Sunday, July 6, 2014

"July 4, 1776"

Happy Independence Day weekend, I think. Because Americas aren't very Independent in today's World. When the original Independence Day was declared, and America stepped away from English rule(?). The citizens of America, were dependent on no one, but themselves. Today over half the country is on some sort of government subsistence. And this was no coincidence. America has been turned into a 'Welfare Police State'. The founding fathers had no idea this would happen. In fact America would be the 'Great Experiment in Freedom'. Now who decided that America would be a whole new type of government rule, the 'Freemasons'.

If you think the founding date of America was just some random date at which America declared freedom from England, your wrong. The Founding Fathers needed some sort of format to build the New America on. The foundation they picked was from the Freemasonry. The idea of men meeting to create and sign the Declaration of Independence, came from the Mason lodges sending representatives to the Central Masonic Lodge for voting. The exact same thing you had when the first 13 states representatives got together. How many of the original signers of the Constitution were Masons, is unclear, but someone noted it looked a Masonic convention. How about the date 4 July, was that random?

July 4 is 66 days after the Satanic High Holiday 'Beltane'. 66 is the occult number of Perfect Government, Perfect Man. The Founding Fathers were declaring the New America as the new Atlantis. July 4 is 13 days after the Summer Solstice. July 4 1776 the Sun was in Sirius (Dog Star). America was the home of the first free peoples, look how things have changed. The Freemasons wanted freedom from outside controls and America would be based on Mankind's Freedoms.

Today America is a Police State, plain and simple. The freedoms, the experiment of America is gone. Taken over by some unknown source with only the Puppet Leaders to blame. Americans and the World blaming the leaders they see, is part of the plan. The real movers and shakers are hidden in the background, maybe even 'extraterrestrials'? The skies have been tera-formed with the constant spraying of the skies. The days of Clear Blue Skies are gone. The days when the World is at Peace are now a thing of the past. Every "Time" so sort of Peace Dividend can be seen, some group like ISIS comes out of the blue. Created by the same 'powers' who created all the other Boogiemans. The World is now at constant war and I see no end of the constant warfare. Warfare based on religious idea has been used forever and today it has been turned up a notch. The 'powers' have even created divisions among the individual religious groups. There are over 11,000 types of Christianity alone. You have j$$$$$$ws fighting with j$$$$$$ws, Muslim killing other Muslims and none of the Christian getting along. Israel has it's fingers in every government in the Middle-east. All part of a plan for a One World Government.

It seems only a few are trying to control the rest of the population. And this is being done through constant World conflicts. If not for the American citizens and all their weaponry, the NWO would have been in place long ago. America thirst for freedom is holding the World's freedoms now. Until America is disarmed by who ever has taken over, their is Hope for the rest of the World. If Americans guns are taken away, the World's freedoms are taken away. Their may have been independence for the individual years ago in America, but today their is almost nothing you can do in America without getting permission from the 'powers'. And it would appear the Americas are awakening finally to that fact. Americans freedoms are gone and Americans have been pushed into a corners and a cornered animal, always comes out fighting. One problem with the cornered America, he needs a handout from the government to have the strength to fight. With most in America needing some sort of assistance, it's hard to 'bite the hand that feeds you'. Desperate men do desperate things, if they have the strength to fight. Americans are awakening, but do they have the mental and physical strength to fight off what is being done to them. The once proud America has a bowl in his hands, looking for someone to fill the bowl with food.

Finishing up my first electrical project back at contracting. I've noticed the men are all still the same, just trying to feed themselves and their families. The problem is the average construction worker needs a working wife to help pay the bills. When I first started in the 70s as an electrician, the wages were good enough for me to be the only bread winner the family needed. The wages today are the same as they were 7 or 8 years ago. $18 an hour is top wages for journeyman electrician same as 7 years ago. Has everything stayed at the same level, of course not. Food, energy, everything has gone up, but wages. in fact in some cases the wages have gone down at the Temp Construction Services. Did someone wake-up one day and say all the wages are frozen or reduced all of a sudden? No is all the 'powers' needed to do was collapse the economy back in 2008. Forcing contractors to bid against many more contractors to be able to get work. As the material have gone steadfastly upwards, the only way for a contractor to be competitive was to reduce employees wages to complete. In many cases contractors who don't want to hire the illegals are forced to, just to get some work. Once again, part of the plan to force the World under one control. With the ultimate goal being the World's population making the same wages no mater where you live in the World. This is how you get total control over the masses. Make the masses all the same with only a few at the top controlling the rest of the masses. Will this happen, will the "Gods' let this happen? Will the 'Creator' of mankind, let his or her creation be enslaved for eternity??? America was given 3 days off to show they are able to celebrate their freedoms. (A Slave who thinks he's free, is the best slave.) After all, the 'powers' decided July 4th is a holiday and decided to give the masses some rest.

Popol Vuh
First Their Must be a Word
'The Beginning of the Ancient Word'

the Maker, Molder
named Bearer, Begetter,
Hunahpa Possum, Hunahpu Coyote,
Great White Peccary, Coati,
Sovereign Plumed Serpent,
Heart of Lake, Heart of Sea,
plate shaper, bowl shaper, as they are called,
also named, also described as
the midwife, matchmaker
named Xpiyacoc, Xmucane,
defender, protector,
twice midwife, twice matchmaker,

Lighting of all Sky-Earth

the fourfold siding, fourfold cornering,
measuring, fourfold staking,
halving the cord, stretching the cord
in the sky, on the earth,
the four sides, the four corners, as it is said,
by the Maker, Modeler,
mother-father of life, of humankind,
giver of birth, giver of heart,
bearer, upbringer in the light that last
of those born in the light, begotten in the light;
worrier, knower of everything, whatever there is:
sky-earth, lake-sea

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Alien"

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