Sunday, August 31, 2014

"The Starch Eaters"

Want to control a population without being obvious, 'Diet'. Amazing things are going on around everyone, if folks only notice. To notice folks must remove as much of the Controlled Mass Media from their personnel reality. This is the only way you can free one's mind, to notice what is going on in today's World. A good example is the kids walking around with their eyes only looking at their mobile devices. If the kids would only look up, they would notice they are being poisoned with Chem-trail spraying. If you think the spraying and the mobile devices are connected your correct. The mobile device also do their part in breaking up the family unit.

So with this constant bombardment of propaganda, mankind has been turned into a Starch Eater. Here in the southwestern U.S. it is rare to see a Mexican or Latino women who isn't over weight. This is because the diet of the western World is now based on starches. Go to your average Mexican restaurant, it's all about the starches. Beans, rice, corn, bleached flour (all GMO) is the basic Mexican diet. This was no fluke this has happened in the Americas. All of a sudden in the Americas, mankind went from a hunter/gather to a planter of crops of starches. In the USA most diets are also starched based, as most Americans have both bread and potatoes with each meal. The Christian bible says mankind should live to be 120 years old. But with a diet of starches, life spans have been reduced to half of that. With the last years in suffering from a diet of starches. How did mankind go from hunter/gather to starch farmer overnight?

The only answer is 'outside intervention'. Someone came along and taught the peoples of Mother Earth to become farmers. A 'Someone' who wanted to control the masses and turn mankind from a Family Unit working together to survive. Into a controlled Slave, via diet. Before the arrival of some sort of outside influence, mankind was 'Hunter-Gather'. Eating only what the "Gods" provided in Nature. Food is everywhere, if you only know what to look for. This was the main reason tribes in the Americas were Nomadic before the human race was taught agriculture. A varied diet of fruits, nuts, vegetables was everywhere to be found. So the tribes moved seasonally gathering their food.

The introduction of agriculture taught the masses to be controlled.  As now the tribe would be tied directly to their crops. Crops such as Corn (maze) and wheat suddenly appeared on the scene. This was the beginning of Domestication of Mankind. Not only have farm animals been domesticated, the farmer himself has become domesticated also. Domesticated mankind with a shorter life span. Mankind went from the freedoms of living life, to a domesticated controlled slave. Where suddenly you had giant central governments. No longer is the Clan (family) Unit in touch with Mother Nature and "God" for survival. Survival now depended on others, outside the Clan Unit.

Religions was also introduced to help control the masses. Now the masses have a Leaders who wants total control over the masses. Freedoms are suddenly taken away from the Freeman who roamed the surface of the Earth. Mankind has become weaker from their diets of starches like corn and wheat products. Slaves were given out bread for food, thus weakening and killing them off. A fresh diet has become a thing of the past now. If you live to 70 today your lucky and the system has no intention of letting the individual survive to his or her retirement.

Today the American have been turned into just what the 'powers' wanted. Weakened mentally and physically, American no longer fight the system that is enslaving them even more on a daily basis now. No longer are the Americans in the streets protesting. As Laws are being passed to further enslave the once proud Americans. How can Americans let their government tell them what is healthy for them? Yet most Americans live a Fast food diet. Being told that what they are buying from the Fast Food vendors is good for them. The Fast Foods are priced so that it is cheaper to take the family to McDonald's, then cooking at home. This is no coincidence, all part of a greater plan. For a weakened populace that can be controlled. Between the chem-trails and poor diet, the American public sits on their hands and watches as more and more laws are passed to enslave them. Too weak to fight back. In fact most Americans will defend the very system that weakens and enslaves them. Here is a perfect example of a 'comment' I made to a vid on You Tube 'Munchies'.  To date their have been 83 comments, mostly attacking me. 'So the moral of the story, is to smoke crack, eat poisoned corporate flesh, and turn into a Fat Turd?  What the video was promoting was a unhealthy diet, unknown to most listeners. The good news is the fact that 69 folks who are awake, put a 'thumbs-up'.

The American diet along with many other factors have turned Americans into one of the most unhealthy citizenry on the planet. Once a nation of the Strongest and most Intelligent', has been turned into a nation of weaklings, mentally and physically. A nations who's people who were used to bring the rest of the World under control. Now is being discarded like yesterday's newspaper. The strong mentally and physically, are now the weak. Thus the 'powers' have turned the World against the 'Ugly American'.

A reminder of who is the true "Alien" on the planet, living with the other animals of Mother Earth. Mankind is by far the most unprepared for life on Earth. Every other living animal on the Earth brains are fully developed at birth. All other animals born on Earth, are walking about in no "Time". The Human Race is unique to Mother Earth. A oddity brought here, dropped offed, an abandoned it would appear. With the majority of the citizenry believing that a 'Savior' will soon arrive.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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