Saturday, November 15, 2014

"Are You As Ignorant, As U.S."

The current United States of America's government, treats their very own citizens as ignorant Buffoons. Recent revaluations over the ObummerCare writers. talking how stupid the average American is. An without the stupidity of the average American citizen, their would be no ObummerCare. As most can see today, Americans just accept everything Washington puts on them. Obummer's people take a beating in the recent corrupt elections and Obummer threaten the citizens of America with Amnesty for all illegals. Arrogance or Stupidity, you make the call. The rest of the World see's the average American as being uneducated Hicks. After all, who else would put up with the crap the current government is putting on the American population. The Greeks and the Italian recently both went into the streets in violet protest. In Hong Kong, the youth man the streets daily, protesting the restrictions being put on them. Yet here in good old America, you can pretty do as you wish to Joe Six-pac. He's got his sports, drug and booze to  get him through what ever the federal government does to Joe. Just proving how Dumb-down the average American citizen is.

When it comes to the history, it's pretty much written by the the winners. The Cats with the Biggest Guns in other words, write history. As I educate myself more and more, it's hard to quote American or any history. I've even noticed in all my readings and research on Native Americans past. That you can see the influence of the individual who is recording the history. As America North and South were explored. The early explorers all ways had a writer with them. This was to record the history of the local population as they were meet. Most of the Shamans from the native tribes of the Americas. Were rounded-up, interrogated and killed. This was done so the ancient histories of the Native Americans could be altered to fit the Conquers own agenda. Look how the history of the Mayan civilization has been distorted. You would think is all the Mayans had "Time" for was beheading their own and captured enemy. When in fact the conquers were the be-headers. When you live in ignorant filth, you always point fingers at the others. Just like the j$$$$$$ws of Israel and their Zionist masters. Look over there, never look at my bloody hands.

America and their murderous partners have surrounded Russia, boycotted it. Then turns around and talks of the aggressor Russia. If not for Russia, Syria would have been bombed into the Stone-age by now. Instead the murderous bastards invented a new enemy called ISIS (It's Still Israel Stupid), put them in Syria. As an excuse to bomb the Hell out of Syria. Just yesterday some American whore politician said it may take 50 years to defeat the ISIS (ISIL). These lying bastards have no morals what so ever. An the America citizen's response to such lies, 'OK', war for the next 50 years, no problem. In a country, who's military spending is 50% of the national budget. America spends more money on their military than the rest of the World combined!!! With the majority of the spending, spent on fighting Israel's enemies that surround them. America's government via the military, wants to secure other nations borders, but not their own.

If not the Wars, how about Ebola? Wait, suddenly Ebola has fallen off the media map. Ebola, Ebola, and more Ebola was all anyone heard for weeks on end. And that this Ebola Cat was going to depopulate the World if not put into check. Then yesterday a government official (lap dog) said. 'We know now, what we didn't know before'. In other words, the scare is over. Just couldn't produce those piles of bodies of dead Ebola patients, could they? And with the Americans finally getting tired of being lied to, the gig is up for now. Americans weren't going for a untested untried Ebola vaccination and the 'powers' woke-up to that fact. With the creation of Ebola came vaccinations or visa verse for everyone in America. The 'powers' will push the folks of America until they have had enough. And the Americans were not going to line up for some untested vaccination, for a illness that couldn't be proved without piles of dead bodies. Next distraction, Ferguson Mo..

Headline, 'Police Around the Country Prepare for Ferguson Verdict'. Seems rumor has it that the officer that shot the Brown kid will not be indicted for Murder next week. With Ebola off the map, the 'powers' need Ferguson riots to happen. No doubt that infiltrator have been put in-place to cause problems in  Ferguson. Racial tension is already at a high point, why not push it over the edge? Beside the 'powers' for generations have done their best to separate the races for control. If the Muslims weren't so busy killing each other, Israel would be history by now. This is the only reason Israel survives today. Same goes for the racial divide in America. Keep the masses fighting among themselves. Instead of waking up and destroying the 'powers'. Hell the Blacks were only freed in my life "Time". Keeping the Pot (population) at a simmer, that's control. To much heat you ruin the Chili.

Here in Tempe, Arizona State University 'Sun Devils', defeated Notre Dame 'Fighting Irish' last week. You could say that 'Lucifer' defeated 'Jesus'. That would surely fit for the 'powers'. In a country founded on Christian principles, has turned into the Darkness of Lucifer. The Catholic Church 'in your face' named their observatory on Mount Graham Mountain near Safford Arizona 'Lucifer'. The same place another friend and I camped out at. Only to see a Disk Shaped "Alien" UFO fly at incredible speeds into Aravipa Canyon west of Mount Graham Mountain. Are UFOs what the Lucifer telescope is looking for, extraterrestrial life? With all the history the Catholic church has hidden from the public in their conquest of the known World's history. You would think they know what lies out in space. As always the question is, 'are Americans as Dumb as the 'powers' (U.S. government) treat them'?

"God" bless


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