Sunday, January 11, 2015

"You Are The Temple, Paris False Flag, 2015"

Your body is a Temple, your Earthly Soul lives in, take care of it, as best you can. You need your Earthly body to advance your Spiritual Self. Once again, the 'Yin and Yang of Everything', Sky, Earth. This is the reason mankind is under attack physically. Take away your ability to to think clearly, your a perfect Slave, Look Around. GMO foods, will be the major weapon, in the War to steal your Soul. The GMOs will destroy your physical body, not allowing you, to reach into your Pineal gland, your 'Third Eye'. To let you know who you really are, and not this mass consuming animal. You are a Spiritual Being first, on a Earthly journey to improve one's self. You are a living Entity, for all that lives within you, you are a 'Temple'.

'Deja Vu all over again', Jogi Berra New York Yankees. The recent Paris shootings, had all the same intended effect as 911 did on the Americans. Uniting a country against a certain ethnic group (religion), the Muslims. Who are of course, Israel's number one enemy. I have to admit at first, I was all caught up in the propaganda. Watching online the morning of the 'False Flag' attacks. Thinking to myself, the Muslims have surely shoot themselves in the foot. This killing of innocent civilians was breaking news throughout the World. How could anyone not believe what they were watching before their very eyes. Murderous terrorist running down the street appearing to be  shooting a Paris police officer in the head as he laid on the sidewalk. Killers escaping to the countryside, with their names already known some how. This says it all.

Meanwhile perfect slogans are being put out to the public. Thousands gather in protest all over Paris and France, for the immediate removal of all extremist Muslims from France. That this 'Multiculturalism' was a complete failure, that is being forced on the populations of the World. In Europe it's the Muslims and African Blacks, in America it's the un-education Latinos from south of the U.S. boarders. This all being done to raise tension between the races, for overall control of the masses. This constant pitting race against race, religion against religion, has worked for centuries. One of the main reason for the creation of religion, was all about control. Even the divisions within the religions, helps to keep the masses divided, thus controlled. Can't imagine how powerful the Muslims who be, if they were united. Israel would be nothing but glass by now. You can't hardly get two Christians to agree on anything about the bible. Yet they are both reading the same basic book. As powerful as the j$ws are, their is much diversion among them. 'All Roads Lead too Rome', does that make the Catholic church, the one behind all the different cultures and religions? Are the Christians, Muslims, j$ws, mere puppets of Rome (divisions of a much larger corporation)?

Hard to believe that's it's 2015 already. Seemed like it took forever to get too 2012, the Mayan Year. Now that that date has passed, what's next? Like so many other, I bought into much of the 2012 hype, none of the 2000 BS though. I was waiting for some Magical Change to occur on 21 December 2012, but the date came and went like any other. Now with no other Magical Date to look forward to, "Time" seems to be flying by. Or as I like to say, 'killing "Time" before "Time" kills me'. Looks like Peace will never come to America again, as long as folks are just 'getting along, to get along'. Obummer said that the war with ISIS?, will last for another 20 years. That sure not much to look forward to, 2034 was with ISIS ends. Then who will be the new Boogieman, the "Aliens"? One thing for sure, as long as you have the power structure you currently have, their will never be an end to Constant Wars. Plan on your Grand children and Great Grand children's having their own wars.

I'm closing in on three/fourths of a century, with no Peace during any of it. Will it be any different for generations to come? Just hard to believe that the citizens of the America could be so ignorant of what is being done to them. Their lives have been taken away from them. Never a moment of Rest or Peace to be had. Americans awake each day awaiting the bad news coming from their controlled media. American has been conditioned to accept this Reality. A Reality that offers little hope of a bright future, a "Time" of Peace. Instead Americans have been conditioned into a Waring Mentality. Where the military provides the system with it's Heroes. Then the same Heroes are discarded like yesterday's newspaper and now are classified as Domestic Terrorist after discharge. Yet, hardly  anyone figures this out!!! Without this constant Waring, imagine how beautiful America would be? How much more money Americans would have in their pocket, the rest of the World not hating them. But here in 2015 the country has been hi-jacked for many years. Supporting Israel and Israel's aggression against everyone who resist them.

I see no change in the near future as the same old Crap politicians line up. Elections are coming and already the same 'I never want to see your face again' criminals like the Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush will be America's choices. In reality, no choice, as that has already been decided behind locked doors, who will occupy the White House next. The citizens of America will once again be duped into believing they really have a voice in who is elected. They will believe that all of a sudden Obummer has an approval rating in the high 40s. Yet I've never meet anyone who cared for Obummer the fag. I guess it's OK to call Obummer a fag, just don't call Michelle Obummer a Dude, that got Joan Rivers murdered. As you can see, this ain't America of the 50s. Now murder is the norm for politicians, just research how many murders during the Clinton years as president.

'I have no money, I'm a Contractor', Frank S. one of the owners of the electrical company I was an electrical estimator for. I'm re-learning the meaning of that now. Took the last of my cash, out of my safe to make payroll with last Friday. All in hopes, I'm get a draw this week from my medical building I'm wiring in Eloy Az.. Contracting is a tough business to be in, for sure. You front your labor and material in hope, it come back relatively quick. I knew the game before reentering the fray, but that doesn't make it any easier. But by bidding on only government funded project, I know my money will eventually return. Lots of pressure on me now, and having troubles finding the free mind to get my writings down. Something inside me, makes me produce these blog entries and I've felt guilty, not being able to clear my mind, for my writings. Been trying to write this entry for two weeks now, that's why so many different topic. Most of my writing comes to me automatically and I can see where I click in and where the Spirit of the words clicks in. In this post alone you can see the differences. Money has a way of freeing my mind, because mankind including myself. After all these years of being conditioned into the Material World, it is a hard escape it. We'er all born into a Slave system rather you realize it or not. The fact that your must pay for the basics of life such as water and food, are a "God" given. The "Gods" provided mankind with their basic needs, here on Mother Earth. Now those basic needs must be paid for. So from a very young age, you are conditioned to be a good Slave, without even knowing your a Slave. The best Slave, the Slave that doesn't know their a Slave.

"God" Bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Time" "Aliens",

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Jeremy Austgen said...


I met you several years ago in Scottsdale, AZ. We were talking about the ET and UFO stuff and you had loaned me your Pupol Vuh book. I haven't returned this book to you... I now live in Boise, ID and I still do a lot of research on these subjects. I still remember a very detailed picture of a UFO you showed me. If possible let me know how I can repay you for this book. Also please upload a photo of the UFO! Would like to chat with you soon buddy.