Sunday, February 15, 2015

"Losing Years"

It's always good to reflect back on ones life as the years pass. For me their are lost years by circumstances, beyond my control. It would appear that life is a series of obstacles one must overcome for ones Spiritual development. The Hopi believe that the Three Previous Worlds, were part of your personal and Spiritual development. And that you could not be here in the Fourth World without passing through the previous Three Worlds, that helped to shape your personality. After all, what survives Death, but Personality. The Personality of You, who you are. Are you an Evil Personality, thinking of only ones self like a Psychopath. Are you a Giving Personality, putting other first, in help of developing your own Personality. Are you learning through life, to be a better Person? After all, if you can't take it with you at death, your Material Possessions, what was the meaning of your Life?

To Psychopaths like Religious and Political leaders, it's all about Self. And these type individuals, may never be changed, as they are part of the rest of Humanities growth. If not for certain outside influences, everyone would be at the beach all day. Just look how fools like Obummer, unite folks. The Puppet Fool Obummer has done more for gun sales that any president before. The fact the Puppet Fool Obummeris is part Black and is a fag. Has done wonders for uniting Americans and arming Americans to the hilt. This is what I mean by 'outside influences', shaping your life. The Puppet Fool Obummer has brought many minds years ahead, in preparation for some government created disaster to occur. The fool has awaken the common man. For the hatred for Obummer, has brought the general public closer together. In a united hatred for the fag called Obummer. Before Obummer, writers and speakers who spoke out against the growing crime against the citizens of America, by their very own government. Would be shouted down, by the Mind Controlled masses. Now everyone is talking about the corrupt government that now occupied Washington D.C.. Were fools like Obummer and Congress unknown pawns? To awaken the minds of the masses to what is really being done to them, in the name of Freedom. Would Americans still be asleep, if not the common hatred for the Puppet Fool Obummer. Have Americans been pushed ahead of the learning curve? Keep falling down and you soon learn not to fall down.

I was awaken years ago by serving "Time" in the Navy during Nam. Their I could see the corruption first hand of the military and government. I didn't need an Obummer for my awakening. But my awakening to the Reality of Life took several UFO sightings, then 'Bloody Underwear'. Like so many others, I believed in UFOs, just never seen one. Then one afternoon, I was forced into another Reality. The Reality of others above. Now as I look back, tens years of my life was lost, in search of my new Reality, a Reality that included the fact that something far greater was going on around me. Seeing that 'Mothership' over my condo, created for me a whole new World. Not a NWO with some Psychopaths at the top running things. But a true Reality far greater than and 'powers' here on Mother Earth. Overnight the Material World faded away as their were much greater ideas to chase. As others chased the Almighty Dollar, I was locked-up in a chase, to find the True Reality. Not the Reality of Life, but the Reality of my life. Here is a perfect example of being forced into learning a much greater Reality by a force much greater than any known force here on Earth. The Evil of the World, forces many into the search for the true Reality. A search they may never have taken if not for the actions of an outer force. My lost years have been an awakening for others. I see the influence I have on other snow.

Just this last week on my job site in Eloy, I was teaching others. I was teaching other on the job site of the Reality of Chem-trailing. Easy to see in those wide open skies around Eloy the effects of the Chem-trail clouds. It was easy to point out that one day the skies were clear blue. Then the very next day their would be several aircraft in the air laying down their chem-trails. The others on the job site who were not believers in the Reality of Chem-trails. Could now see with perfect conditions, the effects of the spraying. Here an outside force such as me, could have an effect on others, who will have an effect on many others. This is how the awakening of many citizens of the World had occurred. Not by the controlled media spreading lies of hatred and deceit. No but by word of mouth alone. Later in the same week in Eloy a couple of the guys called me outside to look up. Their above us was a Chem-trail so large being laid out, I'd never seen one that wide before. It could have only been laid out by either a B-52 or 747 equipped to dump chemicals on an unknowing public. Those lost years spent in the library, have turned into found years for those around me. You see a much greater forced, forced the issue on me, so that I could force the issue to others around me. The force I use is, Common Knowledge. PS: Here in central Arizona the skies were clear this morning. After 8 hours of constant chem-trailing, the skies are now a cloudy milky white, the BASTARDS.

Everywhere you turn in America now, 'Gun Control' is the subject behind all the 'False Flag' events. The 'powers' know that their NWO or One World Government, cannot survive or become Reality, until all the guns are removed from the citizens. Throughout history, Gun Control has been the main power behind control of the citizenry. An here in America it appears that a U.N. Mandate will be used to remove the American civilian population of Guns. Here are some other example of World leaders who have removed guns from their citizenry.

Josef Stalin; in 1929 Gun Control was established in Russia. Between 1929 and 1953, 20 million dissidents were rounded up and killed.

Adolf Hitler; in 1938 Gun Control was brought into Law. By 1945 13 million j$ws and others were eliminated.

Mao Tze Tung; in 1935 Gun Control began. By 1952 20 million Political dissidents were rounded up and killed in China.

Idi Amin; Uganda established Gun Control in 1971. By 1978 300,000 Christians were rounded up and murdered.

Pol Pot; Cambodian leader Pol Pot removed guns and over 1 million educated unarmed citizens were murders off.

Mao Tze Tung: All political power, comes from the barrel of a Gun. The Communist Party must command all the Guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the Party.

George Washington: From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the presence day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to insure Peace, Security and Happiness, the riffle and pistol are equally indispensable...the atmosphere of Firearms restrain evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that is good.

Columbine, Aurora Colorado, Tucson Arizona, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, 911, Pearl Harbor, Tonkin Gulf were all about control of the citizens of America and the World. Millions upon millions of Guns must be removed from the citizens of America. As long as the citizens of America is armed, their will always be Hope for the rest of the World. Once Americans give up their weaponry, the World will be enslaved.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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