Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Evolution of Religions"

Even the Humble Hopi had a leader of Religion within the Village of Orayvi. Recently I found that out while talking to owner of White Bear Gallery. His Grandfather was asked to become the Leader of Religion in the Village of Orayvi. He turned it down to become a follower of the Christian religion, which meant him leaving Orayvi and moving to New Oraibi below the Mesa of Orayvi. Pretty strict rules from the Elders of Orayvi, but the only way to maintain integrity of the ancient Hopi ways. Religion to the Hopi was a much greater personnel sacrifice than to the average Christian of the Modern World. For being Hopi, meant living your Religion daily. Unlike most Christians who only practice their religion only on Sunday's and an excuse to kill those who don't believe as them. The same being said for the Muslims and j$$$$$$ws.

No doubt that religions were started as a method to control the masses. And has evolved into what you have today, a 'World at War'. America is now being torn apart  by religious factions within the government and masses. It would appear Obummer is a Muslim, with the j$$$$$$w's money buying-off congress with their PAC monies. And the Christians saying, 'which way did they go'. All the Christian need to do is praise Israel and the PAC monies will come flowing in. As most Americans know by now, 'money buys advertisements', without money, no one will even know your running for office. Not that the system needs that now days with Electronic Voting brought to America via the Hanging Chad.

The only thing to save the citizens of the Planet Earth from each other, besides some outside intervention. Is the World to turn it's back on all religions. A type of Anarchy, only with religions. Reminder that Anarchy only means, 'the lack of Central Governments'. Without radicals of all types of religions not only the Muslims. The World would fall suddenly silent of Wars. Because of religions their is fighting around the World now. As the religious factions push their propaganda onto their loyal followers. Who for the most part are forced into some type of religious order out of Peer Pressures. I can see no end to the mess in the Middle East, because of religions and all the different sects of each religion. The Muslims have plenty of enemies within their religion, without taking on the j$$$$$$ws and Christians.

Your 'Religion' is your personal fight, not anybody else problem. For those religious leader will not be with you when you walk into the 'Other-side'. With so many dying and killing in the name of religion, what is exactly the point? Forcing your belief system onto someone else, is a sin against humanity. "You don't see the "Gods" flying around, killing those who sin against the Laws of Nature do you? Your fate is your fate, no outside intervention needed. This Planet could be wiped clean at any moment from outside forces. And I personally see many reason for this happening, but it won't. Mankind is on a journey of 'self control', Yin-Yang, no outside intervention. Their is no one to tell the individual how to talk to their personnel "God". That is why the 3 religions at constant war are the Christians, j$$$$$$ws, and Muslims. For their religions believe in death to those who are not followers of their particular "God". Mankind must free themselves from the religious dogmas.

The next evolution of religion is, non religion. A step mankind must take, or the chaos you see today, will never end. Only thing keeping the World at war is religion, not the race card. The racial card can be easily overcome as soon as religions are removed from the equation. But folks tend to rush to a type of religion that favors their race. Arabs find safety with fellow Arabs of the same religion. But what this does is isolate them from others, leading to what you have now. A self imposed condition for constant wars. Like the Muslims the Christians are divided amounts themselves, with thousands of variations of Christianity. The j$$$$$$ws have many divisions themselves, to kill everyone or not to?.Mankind has evolved over the centuries, but is now stuck on Religion. And can't seem to get beyond this point. Which I believe was well planned out. It's easy to control the masses when the masses are constantly Waring with each other. Filled with hate that did not come from within, but was carefully placed for control reasons. No one is born one day and they hate all the Blacks or Muslim. The is mental conditioning from birth. Look how the Muslim children are all pictured with firearms, screaming hatred toward those who do not follow their "God".  This is a conditioned response, not a natural response. A Baby is Holly at birth, only to be corrupted by the uneducated parents. Who are filled with hate for others because of the religious dogma.

Currently Americans and anybody else who will listen, are being bombarded with ISIS propaganda. America's next great enemy created by the 'powers'. Is a perfect example of what I'm saying. These dark skinned Cats who don't like your "God" and freedoms, is out to get the Americans and everyone else. ISIS's religion doesn't match-up with very well with the rest of the World's religions for a reason. It's to divide the masses, keeping them filled with hatred and fear. Fear and hatred put their by others powerful influences. Not because mankind instinctively hated ISIS from birth. Throw out religion and you have none of this BS. As I've written many "Times" before, mankind is One Unit that has been broken on purpose into Many Units, divided against each other now.

When you see this Waring Mentality at Pow Wow Grand Entry's. You can see how effective the divisions have been put into place. As all the Grand Entries I've witnessed, they all start with a Honor Guard of War Vets. Displaying how proud the Americans are of their Waring Ways. Yesterdays Prescott Pow Wow shows what I'm talking about.  To America today, War is Religion. you see it in the constant propaganda for War. Let the Religion of War take the child from the mother. For the mother has no other responsibility but to bore the child. Turn the child over to the public education system and divide the child from others of "God".  The final evolution for mankind is the elimination of all Religions around Mother Earth. The next Evolution of Religion will be the destruction of all Religions, with mankind realizing the Religion they seek is within the Individual.

"God" Bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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