Saturday, October 25, 2014

"Honesty, Humbleness, Healthiness"

The Trifecta of a good life, Honesty, Humbleness, Healthiness. That is unless your part of the ruling elite. Who seem to live on and on like Kissinger and the Queen. They were both leaders during Nam era and are still leaders today. Must be that baby eating, that David Icke speaks of. But if you are like the rest of the population, you need help for a long successful life, not of money being the deciding factor. For those who strive the hardest for wealth and fame, seem to suffer the most. Myself being 67 now, I've noticed a few 'fact of life'. The only mean old men you find, are generally wealthy, with the best medical attention. The rest of the population seems to be caught up in the Material World. Stepping on those around you, on your way to the Top. The Karma of that will catch-up with the individual in latter years.

The man with much, must defend much, that's the killer. Like the Ram that finally makes to the Top of the Flock. After a season or two, he's dead from all the sex and fighting to maintain his position. You see the same thing in life. The hustler constantly trying to out hustle the other through deceit. Is gathering and guarding his or her possessions closely. Only to have old age and death strip them of the precious possessions. How near sighted can one be??? For life must be looked at in the Big Picture, or way down the road into the future. For the current life you are living, is only a fragment of the true Reality. Putting this World's processions first, is not a natural cycle of life. Mankind is a Spiritual Being, who has been transformed into a Material Being. This has been done to mankind in recent years.

Think how America was so loved by the rest of the World, not that long ago. And now the World hates America and her peoples. America used to be Honest and Humble, first on the spot to help other nations in distress. Not now, America is more than likely be willing to bomb your poor country back into the Stone-age. America has been stripped of all her Morals by the silent invaders, the Zionist with their boots on the ground the j$ws. Now the once humble America, is at war with all of the Israel and Zionist bankers enemies.

Americans Morals have been ripped away with all the Zionist immoral attacks on the Laws of Nature. Homosexuality all of a sudden is the norm, being pushed by the controlled media. All this news over the fags being able to marry now, is helping to destroy the Moral Fabric of America. Who cares about the fags, that's less than 2% of the population. This is not the path to a long and healthy life. Do you ever see old fags, never. The Laws of Nature cannot be avoided. This is done to help divide the masses, like the racial wars being stirred-up now. The great enemy of the this World take-over, is Honest men and women. Peoples who know Right from Wrong, not what you have today.

The "Gods" will protect the Humble Man, who is under attack constantly. The Honest, Humble Man, always has good Health. Like a Kachina Dance where the Kachinas are protecting their Creation. The Humble Man has his own protection from above. The idea of the humble good honest life, is being replaced by lies from the media. Who are now teaching the children via the schools and media, 'lying is OK'. Getting ahead is your number one goal in life now, no matter who the individual harms. This is how the Zionist NWO have broken the moral backbone of the Spiritual individual. That with the constant porn in every phase of life now. The young girls dress like whores of yesterday. Without a bunch of crappy tattoos, you;ll never be a classic individual. The Family Unit is old school, let the system raise your children. You spend your "Time" doing just as you are told by the media. Dress, think and act as you are told constantly. Never let the though of being Humble ever cross your mind. The system never wants you to be old and healthy, folks might notice.

The generations following the Baby-Boomers, will never live as long as those they have been conditioned to hate by the controlled media. Their bodies have been filled with vaccinations that will effect their aging years. They've consumed massive amounts of chemicals in everything they eat or drink. The air is filled with chemicals from all the Chem-trial spraying. Their will be no more Honesty, Humbleness and Healthiness. The 'powers' will ensure this. For these individuals bring with them, Good Karma, something the 'powers' have no power over.

The more I strive to be Honest, Humble seeking Healthiness, the more I'm attack by those around me.  My Humbleness is often mistaken for a weakness. You have to get in line to hate me now days. When in Reality the World should be pursuing these individual traits. The 'powers' only have power over the weak ones. Those who pursue greater knowledge are always protected, they are the Humble Ones. You'll never notice them who have been in search of true knowledge. You'll only see the ones the 'powers' have total control over. You'll never see a congressman or women who isn't under control. The governor of your state, is under complete control. They've been compromised by their own un "Godly" behavior. That's how they are controlled. Got a bunch of skeletons in your closet, your perfect for political office. The Humble Man will never be your governor.

Living, striving to be Honest and Humble seeking Healthiness, makes you a target. For a man with Morals has no use to the system. His or her Moral behavior might rube off on others, 'powers' can't have this happening. For the Honest Ones must be neutralized or even killed off. The White Race was once 46% of the World's population, now 6% of the World's population. The Blond Aryans only arrived about 6,000 years ago. "Alien" intervention, anyone? The constant attack on the Whites, blaming them for the World's problems is pure Zionist propaganda. Look around you, see any old Humble Honest Blacks, Hispanics, Muslim, J$$$$$$wish people?

Spent last Saturday with the other folks, watching the Native America performers at the annual 'Apache Jii Day' in Globe Arizona.  The Apache Crown Dancer groups have gotten to know me now, from my vids. And are always willing to let me move among them for my videos and pictures. Yesterday I sent 21 pics from last Saturday's Dance to the leader of Cha 'Bii' Tu Apache Crown Dancers. They thanked me for the quality of the group's video made last weekend. I'll add a couple of the pics taken from last weeks dance on here.

"God" Bless


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