Sunday, January 18, 2015

"Everything is Corrupted, Nothings Easy"

Next door lady died two days ago  from cancer at age 80, that shouldn't be. Again like my own Earth sister who died recently, my neighbor had total faith in the system. A faith that told her, 'my government, would never do anything to harm me'. So like so many others before her, they stuck a needle in her arm to finisher her off. The needle was delivering a deadly dose of Chemotherapy. 'Everything Thing is Corrupt', even dying. The government my neighbor lady had faith in, allowed the corrupted American medical system, to allow death (chemotherapy) to be delivered via Hope for life. At 80 years old, the system had no more use for her, she was to them, 'a useless eater'. On her Social Security she'd paid into for most her life, now is stolen by Death. This is the American way of life that so many have accepted. With 80% to 90% of all cancers being a type of virus, that tells you only one thing. That most of the cancers of today were man-made!!! As a kid in the 50s, cancer was a rarity, now folks wait to get it. And I never heard of anyone women coming down with Breast Cancer. Now that figure is 50% all women will come down with some type of Breast Cancer.

The corruption in Death steams from a life of corruption. Corruption of all the basic of life, air, water, food and the environment. No where can you turn for safety for the corruption that has spread throughout America, like the cancer that killed my neighbor lady. In my life, I'm at constant war with those that wish harm to me. My own government on all levels, from the city/county/state to the top of the federal government. No where can I turn for protection. The very government that is said to be in place to protect it's own citizens. Has no use for their own peoples safety. Americans are dying at an alarming rate from cancers, cancers that can be prevented and even cured. Cancer will never be cured, because of the corruption in America. Only in America are deadly cancer causing chemicals in plastic bottles. Only in America do you have constant fund raisers to fight cancer, the corrupt medical systems cash cow. Only in America, you can go to jail for a organic garden.

You must fight those who wish to bring harm to you on an individual basis. That starts with your diet  and water. Your water must be as pure as you can find it. No water that has been touched by any municipality should ever be drink-en. Even if no fluoride has been added, like over 60% of Americans cities do, you should never be taken internally. Any processed liquids are harmful, from soda pop to any sports drinks. The corrupt system has allowed the manufacturer of these product to slowly kill you off knowingly. Any juices should only be in glass bottles and organic as possible. When you walk into a grocery store, everything located in the middle of the store, will kill you. For the products on the selves are the ones so loaded with chemical preservatives, that are sure cancer causers. Fill your diet with organic fruit and vegetables. Red meat has only one use in your body, 'killing you'. Their is absolutely nothing in red meat flesh, good for you. Cooked vegetables are dead food. Your canned vegetables have all the nutrition cooked out of them, then they are loaded with chemicals so they can be on the store shelf for months. Yet the corrupt government encourages you to buy processed vegetables. The corrupt government of America, doesn't want you to live over your retirement age of 62. For all the monies you have put in your Social Security account has long been stolen. Just as the German's governments Gold, that was stored by the Federal Reserve after WWII is gone. Killing you is all part of the game. Don't lie down and let these corrupt bastards kill you without a fight. They can't get your guns, so Americans who don't agree with the 'powers', can be lined up and shot. Just like Stalin and many others have done after the citizens are convinced that their guns must be removed from them for their own protection. So the next best thing to killing the American citizens is by diet, water and air. Thus shortening the average citizen of America quality of life and lifespan.

The system has now made sure that nothing in your life is easy. Americans have thousands of laws they are not even unaware of. How can 3,000 too 4,000 laws be passed by congress each year, not be slavery? Yet the American citizen is being constantly be reminded how free they are compared to communist countries. Try leaving the country and just see how free you really are. Politicians of today, have only one purpose, to make Americans life as difficult in every respect. Their is nothing you can do in America without first getting the system's  approval. Your personnel items such as your car and home are completely regulated. You have a burden of taxes even if these items are paid off. Their is nothing you can buy that isn't first taxed. How can "God" given water be taxed??? Their is no law that says you have to pay federal taxes each year, but try not paying them and see just how much "Time" you can spend on prison. The highways and freeways you drive on are paid for by your taxes. Yet you are only allowed to use them, as their main purpose is for the movement of military equipment and troops. You go to the grocery store, every "Time" you visit, things are moved. This is part of the Mind Control, making life hard.

Every day you awake, a new enemy, monster, await you, using more of your energy. This is part of, 'nothings easy'. Ebola and the Race Riots never materialized, poor old Russia is dragged out for fear mongering again (Duck and Cover). It's getting to where 'Fear Porn' is now a small entity or industry.  Fear is a big part of 'nothings easy', fear robs you of your mental and physical energies. I don't know that most folks don't already know these facts. I just want to make sure that I make my own effort for those who read my writings. As I've mentioned often, something eternally forces me to put out the writings. What started out as 'letters home', are now warning to those who deserve so much from of their lives. Not what some Psychopath in Washington D.C. tell you how to live your life. Removal all the controlled media from your surrounding and get on with your 'Own Life'. Your "God" given rite of Freedom, mentally and physically.

Floating down a River in Arizona where the Ancient Hopi came to  find.

The Roots of Dead Cottonwood trees for their Kachina Dolls, north upstream.

Where me and the man who pulled me from under the Roots of a Dead Cottonwood tree at age 9,

because I'd drowned,

when drowned was Dead.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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