches wide. No where large  enough for a current Hopi (which are still small) to enter unless by sliding in, plus the Kiva was tiny, maybe 12'x12'. Then as we walked further from the east end and looked back at Orayvi. Lonnie pointed-out how you could clearly see how the village has been built on top of the previous levels Kivas. And that the Hopi are now on the fourth level, which puts the Hopi in the Fourth World now. So if the Hopi are exactly where they started from, then how about the rest of the World?

With all the great thing going on around the rest of the World. Pyramids being built everywhere on the Earth, Great Wall of China, Aztec, Mayan ruins in the Mesoamericas. All the ancient finding of today. Yet the Hopi some how, where unaffected by any of this, how can this be? Here in the Americas, is where the 'First People' came from, they were Hopi. They came from inside Mother Earth, it all fits. The Humble Hopi living as they have for thousands of years. Yet across the waters, a totally different World. A World filled with inventions and massive die-offs, wars. While all this is going on in the rest of the World. The Hopi are doing as they have been instructed to do by their "Gods", settling the Americans from north to south, east to west. As the Hopi tales say, the Hopi were protected and guided on their migrations by the "Gods" above. Living a life that was intended for all of humanity. Not the chaos of the rest of the World's population. The Hopi just don't fit into the 'Columbus Story'.

The Catholic Priest did their best to destroy the ancient ways of the Hopi first. By forcing the Hopi to build them a church on Orayvi at gun-point. The day of completion the church was hit by Lightning twice and all the timbers, which were hand carried from the Flagstaff area (60+ miles) burned to the ground. In fact today, that the fire was so long ago, you can't see any of the old burnt timbers. What Lonnie pointed out about the Catholic church is the fact that the Catholic priest made the Hopi build the church on top of a Hopi Ceremony Pit. The pit was dug out from the Limestone that makes up the mesas. The priest made the Hopi fill the pit with water to be used as a Baptismal. To dip the Hopi in, thinking the Hopi will be cleansed by the waters and become Catholic and follow the church's teachings. Guess what, that never happened, as the lightning strike was an act of "God" against the Catholic church the Hopi have never forgotten.

As the rest of the World lived in turmoil, the Peaceful Hopi were living the Spiritual life they were instructed to do. Planting their crops, attending their Sacred Ceremonies, the same Sacred Ceremonies the Hopi are doing till this day. The "God' have protected the Hopi from the rest of the World's problems. And even today the government is trying to destroy the Hopi ancient ways through the Hopi children. Doing just as they have been doing for centuries, turning the youth against the old. Turning the children away from traditional Hopi ways. As you visit the Hopi homeland you will notice the lack of children, especially in Orayvi today. The children no longer want the ways of their fathers and mothers. The cell towers and changed the Hopi children forever now. Now turning to the electronic devices for answers instead of the Hopi Elders. This is all part of a much larger plans by the 'powers', to remove the Hopi and all Native Americans from their homelands. Only the Hopi have been allowed to stay where they have been for ever. No Death March for the Hopi Peoples like so many other.

Hopi tales tell of the day that all the Good Peoples of the World will come to the Hopi Homeland at the 'End Times'. And the Hopi will welcome their brothers and sisters. The World will be destroyed and the Hopi once again will survive, just as the 3 previous "Times" the World was destroyed. The Hopi are where they have always been, not what the government wants you to believe. Hopi history through the Hopi Tales and Dances has survived the destruction of all others peoples on Mother Earth. So why aren't the Hopi truths told to the American peoples and the peoples of the World? Because the World is controlled via religion and the Hopi ways call for all to be free from religions. For even in Hopi society they also had leaders of religions. The Hopi religions are what you hear today about the Peaceful Hopi Peoples. Not those of money and power, who wish to force their ways on others. Just as you have with totally corrupt American government of today. Who force at gun-point their ways on others. Here 500 years later, the churches are pointing guns at whoever will not live and support their corrupt spiritual ways. When the smoke all clears, all religions are Catholic based. The Catholicchurch pointed a gun at all of the Native Americas and forced them into Christianity. How any Native peoples of the Americas are Catholic is beyond me. For all the murders, rapes and pillaging of the Native Peoples of the Americans by the Catholic church. But the Hopi knew they were living the "God" taught ways and not those of the churches.

Song of Creation 'Hopi'

The dark purple light rises from the north,
A yellow light rises from the east,
Then we have flowers of the earth, come forth,
To receive the long life of joy.
We call ourselves the Butterfly Maidens.

Both male and female make their prayers to the east,
make the respectful sign to the Sun our Creator.
The sound of bells ring through the air,
Making a joyful sound throughout the land,
Their joyful echos resounding everywhere.

Humbly I ask my father,
The perfect one Taiowa, our Father,
The perfect one creating the beautiful life.
Shown to us by the yellow light,
To give us perfect light at the time of the read light.

The perfect one, laid out a perfect plan
And gave us a long span of life.
On his path of happiness, we are the Butterfly maidens
Carry out his wishes by greeting our Father Sun.

The song resounds back from our Creator with joy,
And we of the earth repeat it to our Creator.
At the appearing of the yellow light,
Repeats and repeats again the joyful echo,
Sounds and resounds for times to come.

"God" bless


PS: "Alien"

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