Saturday, October 11, 2014


Trying my best to get a grip on this 'Ebola' thing. What a perfect way to accomplish a lot of evil things by the 'powers', with 'Ebola' being the main Player. Look up US Patent  #20120251502 A1 and you will find that the United States Government owns the patent on 'Ebola' I guess the big questions is 'Why"? In a "Time" where the president of Russia Vladimir Putin, has a 80%+ approval rating in America, while America's own president Obummer is under 30% approval rating. Tells you just how Americans feel about their own president. Congress and Obummer's wife (?) even have less popularity with the citizenry of America. But as most Americans are quickly becoming aware of, they have no power what so ever. Obummer signs into law what ever he pleases, bypassing congress at will. With the true Evil of Power being, America, Israel and London. You can see how 'Ebola' could become the weapon best suited for population control. Not necessarily by the 'Ebola' virus killing millions Worldwide. But providing a Vaccine that claims to cure the 'Ebola' virus.

If you buy into the writings on the Georgia Guidestones  About 6.5 billion of the World's population must be eliminated, with a population of 500 million inhabitants of Mother Earth. Left to maintain the Planet, or be Slaves to the ruling class, which ever you chose. Plans to kill off the majority of the Planet population have failed, such as War and AIDS. Other pandemic have been tried but they all failed, like the Bird Flu that was supposedly going to kill off millions of Asians. Wars are far to costly and accomplish little in the way of population control. Besides wars are only good for one thing, making the rich, richer. Now if you want to do some real damage to the overall population,Vaccinations are the winning ticket.

You can see this giant Propaganda Machine today in the media. A Machine that is in the hands of only a few. Cranking out constant fear of the deadly 'Ebola' virus soon to be on your doorstep. You don't necessarily need thousands dying in the streets. You just have to make it appear that way. And with most of the population now sporting some sort of tattoo on their bodies. You can see how powerful the media can be on the overall population. Reports of all these 'Ebola' deaths in West Africa, could be easily faked. How in the Hell could I prove the media wrong, I can't. How in the Hell can I prove the media is right, I can't. And even if I went to West Africa and found out their are no deaths from 'Ebola', who could I tell? The news media will never listen to me and use my research. No the news media is the news media no more. The news media has only one function now 'mass population Mind Control'. No more reporters going out into field collection stories. The News is fed to the local media outlets to be broadcast to the public, from some central 'power' now.
Using the news media to drive the public mental state where the 'powers' want it to be. Telling the masses that for their own protection, the masses must all be vaccinated against the 'Ebola' virus.

Just like right after 911, how the Patriot Act was prepackaged to be signed into Law days after the so called 911 attacks. A vaccination could be in the wings, awaiting your arm. A vaccination that has nothing to do with curing 'Ebola'. But in fact has more to do with how long you live. Bill Gates told the World, that in the future populations would be controlled via vaccinations. Although Bill Gates made it sound like it was good for the masses, for stopping them from being sick. Hard to be sick when your DEAD!!!

If the 'Ebola' virus was tied to thousands of deaths in American, and their would be no way to disprove this. And a order was issued from the White House that all Americans now must be vaccinated or face prison, just like Obummer Care. Would Joe Six Pack run right down and get his vaccination? A Joe Six Pack that already has several guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition, because of his mistrust for the federal government. What is Joe going to do? I've already asked several folks if they were told they must take a anti 'Ebola' vaccine, would they take it? Everyone looked to the ground for an answer, with everyone including myself, saying, 'never'. Then what would be the next logical step for the 'powers'? Would the military be brought in to force the vaccination of the entire American population? Would the military follow their instructions from the White House? Obummer has shown no respect for the military or vets. As his Zionist masters have him stretching the military farther and farther. And the obvious question, would the soldiers turn on their fellow citizens? Note that Obummer never sent a representative to the funeral of Major General Harold Greene who was recently gunned down in Afghanistan. Yet sent a representative to the funeral of Michael Brown, the kid killed in Ferguson Mo. A Obummer who recently saluted the military with a cup of coffee in his hand, is hated by the military.

Could 'Ebola' be the 'October Surprise', many have written about? A true Game Changer like 911? I think the 'powers' are now desperate, as the World awakens to the Crimes done to humanity by those currently in power. In a "Time" where no one trust their governments anymore. Keeping the masses at war is getting old to the masses. ISIS (It's Still Israel Stupid), 'Ebola' where created to keep the masses in constant Fear, a Fear the masses tire of. ISIS and 'Ebola' are creations of the 'powers' desperation as the World turns on them. Obummer the most HATED man in the World, along with his bud, the j$w from Israel. Are Puppets the World wants gone. Imagine a World without Israel or Obummer the Puppet. How peaceful would the World be? Americans must stop blaming their leaders and figure out someway to stop the MADDNESS their government has become. Instead of the government being representative of the Peoples wishes. The government now controls the American public.

Looks like more riots over a Police shooting in St Louis Mo. this weekend. Again a White cop shoots and kills an unarmed Black. This is so common nowadays, that the only reason I brought this up. Was how the riot police in St. Louis were dressed. No riot gear, making the cops look like Robo Cop. No the St Louis cop were in their regular  day to day uniforms, Lessons surely learned from the riots recently in Ferguson Mo.. Also in the news about how the cops are being militarized. The protest are growing about the problem of the militarized police units. The idea you can control the masses with a look of a military offense from the police are dying. Cities and towns are starting to turn in the War Surplus equipment given to the cities and towns. A idea was to turn every police department in America, into a weaponized units. A Police against the Peoples idea created by the Zionist to help divide Americans from their police departments. Now if only governmental departments (like IRS) would turn on the Fed and refuse to receive all the firepower being given to them. What's wrong with the citizens of the World Living in Peace???

Next Saturday, off to record the Apache Crown Dancers in Globe Az. on Apache Jii Day. Here are the kids (7-9 years old), 'Cibeque Creek Apache Crown Dancers' from last year I recorded.

"God" bless


PS: "Alien"

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