Saturday, November 29, 2014

"Push, Push, Push"

What works and what doesn't work. As the "Gods" would have it, this night 25 Nov.. I watched the first eruption of violence between the protesters and the police of Ferguson, sort of. It was announced this day, that officer Darren Wilson will not be charged in the shooting of Mike Brown. It seemed noting would happen, as the protesters marched along, chanting their slogans. As the policed suddenly ordered the protesters to disperse, the tear gas and other chemical weapons were dispersed on the crowd in a heart beat. You knew the 'powers' needed this moment, as with the protesters acting peacefully. A fire needed to activated. The 'powers' need the burned out cops, agitators in the crowds. This has noting to do with Ferguson. It's a much larger picture and once again as before, Ferguson is the Test Ground for what is to come.

As night fell on Ferguson, so did the problems. Business were torched, government agents were supposedly shot. Seemed camera crews out numbered the protesters, as I watched on Livestream. I watched for the first "Time" police dressed like a military unit, with absolutely no identification on them. Their was to badges displayed with the officer's ID on it, not even the word 'Police' spelled out across the front or back of the police uniforms. One lady who stood in the front line of the protesters was hit in the head with a Tear-gas canister. As the conflict between protesters and so called police started. As bystanders rushed to help the fallen lady, they were fired upon with rubber bullets. Is all the crowd could do was watch as the fallen lady laid motionless on the ground. This is a tactic taught by the IDL (Mossad), to let a wounded soldier bleed to death. As you could see, the cops or military were trained in Israel. 'Posse Comitatus Act' was passed 18 June 1878 by congress. This Act insured that military personnel cannot be used against American citizens. Well I guess Ferguson Mo. must not be in America.

All the 'powers' puppets like Martin Luther King jr., Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, etc. including Obummer were summoned to stir-up emotion in Ferguson. In hopes that riots would erupt in Ferguson and spread to the rest of the country. Some small riots erupted like in Oakland Ca. and NYC. This was not what the 'powers' wanted, they need full fledged Race Wars going. Well the 'powers' didn't get what they wanted, 3 days later and America is calm. And just celebrated Thanksgiving, Watching their annual NFL football games (Part of the diversion from Reality.). I guess all the Chem-trailing has pacified the masses. It would appear that Americans are waking up the the 'Race Baiting' being done to them. The Races will never live in harmony, that's just reality. No different than the birds in the trees.

Everyday Blacks are killed by racist White cops in America. In Chicago Blacks just love killing Blacks in Obummer's hometown. 82 shooting with 21 dead Blacks on July 4 of this year alone in Chicago, of Blacks shooting Blacks. 91% of the killing by Police in Chicago last year were, White cops killing Blacks. Did you ever hear about those killing, of course not. Obummer the Puppet will never mention this fact, well he? Ferguson was picked as the Place to start the 'Great American Race War'.  In fact Obummer is such a Puppet, he is trying his best to turn the Black Bully Mike Brown into some sort of Martyrs, must be the Muslim in Obummer I guess. Looks like the 'powers' will not get their 'Race War', so watch next for 'Plan B' to be put in-place. Their's always the Israeli's ISIS to scare folks anyway.

After WWII America was trusted by most of the rest of the World. After all, America had supposedly killed the Monsters Germany, Italy and Japan in WWII. With that and the American dollar being setup as the World's currency. Countries like the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany put their Gold reserves in the hands of the American Banksters, this is a real big problem now. With the truth coming out about the corrupt banking system in America and the fact that America owes the rest of the World more than it can ever repay. Countries are calling for their Gold reserves to be sent back to them. Germany was to get 50 tons a year over 7 years. The American banksters delivered only 5 tons and said 'tough'. Netherlands supposedly got all their Gold reserves they demanded from the Americans. makes you wonder, were did all that Gold go? And how about the all that Gold that is said to be in Fort Knox??? I need the banks for my business, on the same token. I never leave that much in my accounts. Remembering what happen to the Greeks, one morning they awoke to learn that 20% of their cash assets in the banks were confiscated by the banksters.

After my first first 8 months back being an Electrical Contractor, things are looking up. I'll turn approximately $170,000 in electrical projects in my first year. Not bad for just returning to the business, a very dangerous business I must say. If not from help from RC Lurie Lighting, I'd be no where near that dollar amount. Low bid get the project and without help with good pricing, mainly lighting packages. I'd be just another electrical contractor struggling in these bad "Times". My project in Eloy would be a financial loser if not for RC Lurie. I missed the lighting control and a couple of lighting fixtures. That's how I was 20% low on bid day. Lurie caught the lighting controls ($3,000 worth of controls) and gave me a couple of light fixtures well over $500 in value. Not sure what the connection is, but damn glad for it. Maybe they were the ones who put the 'All Seeing Eye' on my truck at Black Theater Troupe, their just down the street (joking). Speaking of Eloy, on bid day I was in the Picacho Mountains recording petroglyps, which are due east of Eloy 10 miles.  I figured just another project I'll never get. Just like the other 3 million in bids I'd put out this first year back in business. Of the 3 major project I'll do this first year, 2 of 3 are in my old hometown Mesa. Final project I got for just over $80,000 was 'Mesa Counts on Colleges'. Mesa is doing it's best to recruit several small eastern colleges to put satellite campuses in their dead downtown district. This will be their command center.

"God" bless


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