Sunday, July 20, 2014

"A Call From the Teacher"

The division between Americans and their children, is part of a much larger plan. My neighbor Steve has a daughter, who called her teacher a liar. This prompted a call to him personally. You see the teaching is part of 'Agenda 21', a unknowing volunteer. This started one day when Steve's daughter came home from school one day and questioned why, 'Steve's car isn't electric'. Who put this idea into the child's head? Why is the child being turned against the parents? Steve is one of hundreds of thousands of divorced parents fighting a up-hill battle to raise their children, without all the un-holly distractions infecting the child. It's 'War' folks!!! A War to save the children from being taken away from parent in America. One of the ultimate agendas of 'Agenda 21', is the removal of the child from the home. To be raised by the State.

Now why is the school system even be teaching what the parent of the child should buy's? This type of propaganda has gone on for years in the school systems. It now being pushed to a new level. Turning the child against the parent even more. The call from the teacher was over the fact that the teacher said everyone's parents, to be kind to the environment, 'should be driving electric cars'. After Steve's daughter basically scolded him over the fact he drives a gasoline powered car. Steve did the correct thing, by setting the child down and explaining the myths over electric powered cars. You see the teacher conveniently forgot to tell the students that it takes more energy to use the electrical power from your home, than the gasoline engine in your car. Not to mention all the energy used to make the Battery Cells for the Hy-bred cars. The biggest environment impact is the disposal of the old Battery Pac. When Steve took the "Time' to correct the teachers misinformed propaganda, when so many parents never do. The child then questioned the teacher's trustfulness. The parents have a duty in this 'Day and Age' to make sure what the child is learning in public schools correctly. And to correct the lies being presented by the schools. If I had children today, I'd never let them attend a public school. The public school systems have been turned into nothing but Zionist tool. To breakup the American family by turning the child against the parent.

Not only are the schools going after you child and the family unit. Everything the child watches on TV or the movies, is also now part of the Agenda 21. I have another neighbor fighting the same problems as a parent with weekends with his son. Holmes told me the story of one day he picked his son up for the weekend. Holmes asked his son what he wanted to do for the weekend? The son replied, 'take me to Target'. Not, 'hey dad, lets go fishing, hiking, etc.' You put your child down in front of the TV, are you expecting anything else? Most parents have no idea of the subtle propaganda that is being put into the child's head from the TV. That TV isn't babysitting your child, it's turning your child against you. Look how quickly you had a generation of tattooed freaks in America.

I went through the same thing as my neighbors are going through. The male parent figure has been turned into a 'weak, prejudice, dumb and not in touch'. This all started years ago with the Hippie Movement. Now it's at such a degree, it's in your face now. How far down the road before the child is removed from the parents at birth? To the current system, the parents have no 'rites' over the raising of the child. If you hit your child now, that child can have you arrested. The child is a pawn just as the parents are. The natural love between a child and his or her parents have been ripped apart by the school system and media. And diet has played another major part in the breakdown between the parent and the child.

Now the child's diet is full of artificial sugars, processed foods, loaded with starches. This helps dumb down the child, so that the child's brain is not developing at a normal rate. The body of the child has been weakened along with the brain's learning ability. The 'powers' know that it's only a matter of "Time" now, before my generation of the last educated ones are dead. With the parents of current and future generations already under Mind Control. The lack of respect for the older generation is gone. The child is told they are the 'smart ones now'. And that generations before them, never had the knowledge the child has today. In reality, the child has been so brainwashed from birth, they believe the parents are an embarrassment to the child. I see this every "Time"I venture to the store. The child riding along in the cart, hands reached out for all the crap at the child's reach. This causing a division between the parent who want's what is best for the child. And the brainwashed child created by the media, hating the parent from stopping the child from what the child thinks it deserves. Like Holmes's child wanting to go to Target and Holmes telling the child he has no money. The child turns on the parent because the sublet brainwashing has convinced the child the parent is responsible for giving him money,when he or she wants it.

Hitler would have been proud of what the American government has accomplished. And Obummer has done more to push along the breakup of the family unit than any president before him. Their is no place in the future for a strong family unit. The family unit will be a thing of the past, if push-back isn't started immediately. I let it happen to me, without ever knowing what was going on around me. A Broken Family just seemed the normal, not knowing what damage had been done to the children of the divorced parents. The media would want you to believe, everything about a broken family is cool. Look at all the crap from the media today. Look how many families have been torn apart from the propaganda of 'it's all about me'. The only true way to beat the 'powers' at their game of totl control. Is the Family Unit fighting for the common cause of the family first. No sending your child off to fight for Oil or other natural resources that some major corporation wants from some nation. All wars are fought for financial gain, never for individuals freedoms. In fact wars take freedoms from the individual. Look how many crazy laws put into effect just after 911. Look how long it took the World to realize that 911 was an 'Inside Job'. To drag America into both Afghanistan and Iraq and pass the 'Patriot Act'.

This all started in the corrupt school system that teaches the child nothing more than to be a good worker and to answer to bells. Fill the child with BS and turn the child against the parent. A school system that teaches, America can only be strong through Military Expansion (an apparently Electric Cars). And that it is in the best interest of the American citizens, if the 'powers' keep killing brown peoples with American's tax dollars. Once again the 'Golden Rule'. He with the most gold, Writes History. Hopefully most America's will be getting phone calls from their child's teacher. And the parent like Steve did, explain a little truth to the unknowing dumb down teachers.

'Book of the Hopi'

The End of all Hopi Ceremonies will come

when a Kachina removes his mask

during a dance in the plaza before uninitiated children.

For a while there will be no more Ceremonies, no more faith.

Then Oraibi (Orayvi) will be rejuvenated with its faith and Ceremonies,

making the start of a New Cycle of Hopi Life.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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