Sunday, June 22, 2014

"Sedona/Oak Creek Fire"

Recently had a suspicious fire in Oak Creek area north of Sedona. Origin of fire is unknown, was not from lightning strike, as the Monsoon season has yet to start. Like so many fire around the World now days, Oak Creek, 'Cause Unknown'. I'm not so sure about that anymore, some organization is behind these fire and that someone is 'Agenda 21'. These fire have only one intended purpose, 'get folks out of the urban areas and into cities'. Their is a massive amount of Arizona now that will never be re-occupied after a fire a few years ago. The land that burned was quickly bought up by unknown groups. Southern California fire are the norm, with most also of 'unknown cause'. Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona have had a rash of large uncontrolled fires. The West is on fire from the controlled drought by all the Chem-trail spraying for weather modification. Look how the farm fields in SoCal are being abandoned by state government. Telling the farmers that the water they use is now intended for the large cities in SoCal. Or some 'all-of-a-sudden' some unheard of species of wildlife is now endanger in the area. Just as the same tactic was used on the ranches in Nevada (Cliven Bundy).

I was always suspicious of the Oak Creek fire that was just contain two weeks ago. Some how a fire of only 21,000 acres was allowed to burn for weeks. Oak Creek is surrounded by Hotshot Crews who could of jumped on the fire. Ariel fire retardants were not dropped from the air, why? Now just yesterday it was announced that the Oak Creek campsites and hiking trails are now closed for the next 3 years. With the BLM or Forrest Service making the announcement yesterday. The excuse given for the closure was 'Future Flash Flooding'. This is right in their with the 'Thought Police' of today. With the government saying their was a potential for Flash Flooding over the next three years. What a load of crap of an excuse. Last summer Arizona never even had a Monsoon season, it was a dry summer. Now the whores behind 'Agenda 21' are clearing-out some of the most scenic parts of America, Oak Creek Canyon.

So what happens after 3 years of non-use, do the rules change. And no one is ever allowed back into these areas? Or if access is allowed, will it be on permit bases? Just more controls over public lands by the peoples behind 'Agenda 21'. Will more land be put ablaze this summer, as the newspapers are releasing stories about how bad the summer fire season in Arizona has the potential to be. Some how the news, is always letting folks know ahead, what the 'powers' are about to do to them. Their are so many grounded airliners sitting in Arizona alone, that could be converted to Slurry Bombers to fight large forest fires. Yet the out of control federal government takes the tax payers money and uses them to secure (attack) countries for the large oil Corporations. While America infrastructures are falling apart. The federal government could keep all the fires to just a seasonal low volume fires by thinning out the forest floor. Here in Arizona this has been sitting on the sideline with all the corruption in Arizona politics. Their are so many Americans out of work now, why not help thinning the forest with the all the unused labor? Why, because saving the forest is in the Big Picture much further down the road. For 'Agenda 21' to work and remove all the citizens to the cities, you must first make the rural areas unlivable or to expensive (energy) to live in. These forest fires are the first part of the agenda. Then with gas prices so high, folks will be forced to live in crowded cities and commute via mass transportation, bike or walk. It may take 100 years for the 'powers' to complete their plan to turn America back to what it was 400 years ago. But that would never deter the 'powers' long term plans. Most of the World lives 'one taco at a time' , not the 'powers'. They are several million Tacos ahead of the one their eating now.

On my last trip to the Hopi Homeland, I spent a few hours talking to John the owner of 'White Bear' gallery. What I learned in those few hours I could have never learned in any books about be Hopi living on Orayvi. John's great grandfather was asked to be Chief of Orayvi, he turned it down. He would have been willing to be the leader of Religion, but not Chief of Orayvi.  You see being Chief of Orayvi means being everyone in the village father. A job John's grandfather was not up to, plus he had other plans. John's grandfather wanted to learn to read and write English. This would require him to leave the Village of Orayvi, who are the Traditionalist. Back when John's grandfather wanted to learn to read and write English. English was taught using the Christian Bible and not school books on English. The Hopi Traditionalist believe learning to read and write English was the path to the White-man's Ways. And those who want to learned would be forced to leave Orayvi. A choice John's grandfather took and left the Village of Orayvi. Living conditions are very hard in Orayvi, that's why most have left and became Christians, seeking the easy life in other villages on the Hopi rez.

As you walk around the southern cliff of Orayvi looking at the petroglyphs you soon realize. Their are Native American petroglyphs from the tip of South American to the icy wildness of North America. Then their are the petroglyphs on Orayvi. Most petroglyphs are your standard what I call 'Dog and Pony', showing local animals and plants, Solar Cycles, etc.  The petroglyphs on Orayvi tell the story of Hopi Peoples history throughout "Time". Proving the Hopi are where they originally started from. As Ahkina, Lonnie and I walked the cliffs looking for historical petroglyphs, many were to be found. You can clearly see the Hopi-Mayan connection in the petroglyphs of Mayan figures carved into the Limestone cliffs. The Hopi Tree of Life (picture here), the Meteor that fell long ago, the Two Horned Priest carved perfectly into the stone. Here are the ancient Hopi, wanting to let the World know their beginnings. How the Hopi knew of their Mayan brothers to the south. How the Hopi Tree of Life is very similar to the Mayan Tree of Life. How the Hopi were the 'First Peoples' of Mother Earth. Hopi history is the only complete picture of ancient ways of the Hopi. All other tribes of the Americas, do not have this history that can be traced. The Creator of the Hopi "Taiowa" ("Sun God") taught the ancient Hopi via their Kachina Dances. That is would be a Hopi History that could not be changed, for the Kachina Dances are the same ones done thousands of years ago. All other histories are written by the controlling powers. Such as the history of America has been tainted to fit the ruling class. The Hopi Kachina Dances are history lessons, not entertainment.

When I first visited the Hopi Homelands, their was a feeling of comfort about this barren, windy, isolated place. You have no idea how isolated the Hopi homeland can be until a Sunday morning. When the whole place is bathed in bright yellow Sunlight as far as the eye can see. With no trees or large mountains to break-up the view, you look in the horizons for literally miles upon miles of openness and quietness. The roads have no cars on them, no aircraft in the Skies, their is a sense of  Holiness about the Sundays mornings. And while the Humble Hopi lived in isolation, in what is call northern Arizona. The rest of the World moved on from, 'hunter/gather' to what you have in today's turmoil. Yet the Hopi lived isolated from all that's gone wrong with the rest of the World's population. Their must have been a much greater plan for the Hopi. For the Hopi were to be kept from the World's corruption. (Even though that corruption has now filtered into the Hopi Tribal Council.) And now today when the World's population looks for answers about the future. The Humble Hopi do have the answers for humanity. The Hopi even offer solace for those who seek a shelter from the outside corruptions. For the Humble Hopi understand this. As the Hopi left their home in the underground. Seeking relief from all the corruption that was going on inside Mother Earth when the Hopi lived there. And now the surface of Mother Earth has become what the Hopi left behind in the Underworld. The end of the 'Fourth World' is near as the Hopi have predicted. The Humble Hopi were here in their traditional homelands in the beginning of the 'First World' and now the Hopi are where they started it all, at the end of the 'Fourth World'.

'Hopi Worlds'

'Tokpela' First World (Endless Space),"Taiowa" created Sotuknang to Create 9 Universal Kingdoms from Endless Space. Sotuknang creates 'Spider Women'

'Tokpa' Second World, 'Spider Women' and Sotuknang creations turn from "Taiowa" words, Lavaihoya 'The Talker' divides the animals and peoples.

'Kuskurza' Third World, Peoples of the Earth lose their connection to their Creator "Taiowa", they are all destroyed, except those who still followed the true Hopi 'Road of Life'.

'Tuwaqachi' Fourth World, World Complete (current World), Hopi on Orayvi are living in Fourth World, where they started in the 'First World'. Mankind will decide if the 'Fourth World' is destroyed.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, mat you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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