Sunday, August 3, 2014

"The Hippies Were Pawns"

Hard to believe an entire generation was duped, the Baby Boomers weren't the first. The generation before, the Hippies parents were duped into WWII. All the music from the 60s that changed a generations values and beliefs. Was created in Laurel Canyon outside LA. A few of the groups who came from the canyon were, Jackson Browne, Jim Morrison (The Doors), Mama's and the Papas, Sonny and Cher, The Monkees, The Eagles, The Byrds, Joni Mitchell, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Buffalo Springfield, Frank Zappa and many more. Turns out their was one of the best recording studio in the World located in Laurel Canyon, owned by the government.

The generation before the Baby Boomers fought and died in a False Flag War. Americans were lead to believe the sneak attack on Pearl harbor was the work of the Japan's government. When in fact it was planned all along to drag America into a Pacific Theater War. You just don't hide an entire fleet of warship in the waters off Oahu Hawaii. 114 story buildings don't fall in 10 seconds (911)!!! As for the Hippie movement, something bigger than a World War was needed. A generation was needed to start the environmental movement, break down the family unit (free love), divide child from parent. And this was all orchestrated via the music of the 60s.

The 'powers' would want one to believe that all that great music that came along in the 60s was spontaneously happening. That a generation suddenly awoke to a new Reality, the so called Age of Aquarius. That's what the system told the Hippies. They were the new beginnings talked about for generations. The Hippies would save the environment, stop global wars, the World would finally be at Peace. The Hippies were mere Pawns. Who took to the streets thinking they were going to make a difference. It was just all a big LIE. The Hippie movement leaders were no different than those who wish to enslave the World's population. The Chicago 7 were all agents of the government. Inciting riots so that laws could be put in place to enslave the America population even more. Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead were pawns of the CIA. To promote the use of LSD to dumb down a population, control them, drop out of society mentality.

To do all this, the 'powers' used music not guns, to corrupt the Baby Boomers. This was done in a controlled fashion of music. Song promoting protecting the environment, stop the war in Nam, open sex outside the family, open marriages, gays, lesbians. Songs promoting the use of drugs, sex, everything to break down the family unit. All of a sudden, things weren't like they used to be. Families torn apart by all this new openness. A gulf was built between father and son over moral behaviors. The Hippie generation never knew what hit them. The onslaught came from every direction. All kinds of new drugs were available, porn was everywhere, everyone sleeping with everyone else partner. With the 'powers' knowing that this was the main ingredient to the disruption of the working family unit.

As if magical and the 'powers' would want the World to think it was really all magic. All these great young musical artist suddenly all on their own, found Laurel Canyon. Turns out this couldn't be further from the truth. All these young artist were recruited and just not any recruit would do. Most musician recruited family had ties to the government. Probably one of the most famous musician to come out of the canyon was Jim Morrison. Jim's father was part of the Tokin Gulf False Flag that sent thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of both North and South Vietnam to their deaths. It was Jim's father Admiral George Stephen Morrison who supposedly came under attack in the Tokin Gulf that lead to the invasion of Vietnam. Jim Morrison never denounced his father for his part in bringing about the Vietnam War. In fact Jim's father disowned Jim instead.

Frank Zappa who was the canyon's elder statesmen, who's father was a Chemical Warfare Specialist. Jackson Browne (saw him live in the 70s at Arcosanti) father worked for OSS before it became the CIA. David Crosby was the son of a Naval Intelligence Officer. Stephen Still came from a career military family and Stephen claims he serve some "Time" in the jungles of Nam. John Phillips (Mama's and Papa's) was the son of a Marine Intelligence Captain who served during the Cuban crisis. The list goes on and on.

If you are old enough you might remember Phil Spector the creator of the 'Wall of Sound' who is now in prison for murder. He was the man behind the music from the Canyon. Turns out most of the musicians who came out of Laurel Canyon couldn't even play their instruments or sing. Their was a group put together called the 'Wreaking Crew'. A group of about 10 of the best studio musicians in the country. Leon Russel and Micheal McDonald were among the group. In this way the music could be pushed out in one studio session. That's how so many great song were coming out at the "Time'. Their has never been such great music as the music from the 60s. This is how you create the Reality for an entire generation.

The Music of the 60s duped a generation. A generation who was conned into breaking up the family unit. I was there in the middle of it, it was all about Love and Peace. I never fell into the trap of open marriage, free love. I was raised with morals from my parents, who I never seen argue. The family unit was strong until the Hippie Movement did what it was intended to do, brake up the family unit. So that the controls you have in place today, could be instituted into the system without the average Joe even noticing. Now their are very few strong family units. The individual has been taught that they are the Center of the Universe. And not the collective family unit. Now the individual can be crushed with peer pressures put on them. You never want to be different the 'powers' push on the citizenry. Now you have what I see from my window, mother and child with no father, walking down the sidewalk. Sad isn't it!!! Also want to add that the environment movement was created so that first. Their would begin the recycling of most goods and the Locking-out of the American from their own public lands. The 'powers' pushed the environmental movement on the Hippies, knowing it was an easy sell (everyone loves the Environment). Only to use it later to make public land more and more closed to the American public who actually own the public trust lands. That is, if America is really a country, and not a Corporation. Shouldn't that be the 'Statue of Freedom' in New York? Liberty is something you give someone you own.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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