Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Back Into Iraq"

The fact of the matter is, America never did leave Iraq. Just more of many lies from the one they call the president, Obummer. Seems it's been just one bummer after another since the gay (Joan Rivers) Obummer was elected, which I seriously doubt. Obummers has one job and only one job, 'do exactly as he is told'. And the destruction of America, is that instruction. The Constitution has become a thing of the past with all the Executive Orders issued by Obummer. Even now rumors swirl that Obuumer might make an Executive Order, extending his term limits as president. Claiming the country is under Martial Law. No one has yet to challenged the many unlawful Executive Orders that have already been put into place. So who will stand-up and say, 'enough is enough'? No one will stand-up, because Congress is owned. How owned by the Zionist? Harmless Bottle Rockets fired into Israel by, more than likely the j$$$$$$ws themselves. A bill was introduced asking for millions of dollars of American's tax dollars, to repair the damage done by the harmless Bottle Rockets. Why would the folks of Gaza, dare shoot a rocket into Israel. Knowing the blood thirsty j$$$$$$ws will bomb them mercilessly. With Gaza now completely walled in, and no where to run.

Now the same 'powers' who are wrath (Israel) of the Middle East, are pushing for the return of American troops into Iraq. With the whole idea that as long as their is turmoil between the Muslims, the Zionist will rule the entire Middle East. The new boogieman ISIS is an Zionist creation and more than likely the al-CIAda. Hell in this day and age, maybe ISIS is no more than a production company. Producing vids of beheading to stir-up hatred between the masses. Besides, just where did ISIS come from, where is their homeland? Yet the controlled media would want Americans to believe that ISIS will soon be setting off Dirty Bombs all across America. Never watched any of the so called beheading vids by ISIS, (would never lower myself  to such a thing). But most say they are faked to stir-up the emotions of the viewer. As always, divide and conquer. The be-headings had the effect they were intended to do on the American public. Now America is sending advisers (?) back into Iraq. Remember what happened after the advisers sent into Vietnam in the 60s. The craziest part is, who in America even knows if ISIS exist?

America never left Iraq in the first place, with tens of thousands of hired private soldiers in place. There to protect American interest, like Iraq's people oil being sold out from under them. With none of the oil profits going back into the county's infrastructure. And at this point, Iraq is so covered with Depleted Uranium used on them. It will be millions of years before all the toxins are gone. Just another example of how the Zionist have painted the average America citizen as some sort of crazed killer. While most Americans have no clue what is being done to the rest of the World (and tax dollars) in their name. These endless wars are doing just as they are suppose to do. Keep the Middle East in chaos and draining America of it's youth and money. You can have no NWO with a powerful independent America populace. The Zionist know they will never have control over the World. Until the armed White American citizens are dealt with. This is why the educated American White citizen is under such an assault.

'Breaking News', doom averted, the leaders of ISIS was killed in an American airstrike. Abu Bakr al-Baghadi and 3 other senior leaders were killed in Iraq today. As always, can anything coming from the controlled media be trusted? As Obummer has supposedly been under attack for doing nothing when it came to ISIS. Now all of a sudden troops are sent into Iraq and the ISIS leader is dead. To me just another 'Dog and Pony' show. The 'powers' have shown now they can do pretty much as they chose. From Chem-trails constantly in your face, to the poisons in the American foods. The only things the 'powers' haven't accomplished is the disarming of the American White citizenry. The largest Army in the World.

Been back in the electrical contracting business since March now. Thought by now I'd have 4 or 5 employees and on my way. I've put out close to a million dollars in bids in this short "Time". In fact Friday of this week I put out bids totaling $1,211,000 alone. Right Honda, Right Toyota and Luke Air Force Base pilot housing (Being built for the arrival of the F-35s.). In this business on the larger project, you need help from the inside to get the work. It's called the 'Favored Son'. Lighting packages and Gear packages (electrical panels, services, etc.) can total without any labor over 50% of the project. For example this Friday on the LAFB bid, the Lighting Package was $255,500 uninstalled, the Gear Package $166,600 uninstalled. On a total of about $800,000 for the Base bid. Don't take a brain surgeon to tell, things can happen with the pricing to the individual contractor. I like to call it, 'directing traffic'. In a World where everything is equal supposedly, it's not. Like the corruption in politics, you'll have it in construction. Or is it corruption by wanting the Circle to be completed. It's all about doing the job correct and on "Time", so you can get paid. You get paid the suppliers get paid. The suppliers get paid and the manufactures get paid. So you can see the folks at the top of the Food Chain the manufactures. Can have a huge influx into how the pricing gets put out on Bid Day.

On Bid Day the prices start coming in around 9:00 AM for the Fixtures and Gear. You know your not a 'Favored Son' when you get a 9:00 AM quote. You know your a 'Favored Son', if your bid comes directly from the Manufactures Representative. You know your 'Favored Son' if you are waiting for your Lighting Package past noon. Both of these happened to me on this Friday. I've been at this electrical for over 40+ years, with a great reputation for my honesty and knowledge. And that is now paying off as a 'Favored Son'. In my business, you'll only go as far as the Suppliers and Manufactures Reps let you. You won't be around long or forced to do smaller jobs and service work. With both paying your bills and not much more. It's easy to see 10% markup on a $100,000 is a hell of a lot larger than the markup of 10% on $1,000.  The headaches are more and so are the rewards.

 Hoping on hope the LAFB project comes my way. (Being a aircraft mechanic during Vietnam, life would be great being around all those aircraft.) A way to know if your bid to the General Contractor is a good number. Is when the GC calls to go over your bid with you the same day. The bid on LAFB was due at 10:00 AM Friday. Emailed and phoned General Contractor to tell them I was still awaiting my Lighting quote. Never got my bid in until 3:00 PM. I was on the my computer until almost 5:00 PM with General Contractor verifying my bid. Now that is a really Good Sign. Not saying I'll get the project, but I've proven to one of the largest GC in America, I'm a 'Favored Son'. Without help from the Suppliers, I'd be just another High quote to be tossed. By the way, electrical contractors from all over the country bid on the LAFB project. Now it's 'wait and see' if I'm the One.

"God" bless


PS: "Alien"

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