Saturday, August 9, 2014


Who's really running things around here anyway? One day it's the Catholic Church or Pope, next day it's the Zionist and always "Time" to blame everything on the Masons. One idea that seems to make some sense, 'The Axis of Evil', D.C., London and Rome are running the World. These are City States independent of the country they occupy. Most know by now America is a Corporation based in D.C. and both London and Rome, sites are on sovereign property. And as always, 'everyone has a boss'. I've been down this Rabbit Hole several "Times" before looking for the answers to how the World could now be in such turmoil. What has happened in the past 30 or 40 years to really shake things up for the worst. You now have a president in America who could care less about a human life. In fact Obummer brags about his killing abilities and the fact that America has Tortured captives. How could America get this corrupt so quickly, who's calling the shots? Obummer isn't smart enough to find his own way home, let alone run a country. Who ever heard of Obummer before all of a sudden he's president of America the corporation. In fact all Obummer is, is a corporate officer or CEO selected by those who own him.

Now all of a sudden the word Archons appears around me. Like someone is trying to tell me something. Where did the term Archons originate from, the Greek word 'archai'. Meaning, 'origins, beginning things, prior in "Time". Gnostic Gospels talk of the Archons in their 52 texts. Now who or what are the Gnostic Text. The Gnostic Text were some spiritual teaching from 2 AD until 4 AD. The Gnostic teachings were about how to attain Spirituality via Self and not through the Church or others. Gnostic Texts teach that the true answers to life lay within yourself. Not some outside influences. The word Gnostic came from the Greek word 'gnosis', meaning, 'enlightenment'.

Now where did the Archons come from? In Gnostic cosmology the Archons were a species of Beings who predate the Earth. And that the Archons emerged in the Universe or Solar System. In the Gaia Mythos,  state the Archons were produced by 'fractal impact' in the DEMA or dense elementary field arrays. Are the Archons Cyborgs? Something I've been called often. In the Gnostic Mystery Schools the Archons are refereed to as the "Alien" connection to Mother Earth. And that the Archons are the "Alien' force that enters the Mind, to subvert the Mind into impure thoughts. Could this be why mankind is not responsible for the Carnal Thoughts that enter ones Mind occasionally (Christian Bible)? Are your negative thought produced outside your Mind? Are the Archons responsible for all that's wrong with the World now, or just another Rabbit Hole that the 'powers' have created to keep mankind off-track to mankind's true Reality?

Have the Archons attached themselves to mankind? Are the Archons jealous of mankinds ability to show true Love and Compassion for one another. Have the Archons planted the seeds for what the World has turned into today? A World at constant war, with the freedoms and liberties being taken away no matter what country you live in. The skies now are suddenly filled with Chem-trails. The foods are being modified into GMOs. Are Generically Modiffied Foods really good the human race? Who have for thousands of years, ate what the soil produced naturally? Now all of a sudden the air, water and food is now modified with chemicals, so much so, a person has no idea what they are eating or drinking anymore!!! "God" only knows what's in the air mankind breaths today.

The Gnostic always recognized the weakness of mankind for doing evil. And have the Archons used this weakness to take over a World, using corrupt leaders like Obummer? To carry out their mission of destruction to the human race? To were today, Black is White, gay is cool, murder and rape by a nations leaders is fine, the family unit has been all but destroyed, mankind has no Rights? If you haven't noticed, mankind has now been corrupted so badly that the human race governs and police themselves. To where a cop will beat another human being senseless, saying, 'I'm just doing my job'. When a a president say's bombing innocent civilians is a 'Humanitarian Mission', how can this be in a World meant to be filled with Love and Compassion for each other? Think how far mankind could be today if not for this outside influence dividing mankind against each other. Imagine mankind working together to cure the World's problem?

Mankind has from birth been stolen of their individual Rites for their Spiritual development. As the child is plunked down in  front of the TV from birth. Little do the parents know what is mentally being done to the child. The child is being programmed to be a good hard working Slave. A Slave who won't buck the system, who will unknowing, keep the other Slaves in line. It's called 'Self Governing' and that's what the 'powers' have done to humanity. The Slave has been programmed to protest those who enslave the Slave. This is the only way a few thousand at the top can control 6+ billion peoples. To me, only some sort of Entity from outside could possible pull this off. Mankind isn't smart enough or patient enough to do this. To enslave billions with only a few is quite the accomplishment, not very human like. If not the Archons then who? What sort of evil wants to see mankind suffer so. Look at the children in the war areas. Who could possible wish this horrible life on the children? Surely not a fellow human being.

Gnostic wrote that the Archons rule by fear, look at the all the bad news today. Every day their is new Monster to worry about, according to the 'powers'. Ebola is the latest Monster to stare mankind in the face. Maybe Ebola will be what is used to take final control over the masses with vaccinations and confinement to your own general area you live. Transportation will be shut down, in fear of spreading the Ebola. Those who refuse to take the shot to prevent the spread of Ebola will be put in FEMA camps. Citing that it's best for the rest of the population if these Free Thinks are all locked up. A self governing society would easily jump on board with locking down the rest of the population for non-compliance. Anyone who thinks outside the box in today's society, is greatly chastised by those who have succumbed to the brainwashing. I can't hardly tell anyone my thoughts anymore, in fear of verbal attack. Say something against the 'j$$$$$$ws' onslaught and slaughter of innocent children in Gaza, your 'anti-Semitic'. The Zionist leader of Israel can say that the murder of the innocent children of Gaza is necessary. This is absolute insanity, in a World that's gone mad with wars today. Here are a few links to start you own research into the Archons. maybe just another Rabbit Hole, maybe not. A lot of what is written about the Archons, fits very well with ancient Hopi tales.

 Jay Weidner has on the subject.
 David Icke on the Archons.


PS: Just finished my first electrical project back at contracting.  What I've learned is the public school system along with the controlled media, have turned the future leaders into psychopaths of 'it's all about me'. A society that teaches the strong to step all over the weak ones. Instead of helping the weaker ones along. Turned the young uneducated against the older educated society so that the Truths from the Past are destroyed. Just as was done with the Native American tribes, when the child was ripped from the parents and sent to boarding schools for programming. The Boarding Schools of today are the public school system and the controlled media. Archons anyone???

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