Saturday, November 1, 2014

"Munipaltion of Presious Metals"

'Rumors of War, Metals Soar', suppose to be. You need lots of Silver and Gold for munitions, highly sophisticated guidance system. When they say, 'Fly by Wire', that means, not a cable/wire but a communication wire telling a servo to turn. Your average Cruise Missile has 33.069 pounds of Silver in them. Silver and Gold are used in guidance systems because their non-corrosive. With America and her Monster partners bombing everyone who doesn't agree with them. Metals should be soaring, but their not, why is this?

This past week Silver and Gold plunged to lows, not seen for years. I did some research on how much it cost to mine and process an ounce of either Silver or Gold. Silver can be mined and produced for under $10 an ounce and their are millions of ounces produced every year. The top 12 Silver mines produced a whooping 93+ million ounces of Silver in 2013. Penasquinto Mexico is the largest Silver producing mine in the World, with 20 million ounces of Silver produced in 2013. Their is so much Silver in the Claim, that it will be producing Silver at that rate for the next 22 years. 3 of the 10 World's largest Silver mines are in Mexico. A couple of by-products from Silver mining, is the recovery of Gold and Copper. And of course these are all Globalist companies with no interest in local environmental concerns. Open pit mining is one of the worst environmental destroyers, turning mountains into layered rows that would take millions of years to recover from the mining operation.

In 2013 the Silver producers claim they were losing on the average of $1 per-ounce, how can this be? If a mine can produce Silver for under $9 an once and sell,before last week for around $20 an once. Where did the other $10 go? Just as everything else in this World where Fiat Money is backed by nothing, while Silver and Gold were the original currency are becoming a non players. How many businesses can you walk in and pay with either Silver or Gold? Yet your worthless cash (dollars) will be accepted. The idea of precious metals (Gold) being the only acceptable way to pay for oil, got Libya's  Muammar Gaddafi killed. You trade for oil with Dollars only, or America will bomb you into  Stone-age. (Unless your either China or Russia.) So the idea of a strong dollar, which it is now, helps keep precious metals down. And keeping precious metals down now is the only hope for the American dollar. The lower cost of metals, means you can buy more Silver and Gold with your dollar. In a World upside down now, worthless paper Fiat dollars, can force Precious Metals which have true value, down.

Gold can be produced for anywhere from $1,100 too $1,200 an once. Last week in the biggest fall I've seen, Gold was down to $1,160 an once. Hard to believe when at one "Time" Gold was valued at almost $2,000 (2011) an once. With Silver just under $50 an once. Silver has taken the greatest fall of the two. When at one "Time" Silver was valued at 1/16 the price of Gold. In today's World, if things were as they once were, Silver should be. at $73.25 per once. These old prices would kill off the Dollar and the 'powers' know this. So the only way to keep the American Dollar afloat is to keep Precious Metals down, I think. I say I think because Oil has been dropping right along with Silver and Gold.  It looks like, 'how much Oil can be bought with your ounce of Silver'. Oil at $150 a barrel, surely Silver would be at near twice today's prices ($32 oz.). But in these 'Day and Age' who knows for sure. Only those those who are manipulating the Commodity prices.

I've heard rumors on the Net saying ISIS is stealing Oil from the Iraqis and Syrians. And this is helping to drive down Oil prices. The BS about ISIS gets deeper everyday now. Another 'Paper Tiger' created by the 'powers'. With the idea to keep the masses eye's off the 'Target', their own welfare. What ever is being done to Precious Metals, 'Joe Six Pac' will never know. Personally like most Americans, the equity was stolen from my home a few years back. Knowing this and that the dollar has no true value. I bought thousands of dollars worth of Silver to protect myself. Only to have the worth in my Silver for retirement taken away. My home and Silver will return someday to their original values. Trouble is, it might be after I'm long gone and my children see the return to normalcy, we can only hope.

So many of the Talking Heads reporting the conditions of the World. Many are saying war, is the American's economy, only route to full recovery. And it would appear the 'powers' have tried their best to push Putin and Russia into WWIII. With Putin out maneuvering the West on every attempt to start a War. Yesterday (I believe) this statement was released by Putin concerning the NWO and their failures to  accomplish their NWO.

#1 Russia will no longer play games and engage in back room negotiations over trifles.

#2 All systems of Global collective security now lie in ruins. There are no longer any international securities guarantees at all. United States of America has destroyed them.

#3 The Builders of the NWO have failed, having built  a Sand Castle. Whether or not their is a NWO, that decision will not be made without Russia.

#4 Russia favor a conservative approach to introducing innovations into social orders.

#5 Russia has no intentions of going fishing in the murky waters created by America's ever-expanding 'Empire of Chaos'. And has no interest in building an Empire of their own.

#6 Russia will not attempt to reformat the World in it's own image, but neither will she allow anyone to reformat her in their image.

#7 Russia does not wish for Chaos to spread, does not want War, and has no intention of starting one. Russia see's the outbreak of global war, as almost inevitable. Russia does not want war, or fear it.

#8 Russia does not intend to take an active role in thwarting those who still are still attempting to construct their New World Order, until such interest impinge on Russia's key interests.

#9 In her external, and even more so, internal politics, Russia's power will relay not on the elites and their back-room dealings, but on the Will of the People.

#10 There is still a chance to construct a new world order, that will avoid a World War. This NWO must of necessity include the United States, but can only due so, on the same terms as everyone else. Subject to International Laws and agreements. Refraining from unilateral actions; in full respect of the sovereignty of other nations.

To sum it up, Play "Time" is over, children put away your toys. Now is a "Time" for adults to make decisions. Russia is ready for this; is the rest of the World? (Putin?)

Here you see why Putin is so popular with the rest of the World. While Obummer and his gang of Murders are being found out by America's own citizens. The rest of the World has seen America for what it's worth. A corrupt bastion of Zionist Murders who want nothing but total control over the World's population. With the population being Slaves to the ruling elite. This path by the 'powers' looks to have no stopper, until the citizens of the World stop their own enslavement. Jesus and the "Aliens" aren't going to save the World's population. Only the folks who have had a Spiritual awaking and cannot be stopped. A population that has to put a 'line in the sand'. It happened on Orayvi, when the Hopi traditionalist said 'no more', to the onslaught of Christianity and the White's ways. The White's (NWO) way is the same as it was over a hundred years ago, enslavement of the World's population.

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