Saturday, December 20, 2014

"Compromising One's Self"

Life is all about 'Compromising', living in the Grey Matter, nothing is Black or White, especially now. In the system the World lives in today, mankind is always being compromised. The length of your life is being compromised constantly. Mankind should live well into their 100s, except for the compromise that has been bestowed on the human race. Mankind's health has been compromised for thousands of years. That's why folks only live in good health if their lucky, until their 80s. Mankind should have no use for Fossil Fuels for energy in this generation, but energy has been compromised. The Skies should be wonderful blue and clear, but the Skies have been compromised even. The Water mankind drinks, should be pure and free, but even the water has been compromised. The Air mankind breaths should be fresh and clean, but it to has been compromised. In fact if you buy into the system that enslaves you, your who life has been compromised. You are no longer a human being, you just go through life doing as you are instructed to do. You will always fall into the longest lines, driving or walking. You will turn against your brothers and sisters, if told to do by the system.

When ever someone turns on the radio or TV, they are being instructed to, not asked, but to do as they are told. Sex and drugs are everywhere in the media, they have only one purpose, to compromise your Soul. All the violence in the controlled media is their to compromise your faith in humanity. Turn Race against Race, religion against religion. Religions were put in place to compromise the masses, not to purify the masses. Religions divide families, nations and Souls. Mankind has been instructed through the media that 'More is Better', this is a compromise to the Soul.

As One goes through life, it's all about Compromise. You have thousands of chances to take the High or Low Road in life. When you chose the Low Road, like sex outside of your marriage, you have compromised your future unknowingly. You chose to cheat your neighbor or fellow workers, you have compromised your future. The system today tells everyone that a little lie is OK, that is done to compromise your future the future of your Soul. To Lie, Cheat, Steal to get ahead is just fine, is their to compromise yourself's Soul. The media's constant bombardment about how wonderful life in the military is, has only one purpose, to compromise your Soul. Kill another Human Being and your Soul is compromised. The more One Compromises them-self, the easier they are to control. Prisons are full of Compromised Souls, who took the Low Road of Life. Maybe not because they wanted to do so, maybe the individual had been compromised with the constant media brainwashing. After all, you go through life living in someone else's Reality created just for you.

All politicians have been Compromised, or they wouldn't be in a position of Power. Al religious leaders are Compromised, they believe (brainwashed) they know what is best for the masses, never going to happen. Many join police forces thinking their doing the right thing, only to be Compromised into turning against their fellow humans. How many young kids joined the military right after 911? Thinking they were going to defend America, they have all been Compromised into cold blooded killers, their Souls Compromised.

911 was all about Compromising the Souls of all Americans. Americans were duped into believing some foreign enemy had invaded America, turning Americans into haters of all Muslims. Those who believed the BS, their Souls were Compromised. How many Americans helped in the slaughter of thousand of innocent women and children around the World after 911? Their Souls were Compromised by the media to hate their fellow Human Beings. Look how WWI and WWII turned White Brother against White Brothers. Millions killing each other in the name of what?!!! The soldiers only knew they hated the enemy, because they had been Compromised.

Life is all about Compromising, you never really ever get exactly what you want in life. One thing you can do for sure, is to save your own Soul. Their is a EVIL force currently controlling the America and her citizens. This Evil Force has turned the passive Americans into baby killers. Isolated Americans from the rest of the World. Others in the World look at the Americans in disdain. Americans have been unknowingly been Compromised into the World's greatest killers of innocence. Americans have been so Compromise, their blinded from this fact. Just what freedoms are the America soldiers killing for? Why are Americans killing Compromised citizens of foreign countries?

Feel Dirty about what your country (America) has become? Or have you been Compromised, brainwashed? Want to be above it all, stop letting others Compromise you. Your life is yours and yours alone, not others telling you your Reality. Be loyal to others, be loyal to yourself first. Don't be pushed into Compromising your own "God" given beliefs. Every human on Earth is a "God", a divine creation of a greater "God", thus making you "God" like. So having others strip you of your own "God" given Soul, must be stopped!!! The 'powers' are in a struggle with every human on Mother Earth, telling you, 'you are inferior and must be Ruled by others'. This has been done to rob you of your Soul. Freedom start with you, not someone telling you what to think and do. The only way the good folks of Mother Earth are to stop their total enslavement, is to stand up and not be 'Compromised' anymore. If things someone is telling you doesn't feel right, it probably isn't, that's your "God" given ability, so use it. Treat others as you want to be treated, everyone on Mother Earth deserved to be respected, but that will never happen until the good folks say, 'I won't be Compromised anymore'.

Last week in Mesa Az. a Catholic priest Compromised himself and the church he represents. A undercover cop posing as a 16 year old prostitute. Lured Father Soloman Bandiho (49) of Holy Cross Catholic Church, for Sex with a under age girl. Father Soloman was arrested on the spot by Mesa undercover police agents, after offering money to the undercover police officer. Like the Catholic church has done in the past with Pedophile Priest, I'm sure Father (Child Molester) Soloman will simple be moved to another Catholic church, Sweeping the Catholic Church's SIN's under the rug, is all about being Catholic.

Cancer is another Compromised subject, it's a Cash Cow for the medical industry. That has no plans to ever cure any illness, why would they? Instead the medical industry only masked illness with pain killers and such. In 1931 a German Biochemist Otto Heinrich Warburg discovered that Cancer lives in a body with high levels of Acid and that a body with high levels of Alkaline is Cancer free. Lack of oxygen to the body's cells, turns them Cancerous. A high Alkaline body deliverers oxygen to the cells, while a body high in Acid, blocks the delivery of oxygen to the cells. This should be common knowledge in a generation who wait to die from Cancer. (As a kid on a job-site said to me one day, 'everyone's waiting to die of Cancer'.) Here again, one's life has been Compromised by the medical industry. Otto Heinrich Warburg was given the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his discovery. So why doesn't the World know how important it is to maintain high levels of Alkaline in your body? It's all part of the 'Compromising One's Self', so only a few may rule the rest, through Compromising the rest.

"God" Bless

PS: "Alien", "Time"

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