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Friend told me for years about a 'Vortex' near Sedona. Claiming that when you enter the Vortex your watch will go crazy, the hairs on your arm will stand on end. Personally haven't spent a lot of "Time" thinking about what a Vortex is or does. People in Sedona claim the town sits on a Vortex. That's why you get so much new-age stuff from Sedona. If their is a Vortex in northern Arizona, I'm sure it's on the Hopi rez. Anyway back to the chase, 1 hour before leaving to find this so called Sedona Vortex. My friend calls to say, he doesn't exactly know where this Vortex is. Typical crap, typical American of today's World. I'd figured if I was going up to Sedona area, might as well get my drinking water from a location on Oak Creek north of Sedona. Pissed at being lied to again and loaded with camera equipment to record the events in the so called Vortex. I went ahead and headed up to Oak Creek to load my jugs with artesian water. This is when the Synchronicity took over.

Pulled up to where I fill my jugs with water for the trip back home. By fate I had a Monument Valley T-shirt on, with Kokopelli Man on the shirt. As I filled my jugs with water this gentleman in his early 70s approached me saying, 'what's with this Kokopelli Man here in the southwest'? Started to explain to the gentleman what Kokopelli Man meant to the Hopi. Turns the gentleman who's name is Ray, knew of the Hopi Kokopelli Man. In fact he had stopped by the location to get some water before heading up to the Hopi rez. He had been told by the Hopi girl at the hotel he was staying at in Cottonwood, of the water stop. Ray had just the week before arrived from Bolivia where he was chasing the history of Kokopelli Man. before that he'd been also to Egypt where glyph's of Kokopelli Man appear. Next Ray was heading to some Greek isles for some more Kokopelli glyphs. Kokopelli Man figures show up in French caves and all over the World. (Kokopelli Man)  

Ray knew some about the Hopi past and feels like many around the World do. The Hopi are the last chance for the survival of the World today. Rays research starting with Kokopelli Man images in China. That is where Ray discovered that a certain type of (Magic) Mushroom is connected to Kokopelli Man. As the both of us talked at creeks edge, we both knew that some greater outside force had put us together. What would be the odds of Ray and I meeting, they are astronomical to say the least. Me having been duped again, traveling 2 hours from home to retrieve my drinking water. Ray just stopping on his way to the Hopi rez, he'd never visited before. Ray believes that the awaking of Mankind in the beginning to Mankind purpose here on Mother Earth. Was that the Mushroom opened the  (Pineal Gland, 3rd Eye ) 3rd Eye of mankind to their Spiritual development. And that not only did Kokopelli Man carry the seeds of all living things including including Mankind. And the Mushroom was the very important part. Anyone who has ever taken real Mushrooms, know how Spiritual the journey can be, including myself. Peyote also is very similar in that respect (Navajo). The Hopi used to harvest a certain smoking herb near Winslow for their ceremonies. In fact all tribes of North and South America have had their own type of awakening herb. Turns out according to Ray, these practices went on throughout the World at one "Time".

Ray and I talked for a couple of hours, before he headed to the Hopi rez that afternoon. Ray knew of the 'Hopi White Brother'. I told Ray of how I had found the 'Stone' and it had lead me to the Hopi and finding out about myself, from my Hopi friends. Told him about the Shaman's Stones I'd found near Keams Canyon, on the east edge of the Hopi homeland. And that I'd love to give the 'Stones' to the proper Hopi Spiritual leaders, but I can't find them. For the Hopi nation now is as corrupt as the rest of the World. Ray has this information he needs to get to the Hopi peoples. I informed Ray he's only one of hundreds out their that think they have a Hopi connection. Many of good folks have contacted me over the years wanting to go and be with the Hopi peoples and could I help them. The truth of the matter is. True Hopi elders want nothing from anyone, for their history is far more complete than anyone wanting to visit the Hopi.

Ray never been to visit the Hopi rez, so I made him a map how to find Orayvi and Lonnie. Here again Synchronicity was in play. Ray found Lonnie  that afternoon and they talked. Lonnie confirmed to Ray that Orayvi was the original 'Garden of Eden'. That evening Ray called me, telling me had found Orayvi and Lonnie and is totally convinced I am the 'Hopi White Brother'. I've had others call me this before and in fact Lonnie calls me 'Flute Player', which is another name for Kokopelli Man. And that he had this information, that the Hopi Peopled needed for their final Awakening. And I would be the only one to give the Hopi this information. As I've said before, 'hard to find a Hopi'. Because of the Synchronicity between Ray and me and all his hard work and research Ray has done, it comes down to me. Ray now wants a private meeting with me in Cottonwood, so he can give the information for the Hopi. This puts a lot of pressure on me, I don't need now.

As I explained to Ray, the Hopi history far out-dates anything any outsider can offer. And their is no one to give his message to. That's not stopping Ray from calling me. Just a few of weeks ago, I'd been contacted by another individual who meant nothing but love for the Hopi peoples. And wanted to go live with the Hopi and could I help. Told that gentleman that you can't just arrive on the Hopi homeland and expect folks there with open arms for you. And how important it was to be not overweight. As the Hopi have no respect for another 'Fat White Guy offering something'!!! Never heard form that man again, must of been overweight.

And for a bit more of Synchronicity this past week. While talking to Ray at the spring getting water. A General Contractor was trying to get a hold of me. Back in Oak Creek Canyon, their is no reception for cell phones. Seeing how I'm back electrical contracting, work is hard to come by. In fact no work since finishing my last project 2 months ago. When I got home to check my messages. A start 'Contract' was in my emails. The project was medical building in downtown Eloy. A desert, wind blown abandoned community 60 mile south of Phoenix. I bid the project without visiting the site, a giant 'no, no, in our business. So the next morning I headed down to Eloy to see what I'd Hit. As always, main street was dead. No cars and only 1 person who looked Native American walking down the street. Sunshine blvd. is the name of the street. The Native American looking lady asked what I was doing. Told her that her community was getting an upgraded medical facility. She replied, 'that's great' and I asked her if she was Native America, could have been Mexican in that town of farmers. She said proudly, 'I'm Hopi and the only one in this town'. I replied, 'well that must be a good sign'!!!

You think your walking through your life on your own, you better think again. The Universe is vast and old beyond your imagination. And you are one small part, but an important part. As each life here on Mother Earth is intermingled with everyone else walking around. You may not see it, but it's their. Everything has a reason behind it and this last week proved how little control I or anyone else have over their own life. Getup in the morning, put your cloths on, the rest is up to the "Gods". You only get to take the Honest Path or Negative Path in your every decision.

"God" bless

PS: "Alien"

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