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"Humoring Native Americans, Slaves"

Most think of the Native Americans as peaceful, nature loving, keepers of Mother Natures children. This may be true of the Hopi and a few other Native American tribes of the Americas. But the truth of the matter is, it is quite the opposite. The American were divided up amongst the tribes of the Americas. Turf was established by great wars among the tribes of the Americas. Most tribes in America had Waring Societies within the  tribal membership. Some tribes who lived in Florida were actually Cannibals, eating their enemies after battle. These tribe were thought to have came up from the island to the south of Florida.

One of the main things the tribes of the Americas loved to do, was the taking of captives. Some of the Plains tribes took prisoners for the purpose of Torture. To some of the tribes, Torture was an Art. Other tribes took female prisoners to bring new DNA into the tribe. Some tribes took prisoners for the purpose of Slavery. The whole idea in battle between the tribes, was the fact that it was more important to take prisoners, verse killing the enemy. Here is a link to a 'Red Ice Radio' program, speaking about the savagery of many Native American tribes.

The Hopi gave the Navajo their name, which means, 'those who pound others in the head with rocks'. Doesn't exactly sound like the  Blanket Weaving, Jewelry Makers, Turquoise Artist, loving Mother Nature, Native Americans does it? Actually the Navajo were a Nomadic Waring tribe, who came originally from Canada. The main reason the Hopi live on the Three Mesa in northern Arizona has nothing to do with the three Stars of Orion's Belt, as some have suggested. But were chased from the low lands surrounding their corn fields, onto the Mesas for protect from the marauding Navajo who for the most part, never raised one stock of corn in their lives. The Navajos were the scourge of the southwest America and into Mexico. In the 'War Act' of 1863 (approx.), all the tribes in the southwestern America were given guns to all those old enough. To kill Navajos  for reward money, because the US Calvary were tired of chasing the Navajos around and killing them off. The Hopi were offered guns for protection from the Navajo, but refused the offer. Saying that, 'it was the US Calvary's job to protect the Hopi from the neighboring Navajo'. Finally the Navajo were rounded up and put onto the the reservation they currently occupy, after being put onto other reservations all over America. The Navajo  Nation is the largest land mass reservation in America and the Navajo are the most populaces  tribe of America, totaling over 1 million strong.

I have a couple of Navajo electricians working for me. Harry Evens who shows up in this video (@1:51) of my first project back electrical contracting. Harry worked with me at Sunbelt Electric and was my first hire. Today he is running a project in Eloy called, Pinal County Health Clinic. With Harry you never know which Harry you will get  from day to day. Harry can be the best employ you ever had one day and the next day threatening to quit. The drive down to Eloy some 60 miles south of Phoenix does get old, but I try and make sure Harry will have work until my next project gets started. So much of the "Time" in Eloy, he's on his own. Harry kept complaining so much about wanting to get done in Eloy, he didn't care if he was out of work a few days between projects. With this knowledge, I got Harry a helper, a 50+ year old Mexican who lived in nearby Coolidge. It was like Christmas for Harry, for Harry now had is own Slave. I couldn't help but think about the ancient Navajo and their capturing of Slaves. Harry had stepped back in "Time" to ancient America, when the Navajo were Kings with their Slaves.

Watching the population of the World be worked over like Lab Rats mentally with propaganda. Makes me sometimes wonder if the World is no more that an experiment and mankind are no more than Lab Rats. It's easy to see how masses of peoples can be manipulated via the controlled  media and religions. Look no further than the Christians, Muslims and j$$$$$$ws. They can be turned into killers of each other with mere words alone. Have the 'powers' put out a video of the beheading of someone other than Muslim and just see how the rest of the World reacts. The recent Jordan pilot who was supposedly burned alive, brought Jordan into war with ISIS (It's Still Israel Idiots), we think? No matter if it really happened or not, it's the Effect on the masses that count. After all what is the best way for a handful of people to control the masses, Division is the Key Word.

Went out for lunch today to get a break from Kipper Snacks and potato salad in my construction Con-X (22 ft. Trailer). Went to a popular Phoenix Health Food restaurant, my favorite Blue Fin was closed. In south Phoenix you get a cross section of the populaces. Their were folks from India, Central America, Blacks, orientals, young and old. Their was one thing they all had in common. Everyone of them, had the Devices in hand while they ate. Odd to see a fat old Mexican lady with a device in one hand while shoveling food into her mouth with the other hand. The young you could understand, until you remember that the World is for the most part under 'Mind Control' via their devices. Amazing to watch as a young dating couple seem to never talk, as the both of them stared aimlessly into their devices instead of the one they were with. Everyone in the this restaurant except me, were totally controlled by their devices. It was quite easy to see just how the World's population has been taken under control. I bet most of those sitting having lunch, wouldn't have a clue what a Chem-trail is. As it seems today no one ever looks up anymore. It appears that Americans can only look down now, down at their devices.

If you have ever been to a Hopi Kachina Dance, you will notice a green plant around all of the Dancers waists and necks. These are twigs of a Spruce Tree. Turns out to the Hopi, the Spruce Twigs hold magnetic powers to bring the rains to the Hopi planted fields. The Sacred twigs must come from 40 mile to the north of the 3 Mesas, from a canyon near Black Mesa (coal) called 'Spring in the Shadows'. 3 Hopi elders are selected to retrieve the Sacred Spruce twigs. And are given 3 Pahos (Prayer Feather or Stick) to be presented to the upon entering a cave at 'Spring in the Shadows'. This is done each year to insure that the Hopi fields will be presented with summer rains. It has been noted that in the past when these rituals were not carried out. That summer brought no moisture to the Hopi fields. Here again the power of 'Ceremony' rule the Hopi way of life, all the things the Whites and others have lost over the generations. In the end to the Hopi, "Taiowa the Creator" is the Head of all Ceremonies.

"God" bless


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