Saturday, September 27, 2014

"Lining Up Cattle for Slaughter" A Susan G. Korman Run

It's sad to see the Ladies all dressed in their Pink, believing they are helping to cure Breast Cancer in Women's. Hard to believe most will never know how much money is being made off the Women. 16.5 Billion dollars worth of patients money spent in 2010 on Breast Cancer alone. Now why in the Hell would anyone want to kill the Cash Cow. Not the medical industry lead by you known who, 'the j$s'. Their will never be a cure for Cancer until the air, foods and waters are cleared of all impurities. And diets are of real food, because today's food and fluoride laced water is giving the masses Cancer in America. A group of Cattle the Americans, being worked from birth, for only one purpose. To make the life of the masses controllers, pleasurable. 12 October will mark the 22nd Annual Susan G. Korman Run in Phoenix Arizona.

Ever wonder where all that money goes, coming in  around the clock 24/7. A Pink Ribbon is reaching out to you, asking for money, even your pocket change. After all, 'no donation is to small'. Last year 232,000+ women were diagnosed with Breast cancer. Of that, over 39,600+ women will die from Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer in women is the second largest killer of women,  only Lung Cancer has more female deaths. Which is mainly an environmental caused type of Cancer. Of the ethnic groups, White women lead in deaths by Breast Cancer. The Black women are second, followed by Hispanics then Asian women. Of the ethnic groups, you can see why the American women have the highest breast Cancer deaths, Diet, Diet Diet. White women by far eat the most processed foods of the ethnic groups. With the Asian women coming in last, Diet, Diet, Diet. Breast Cancer deaths vary also from State to State. Over half of the deaths from Breast Cancer come from women over 65 years old. You can see how the cancer causing poisons have built up in the bodies of the older women. All the Growth Hormones in milk and cheese products. American's heavy diet of Beef loaded with Growth Hormones, has to be a great contributor. The Asia diet of far less milk by products and Red meat, surely is the reason behind the good health of the Asia women. Also a lifestyle that requires physical work daily, is not the American Way. Little to late to start running in a some marathon that raises money for Breast Cancer, after you've been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

White women living in the District of Columbia (DC) have the highest rate of Breast Cancer in America. The lowest rate for White women is in Arkansas (rural living?). 2.9 million American women are walking around that have been treated for Breast Cancer. How many of those, were either miss diagnosed wrong or even maliciously for financial reasons for the medical provider. No better way to say your winning the battle against Breast Cancer. Then to say you've cure several cases, that never existed in the first place. I would trust nothing said, from the Medical profession of America. The AMA has a history of lies to the American public. Letting drugs on the market without proper testing, killing tens of thousands of Americans. Even when a drug manufacture is caught, they receive a mere slap on the hand, with some sort of minor fine (Wonder where that money goes?).

As a child of the fifties, I never remember hearing of a women having Breast Cancer. Today their is about a 50% chance a women will come down with Breast Cancer. 1 in 2 of every women you see walking down the street. Either has Breast Cancer or soon will. To me that's simple shouldn't be. And says a lot for how the food chain, especially in American. Has become a tool for developing Cancers in the American population. A tool for population control, that pays Big Bucks. No to mention, keeping a weakens society from rebelling against the 'powers'. You work all your life, save your hard earned money. Then give it all to some doctor who tells you have Cancer and they need all your money to save you. You may not even have Cancer, who do you trust? Doctor warns the patient they must start Chemo Therapy instantly. Chemo Therapy only use is to advance the Cancer in the patient. While the patient pays through the nose for every treatment. In hopes the doctor isn't looking at the Cancer patient as a Cash Cow.

Women in this day and age need their Diets to be almost perfect. No milk or cheese products, only organic foods, exercise, fresh air, staying away from doctors. No animal products such as red meats, chicken, pork and fish only a few "Times" a month. Plenty of fresh veggies, nuts and fruits are a natural defense against any Cancer. With the air filled with Chem-trails, a pregnant women needs to protect the unborn child. A good diet for the Mother, is a good healthy diet for the unborn child. In the near future, American needs all the healthy children to help fight the Mind Control of today's World. As always, the children are the future of any Nation. Why let your child be born into a World that wants only one thing from the child. A weak child who can only learn enough to pay taxes to the system and never mentally be able to revolt against those who oppress the child's future.

Finally the Native American Tribes of America will get their long over due Money from the feds. 1.5 billion Dollars will be distributed among 41 Tribes. With the Navajo Nation get the vast majority of the money with $554 million going to the Navajos tribal use, we hope. For corruption in the Navajo Nation is the common. The Navajos are 300,000 strong, spread over Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. With the largest reservation covering 27,000 square miles, mainly in Arizona. One of my sons is married to Navajo girl from New Mexico. Along with the large settlement for the Navajo Nation (Dine). 1 billion dollars has also been set aside for the cleanup of the Uranium mines waste, spread around the Navajo reservation. Along with the settlement with the Native American tribes, is a dismissal of all current and future law suits against the federal government. Obummer wants to take credit for the settlement, but it has been going on for years.

What the suits were all about, was the fraudulent stealing of the Natural Resources on the lands of the reservations. The Navajo Nation has timber, oil, uranium and coal. Eventually all the reservation will be taken away form the Native Americans, no doubt. For the corrupt American government only located the Native Americans on the reservation, was to find a quick fix. In fact several tribe have been placed on a reservation. Only for the government to find out later the land had Natural Resources that the 'powers' would steal from the tribes. By making them relocate again. This is where the term 'Indian Giver' came from. This happened to the Chiricahua Apaches in southern Arizona. As long as the lands were unusable by the 'powers', it was just fine for the Native Americans. No running water, no arable land, no minerals to be found, perfect for the Native Americans. When America is finally dissolved and broken into pieces. All  Treaties with the Native Americans, will have no jurisdiction. The Native Americans will be relocated back into the general public. Back in 2010 Obummer signed a much larger settlement for 3.4 billion dollars. Not one Red Cent has been paid to the Native American tribes. As law suits have tied up those funds from distribution to the tribes. The Navajos and other tribes have been assured the money will be in their bank accounts by January, we'll see. Weren't all Treaties broken with the Native American tribes in the 1800s? 'Indian Givers', all of them!!!

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