Sunday, July 13, 2014

"Pahana, the Lost White Brother"

'Pahana', one from across the Water, the 'Lost White Brother' (book of the Hopi). In the end of the Fourth World and the beginning of the Fifth World. The Hopi long lost 'White Brother' Pahana (Bahana), the Mayans White "God' Kukulcan, the Toltec and Toltec and Aztec "God" Quetzalcoatl will return. This shows how connected all the Tribes of the Americas are closely related. The arrival of Pahana will establish the last Universal Patterns of the 'Creator'. According to the Hopi prophcey, mankind has failed the 'Creator'.

Hopi religion has been carried out for centuries through a oral history. The Hopi history can be seen in the Kachina Dances, the annual ceremonies, tales passed down through the Clan system of the Hopi. In this way, the Hopi history has been preserved unlike written history which is written by the Most Powerful at the "Time". A good example how many different types of Christianity alone. The Christians, j$$$$$$ws and Muslim are constantly at war within each group. As a written history can be manipulated.

When different Hopi Clans got together for their Kachina Dances. Each Clan could incorporate pieces of the others Dance into their own. This kept the Hopi history fresh and constant. The Hopi main belief systems are not spoken, but shown in abstract rituals and in intricate annual ceremonies. These ancient ceremonies are impossible for the Whites who came along later to understand or change Hopi history. The individual ceremonies are the property of the Clans, who has held them for centuries. I found over the years of talking to Hopi buds in different villages. That each Hopi Clan's tale is a little different in each Clan. With the bottom line the tales are very similar. This has lead to the Split on Orayvi.

One thing all the Hopi Clans agree on, is the soon arrival of their 'White Brother' All the Hopi Prophesy have been fulfilled, so the only prophecy not completed is the arrival of 'Pahana'. I guess you could say, 'Pahana' could be related to the Christians return of Jesus or the Anti-Christ. When all the Lost Souls are dealt with and the good folks move into the 'Fifth World'. Many believe the Blue Star Kachina  Saquasohuh, will dance in the plaza in Orayvi and remove his mask. This will mark the end of the Fourth World and the start of the Fifth World.

Hopi believe the Fifth World has begun. And the Hopi have lived in the previous 3 World and the current Fourth World. The future 3 World are before the Hopi peoples. If this is true for the Hopi, is it true for all of mankind? As I've pointed out before. The Humble Hopi have lived in their traditional lands from day one. Isolated from the rest of the World's problems and great accomplishments. Hard to believe the Hopi have been here in northern Arizona, living the way they have from day one. Protected from outside forces.

World War III will be fought in America (United States) and America along with it's land and peoples will be destroyed. Only the Hopi Homeland will be spared along with the Hopi and the refugees who knew to come to the Hopi homeland. Underground shelters will not do the evil peoples any good. For those who live evil, will have no escape from evil. This final war III will be a Spiritual War with the Material World to usher in the Fifth World, a Spiritual World. The new Fifth World will be introduced in Orayvi as the people of Orayvi have maintained their traditional ways.

On my last trip to visit Lonnie and Ahkima, I learned why I have been treated the way I was by both Lonnie Nutumya and Patrick Lansa (great grandson of Chief John Lansa, Orayvi). For the first "Time" I heard Lonnie call me the 'Flute Player' (Kokopelli). The first "Time" I meet both Lonnie and Patrick in Orayvi, I knew something was up. I'd shown them the picture of the Stone I'd found and I believed the Stone may belong to the Hopi of Orayvi at one "Time". As written before, I was told to come back in 3 hours. You see at the "Time" I arrived, Lonnie was carving the Kachina Doll called the 'Flute Player, Kokopelli'. That Kachina Doll sits in my living room (pic on side). It was supposed to be only carved by an inhabitant of Orayvi, for the arrival of the 'Flute Player Kokopelli'. Their is absolutely no record of my arrival here on Mother Earth. And when I first ventured onto the Hopi homeland, I felt I'd returned home. Even a group of Eagles few over the truck the first "Time" I left for home from the rez. For the last month since Lonnie's words, I'm at a loss. I find it hard to write my blog, I'm in constant thought of now, 'who I might be'.  A older brother (Max) asked me just before he died, 'did they tell you who you are yet'? This isn't something you just hear and throw away. Putting what Max said and the feeling I've had forever, Lonnie just pushed it over the top. I have a good friend who is a Minister and he's convinced I am the Lost White Brother Pahana. He also recently warned me that if I sell the 'Stone', I'd be killed. Funny I'd wonder myself if the 'Stone' was keeping me alive as long as the 'powers' don't know where it is. I didn't want to write about this subject but now I've gotten off my chest. One thing for sure, the "Gods" are in every aspect of my life. I see their deeds constantly before me.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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