Sunday, July 27, 2014

"Are You Where You Thought You'd Be'?

If you wanted to leave, where would you go? You see American falling apart at an incredible rate. Are you prepared for any event? Are You where you thought you'd be? Here in Scottsdale, preparation for the 'White Flight', I'll call it, is going in earnest. With the boarders being over run with illegals for years and now the obvious directed onslaught of the kids coming from South America and other locations. The White Baby-boomers will group together in communities like this. Smaller home, larger car syndrome for the aging. The aging will no longer feel safe in their homes. They'll flee to a safe condos or gated White community. All part of the plan, bringing down  the monster that is no longer needed, America. "Time" to be thinking, 'what's down the road'.

We all start out at youth, with the greatest plans for your future, then 'Life' kicks you in the face. For me, bad marriages combined with bouts of drug and alcohol, I'm not that far off from where I wanted to be now. I must say, with no skills on my part. Like most I went  through life, rolling with the punches or as the good old Christian bibles says, 'turn your check' and hope your payback comes on the Other Side. Now I see the Reality for this moment, for surely the Monster will look different in the near future. All the skills I've learned over the years, are now keeping me ahead of things. And not waiting to get hit over the head for looking around corners I never should have.

The attack on the Whites by the 'powers' is going full bore. The Whites for the most part, are far superior to those who want the Whites dead or under total control. With the Whites out of the way, their will be no intelligent counter attack, that could ever be formed. This is why the flooding of the borders with minorities all over the World. The White race must be diluted and controlled before the NWO could ever be in total control. After all, the Armed White Americans are keeping the Whites in the rest of the World some what free.

All this mixed race BS has only one purpose, dilution of the White DNA. One of the reasons I quit watching TV or movies years ago. Was the constant attacks on the White males. White males being portrayed as weak and racist. Black are suddenly the decision makers, according to the controlled media. If your not a j$$$$$$w, you are just domesticated cattle. Enough is enough!!!

The White race must strike back, before the race is decimated and rolled in with the rest of the DNA. I'm hearing backlash now from Whites. And a what I predicted long ago, 'j$$$$$$wish awakening'. The j$$$$$$ws greatest fear is not from the Muslims, it's the White's mental superiority. A superiority that has been hidden from the Whites lately, with the j$$$$$$wish controlled media. White Power ruled the World and now the 'powers' want that stopped. Look what happened to South Africa after the Blacks took control of the government, total chaos. The White farmers in Africa kept everyone feed. Now Africans are starving in masses.

On TV you see White males portrayed as weak, the female being stronger, mentally and physically. That the men should never be in leadership roles now days. Yet in Reality it's still a 'Good Ole Boys Network'. This constant attack on the White male, is one of the main reasons the family Unit has been destroyed. The White male was the bread winner and protector of the Family Unit. The constant propaganda has changed all that. With the 'powers' knowing full well, their is a lesser chance of a female single parent striking back. In fear of losing all the benefits afforded the single mom. Now the White male is stuck with is child support he can't keep up. Thus putting even more pressure on the White male. The child is turned against the White male parent, for lack of support. The court system has turned the White male into a Slave laborer in the prison system.

Me like many Americans,  feel as though they need to leave before thing get even worst, but where to go? Over 90% of all Americans who leave the country, return. Their is no escape the attack on the White Americans, anywhere in the World. White Americans, once seen as the savior during any disaster, are now hated. Not by their actions, but by Worldwide propaganda against the Whites male.

In this day and age, the White male's dreams of a bright future, look's dim. Good paying jobs for the White male management have been shipped overseas. The U.S. military is currently being stripped of it's White male leadership and being replaced with females and minorities of lesser education. For me, I'm pretty much where I thought I'd be. Single, self educating and comfortable with myself. With the many mistakes I've made and hopefully learned from them all. As for the White male who follows after me, things don't look to bright. Unless the White males and their female partners work together. For the death of the White male, will soon follow with the imprisonment of all other Races.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS:  "Aliens"

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