Saturday, December 6, 2014

"Mary Lou"

Mary Lou passed this week, I guess from old age. Sure her body and Spirits have been broken, you die when you want to. 80 years old, should not be considered old. But with today's diets and chemicals in every thing you consume now days, 80 is old. Mary Lou trusted the institution, she believed were protecting her. Like most Americans who have been propagandized over the years, Mary Lou believed in her government. As always, the best slave, is the slave who doesn't know there a slave. And that includes most of the Americans.

Last "Time" I talked to Mary Lou, my life  changed for the good. You see, Mary Lou was like a second mother to me, for a person who has no real mother. Many summers in my childhood, I would be awaken and told I was leaving that night for California. In the 50s when you crossed the deserts of both Arizona and southern California, you did it at night. Their was no automobile air-conditioners then and cars were prone to overheating  and vapor lock from the day "Time" summer temperatures. You could say I was 'separated from the crowd'. For here in Arizona in the 50s it was a 'nothing to do place'. The state was relative backwards and ASU was only a teacher's college at the "Time". Before the electronic age, Arizona was best known for it's '5 Cs'. Copper, Cotton, Climate, Cattle, Citrus. While the rest of my childhood friends would be dying in the summer Arizona heat. I'd be in the cool SoCal beach towns learning for the future. Never allowed to swim in the Pacific Ocean because of the rip-tides. I was taken to private harbors to swim. Taken to LA to stay on Sunset Strip when it was the center of Hollywood celebrities district. Daily shopping for food at the Farmers Market in downtown LA. This had a major influence on me today. As we would only pick out the freshest vegetables and seafood, for our daily meals. The older lady I stayed with I can't remember her name and why I was placed in this position is beyond me, even today. On the weekends evening, the Hollywood Bowl was the place to be for concerts. Not like concerts of today, their were big band acts, LA Philharmonic, etc. Museums and other locations of importance, I would be taken to.

As I approached 60 years old, I needed to know my true roots. The family I was placed in was having a family reunion, I knew Mary Lou would be there in attendance. And seeing how I spent my younger summers with here in SoCal, she would know where I came from. With a drunken husband and children of her own, I was placed with her for the summers months. Another mouth to feed and clean for I was. I could feel a little resentment from her. Because now I knew I was forced on her. My Earth family brother Max was also celebrating his birthday on the family reunion evening. I sat down next to Mary Lou as Max opened his birthday gifts. That is when Mary Lou finally gave me the answer I'd been looking for for decades. 'Mom never wanted you, she left for three days and came back with you'. So now after 60 years I had an answer, which only lead to more questions. Questions I may never know the answers to. As Max said to be before his own death (smoker), 'have they told you, who you are yet'? Try walking around never knowing your true Roots. When my children have health problems, I can't say, 'it's in our blood lines'. The kids have no grandparents on my side, no family tree.

Mary Lou lived a good life, out lived two husbands. With three or four children of her own from her first marriage. I never attend the family I was put in funerals, just feel uneasy about the whole thing. I've heard, that I guess my Dual side attends the funerals, because people claim to have seen me at several family members funerals including my Earth parents funerals. Wanted to write something about you Mary Lou, hope your OK. If you go to Heaven for being  good, then Mary Lou is surely in Heaven today. Never one to harm another human being, was Mary Lou.

What Death brings, no one knows. You'll know when your "Time" arrives, don't let some priest or minister try and tell you they know. Because that would be impossible to know. Those feeling of immortality come and go with life, so you know somethings their, just not what. The Tibetans would say that Mary Lou is now in the Bardo and needs someone to lead her to her next Creation or Life. But all those ancient teachings have been ripped from today's society. You can blame the Catholic church for many of the ancient ways that have destroyed. Mary Lou's departing brings new life to others, hopefully her children. As death of a parent has more effect on the children than the one who passed. You should gain strength from your loved ones passing. Learn from their lessons in life. Learn from your parents failures as well as their accomplishments. As one passes, one is born, the cycle of life. Your dying the moment you are born.

The 'powers' did their best to create Race Wars in America, like Ebola, that didn't workout to well for them. You have nightly marches in NYC, but that's mainly White j$ws and brainwashed White youth. Makes you wonder as the 'powers' seem to be running out of options, What's Next? Israel's Netanyahu has gone mad it appears for sure. Guess killing all those babies gets to your soul eventually, even when your as soulless as Netanyahu is. Next 'False Flag', how about a Nuke hitting NYC, that will show the dumb ass Americans, just who's really in-charge.

"God" bless Mary Lou


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