Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Pedro and Maria, Get Shook-Down"

Freedoms not so free Pedro and Maria, it'll cost them $500 a pop. All you have to be is crime free, but isn't a illegal status a criminal act? You can only laugh at this point, if your White. The 'White Genocide' of America just took another big step forward. The White brain trust must be broken for the NWO to happen. Just 'In Your Face, White Whore'.  You'd have to have your head up your ---, or your device, to not notice. Little did I think I'd even be writing, or even be thinking about it. 'White Genocide', just a few years back. Like the 90 degree Chem-trail lines in the sky, screaming. 'We don't give a f--- if you notice'. And now if all the other crap in history was blatant in your face lies. An Illegal himself  'Obummer', give the invaders a ticket out of Dodge for a price. Do the math, guessing 15 million illegals qualify for non deportation. $500 X 15,000,000 = (drum roll please) $7,500,000,000 Where does all that money go, where all the other taxes go??? You just know, 'no pay, no play (jail), freedoms great, huh White Boy?.

Like ObummerCare, and Amnesty for the Brown invaders, Obummer has bypasses the Constitution. And the American Representative in congress, just put up a mock protest. It's all about the money that can be stolen from everyone who steps into America. The uneducated illegals think they are getting their freedom. Their just putting themselves further into American Slavery. The Latino invaders will be used to further the reduction of Whites in America. The Latinos will out-bred the Whites, push the Blacks into even more poverty. Then the now legal Latinos jobs and wages will disappear with the new invasion of illegals form around the World. Whites will be pushed into All-White communities, with the Blacks left out in the streets to fight it out with the Latinos, for what little is left. This has been planned for years, all part of Agenda 21. White, Blacks and Latinos will be fighting among themselves for eternity. While the 'powers' take control, with little or no effort. Just like you have in the Middle East. Muslims are so busy fighting among themselves, never to realize the Zionist created the divisions among them. Here in America the races should be combining their efforts to free themselves from the slavery they now  encounter. But the 'powers' have done a great job of dividing everyone. This new order by Obummer main purpose is the windfall of cash, and the more hatred between the White America and the Brown invaders. Multiculturalism will never work here in America or any-other place in the World. Hummingbirds don't mate with Sparrows for a reason.

The only thing stopping the complete take over by the Zionist of America, are the Guns. And now a growing backlash by the Whites, as they wake-up. The Zionist group called the 'Southern Poverty Law Center', have a list of Active White Nationalist Groups in America.  Leave it up to the j$ws to hide under Southern Poverty image. As the the southerners strive to keep above water, the j$ws divide and steal from them. The Zionist have no choice but to enslave the White race. And the invasion from the Browns and soon African Blacks, will further push the Whites into a corner. Pedro and Maria are simple pawns, simple uneducated pawns. The 'powers' telling Pedro and Maria, this land in America belongs to them. Never telling the truth that American was totally occupied by Native Americans, who are the biggest losers of all.

The growth of White Nationalism took a giant leap forward with Obummers unlawful Amnesty. Just in case no one noticed, it's up to congress to provide funding for the new Amnesty Program. Bet Gun sales jumped again this week. Found this great site called 'Counter-Currents Publishing'  It's a collection of various writers contributing to the cause for White Americans. You can submit you article for publication. Be part of the White backlash, for white's freedoms.

Today marks the 51st anniversary, of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. A 'Public Execution' you could say. Here is a man the Zionist had no use for, him and his Green Backs. Kennedy wanted the Federal Reserve eliminated  and the interest charged by the Federal Reserve to print money backed by nothing stopped. One other president printed Green Backs and he was also executed in public, Abraham Lincoln, America's 16th president. Their are tons of theories about who was behind the assassination of JFK, but for sure, many wanted him dead. In fact JFK had created so many enemies, everyone wanted him dead, except the Catholic Church. For the Pope many thought, was JFK's handler and who he answered to. Like so many things about American history. The truth behind the JFK public murder and who pulled the triggers (sure as hell wan't Lee Harvey Oswald) will probably never be known. Kennedy proved your allowed to rule, as long as you do just as your instructed.

Here on the Navajo Native American front, where it seems their is no end to the corruption among the Navajo elected  leaders. Just recently re-elected Navajo lawmaker Mel R. Begay (Benally today, Begay tomorrow) was indicted on 9 criminal charges. For of course, stealing Navajo Tribal funds and giving them to family members. This has been an on going problem with the Navajo leaders for years. You see, not that long ago in history. The Navajo created nothing  and survived by stealing from other Native American tribes like the Hopi and Zuni. The Navajo would wait for other tribes of the southwest to grow their crops. And at harvest "Time", the Navajo would attack and steal the harvested food and kill as many as they could, but not all the tribal members. The Navajo needed next year's crops to be planted, so they could invade and steal the food again. Very similar to the j$ws way of going  through life. Letting everyone else do the hard labor and stealing others products from their hard labor. If your not looking the Zionist will rob you blind, just like Navajo tribal leaders. If the Navajo leader thinks your not looking, he or she will steal from you. Still Wild at heart, it will take 100's of generations of Navajo be become domesticated.  Until the original Navajo bloodline has been diluted by inter marriage with other Native American tribes, not to mention the Latinos.

Mel R. Begay authorized $34,000 in payments to his family children. Children would pose as tribal members in need of money for Coal or firewood. One of Begay's daughters wrote to him as a voter from Coyote Canyon N. M. in need of money for heating. By fate Mel is the only current Navajo leader being prosecuted for corruption. Mel represents 5 Navajo communities in New Mexico.

While Pedro and Maria wait to hear how far down the road Amnesty will be granted. In Ferguson Mo. They are awaiting the verdict on the office who shot and killed the Black thug. The officer has already resigned, but this won't get it with the Blacks. As the 'powers' do their best to cause more diversion among the races. Will the riots happen by the locals, or will outsiders fueled by the 'powers' cause riots to start? This all didn't happen on it's own. Blacks are killed daily by White racist cops. This is the one the 'powers' pushed to the top of the pile. You can go online and find sites with live coverage, if the riots do happen. Race Wars in America, ain't it GREAT!!!

"God" bless


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