Saturday, September 13, 2014

"Just Not Going to Let Folks Live"

Every day it's something new to worry about, why is this? Is all the Good Folks of Planet Earth want is some Peace in their lives. Instead mankind gets nothing but outside pressures that keep the Spiritual Development of mankind in limbo. This is no coincidence!!! In the Middle East, the child is brought into the World filled with anger and hate. The child is taught to hate those who don't believe in the "God" of the parent. The parent has been filled with hate from crimes done to them and their parents. It's easy to hate all the Americans, as the j$$$$$$ws have painted the Americans in a bad light. All this intended hatred has a much bigger purpose. It keeps the masses divided in constant wars. Which keeps the individual from their Spiritual growth. Which in turn keeps mankind in a state of slavery. When the main purpose of this live on Mother Earth, is mankind's Spiritual development.

Everyone's lives have been stolen from them. As Mother Earth has been turned into the Dark Ages again. You now have what the 'powers' have intended, Constant War. With no "Time" to grow Spiritually as the fear of constant war keeps the mind from where it was intended to be. High in the Clouds, looking out on the wondrous Universe. Not worried about some created enemy that stops one's mental growth. If mankind only knew how powerful they were, their would be open rebellion around the world. No one would put up with another individual telling them how to live their lives. All the World's population would be working together for the betterment of the masses. Just as you see a Bee Hive or Ant Colony. Instead of working together, mankind has been separated with hatred for one another.

America just had the 13th anniversary of the 911 attacks. In which the World and the American public were told it was the Muslims who were responsible. And that all Americans and the rest of the World should hate these peoples for what they'ed done to the innocent peoples of New York City. When in reality, 911 was all about the NWO. I re-watched the 8 hour radio broadcast of Bill Cooper's 911 live broadcast. All during the broadcast Bill kept showing how the 'powers' kept pounding into everyone's heads, 'things will never be the same!!!' And that America needed to punish those who did the attacks. When in fact as most Americans are learning 911 was far more than an attack on America. it was the beginning of the NWO. Dividing the masses and dragging America into another war, was the main purpose of 911. And here 13 years later what do you have, war everywhere. With more to come as ISIS was created to get America involved in the bombing of Syria. Once again the 'powers' have created a false enemy to inflame the citizens of America. Using fake beheading to rile-up the masses. What Obummer did on the eve of 911 with his radio address. Was to tell the citizens of America, 'it's WAR as usual. Syria needs to be 'Humanitarian Bombed' for it's own good. That's like Netanyahu of Israel telling the peoples of Gaza, 'you are making us kill you'. The both of them are mere puppets, doing only as they are told to do. Create chaos for the control of the masses. These two are Mass Murders of the worst kind. They order the death of the children to be sacrificed like a lamb. BARBARIC BASTARD ANIMALS the both of them.

So America it will be just more of the same for the foreseeable future. WAR, WAR, WAR So raise that child, so you can send the child at age 18, to his or her physical or mental death. Look how all the mass media advertisements say how glorious war is, shouldn't your child be part of the fun? In the Middle East the same propaganda towards the West and mainly the Americans. As the 'powers' set back and sell weapons to both sides of the conflict. How great, the 'powers' get their depopulation agenda moved along, While all the "Time" making a financial killing in more ways than one. The 'powers' been doing this for centuries. As the slaves are kept in constant confusion with massive amounts of propaganda in every aspect of their lives.

Mankind should be able to live, able to develop Spiritually. Not going to happen until some outside intervention comes along and saves mankind from their mental enslavement. Now with the United Nations Agenda 21 firming moving along. The UN is putting out commercials, asking the Elders to Commit Suicide, you think I'm kidding, watch.  The World has gone Mad at the top of the Food-chain. With more and more laws being put into place to enslave the masses even more. Earlier today from Italy Pope Francis stated, 'Spate of conflicts around the globe today were effectively a Piecemeal Third World War, condemning the arms traders and plotters of terrorism sowing death and destruction'. Guess the Pope forgot all the death and destruction the Catholic Church brought to the Americas. The World has been at War every since the take over of the World's finances with the Federal Reserve type banking systems throughout the World.

Total enslavement of the masses is the plan. And main way to accomplish this (along with diet) is to never let the masses have "Time" to think. Folks of the World have become 'reactionary'. Only able to react to the problems being confronted them on a daily bases. A wild animal only thinks in 3 perspectives, Shelter, Water/Food, Sex. Animals make no plans for the future, like staving children in Africa. The animals plans are for  survival only. And that is what has happened to mankind. Mankind has been pushed into such a corner now. That feeding and taking care of oneself and family are over powering in today's World. Who has the "Time" or energy to pursue one's Spiritual development. As each day a new challenge is put before every citizen of the World.  The 'powers' are, 'just not going to let Folks Live'. Not live in Peace with one another, not have Plenty. When their is Plenty for everyone on the Planet. Not just the less than 1% controlling everyone else. The Bush family alone could cure the World's food problem with their money. But the Greed that fills the leaders of the world, can idly standby and watch as a child starves to death. How can this be, unless the leaders at the top are inhuman or not even of the human race. Like the j$$$$$$ws killing innocent children in Gaza. How can this be? Why can't the Good Folks of the World be left in PEACE?

"God" bless


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