Saturday, February 28, 2015

"When Our "God" Comes Back"

Kinda like a Pop hit from the 50s, 'My boyfriend's is back and your gonna be in trouble' (gonna save my reputation). Na it's the Christians and j$ws returning Savior. He's going to torture and kill, all you non believers. The j$ws dude, is going to let all j$ws have 2,600 goyim slaves. And the j$ws make fun of the muslims, '72 virgins'. How really far 'Removed from the trees', is mankind? Good Christians get 'sucked' into the Sky somehow, funny stuff, Rapture anyone. Of course this was added later, gotta keep the slaves on edge, after all. Muslim say, 'kill all the non-believers of Ali'. Anyone falling for any type of religious Dogma are weak individuals who think they have no control over ones own instincts. Your not responsible for those carnal thoughts in your head. They are from your pass development in previous Worlds. As long as you never act on those primitive thoughts, you''ll be fine. It's those who have such primitive thoughts and act out on them, that's the problem.

Folks turn to religion because they need leadership on a spiritual ideas or direction. Those that need to be told 'what is good and what is bad' are lost souls. You have within you, the ability to determine, 'good from bad'. Each day is filled with you picking the good direction verses the bad direction. Religions are a crutch and excuse for evil deeds that can be cured by asking forgiveness. So folks turn to religion, thinking they can escape their bad deeds. To the Christian, you can be a sinner all your life, as long as you seek forgiveness before death, from the Christians "God". The j$ws and muslims like the Christians, believe all other live in sin and must be killed. By killing off those non-believers, the reward is Heaven for eternity. The three major religions say their "God" is a loving "God". Yet their so called loving "God", calls for murdering "God's" other creations, does that make any since? Of course it doesn't, so how is it, folks fall into these religions? The simple answer is, these are the weaker mentally. These individuals are followers and are most often led astray. Their is nothing of a natural condition that tells the mind to kill indiscriminately. But yet mankind will kill each other for a unknown "God".

And how do you get the masses to buy into your particular type of religion. Seems the bigger the lie, the larger following. Look at all the lies by Christian, j$ws and muslims leaders. Those lies are working, as two of these are the largest religion (cults) on Earth. To be a true j$w, you must never marry a non j$w. Mormons believe if you are not married inside the Mormon Temple with a Mormon wife, you are not a true follower. Muslim believe you can have a 'temporary marriage'. This allows the muslim male to have a prostitute on the side, how insane is that? Their are 4 conditions for marriage within muslim rites. Marriage by Arrangement, Marriage by Capture, Marriage by Purchase, and Marriage by Inheritance. Muslims like the Mormons believe you can have multiple wives.

Now you have, in what the Hopi call 'End of Fourth World', but the Hopi are not awaiting some returning Messiah to save them. Here are others conceived ideas of what is to happen sooner than later. Islamic religions say that 'Jesus, Son of Mary' will return and defeat the Antichrist with the aid of Mahdi. The j$wish Messiah 'Hamashiach' (Anointed One) will be a human figure, that will unite the Tribes of Israel. And will usher in the 'Messianic Age'. The Baha'i savior is named 'Baha'u'llah', his name translated means, 'Glory of God'. 'Maitreya' the Buddhist savior, he's expected to return and renew the teachings of 'Gautama', an Exalted One, a Buddha. Hinduism 'Krishna' is the eighth incarnation of the "God" Vishnu. He will renew humanity upon his return. The 'Rastafarian' leader who is named 'Emperor Haile Selassie' of Ethiopia. Is said to have the bloodlines of 'King Solomon'. Christianity and their returning savior Jesus have over 2.2 billion followers. Next come the Islamic religion with 1.8 billion followers. Surprisingly the non believers, atheist, agnostics come in third at 1.1 billion. Fourth is the Hinduism at 1 billion. After that the numbers fall off greatly with only 14 million followers of Judaism. At only 14 million j$wish followers in the World, it is amazing how much control of the World's wealth they hold. Not to mention the death hold currently on America.

The Weak Ones who need an outsider, to tell them how to live, all have a Savior figure. This savior will be responsible for the Weak Ones sins they believe. Instead of facing the reality that you are responsible for your own actions. And that your Sins cannot be placed on some other entity is just a sign of weakness. In a Universe of Spiritual development, you are responsible for your own Spiritual growth. Like the Catholic believe, telling your Sins to another to cleanse your soul, is impossible. This is everyone's own personal journey through the Universe of Spirits. Their are no short-cuts, no putting your sins and failures on others, to carry you through life. The 'Returning Savior' is you, upon your reincarnation into the next 'Realm of Reality'.

Get the feeling all the j$wish shooting in Europe, is just a back door maneuver, to bring a Police State? In the name of protecting the j$ws, to all of Europe? The recent Paris shooting of the cartoon artist Charlie Hebdo was just another False Flag  event. Turns out that Charlie was a j$w, with a Muslim killer. What a better way to say, 'the j$ws' need protection from all others. As the same "Time" the Charlie Hebdo was going on, supposedly more j#ws were killed in a grocery store, also in France. These along with other events of j$ws being killed. Has done exactly what it was suppose to do. Unite all of the non Muslim population of Europe against the Muslim population. Just as 911 was used by the Zionist j$ws, to turn Americans against the Muslim population. The Charlie Hebdo shooting has had the same effect. It's all about divide and conquer then Rule. And the 'powers' have been using it for centuries to control the masses. With control over media, the awaking of the World's population to what is being done to them, may never happen.

Just want to add that work is going well and now have two full time employees with two others working for me part time. With work for the rest of the year ahead, all is secure for now. I've learned my lesson about working out of town and will never bid another job that is further than 30 minutes from valley. The "Time" lost in travel can not be used for anything other than driving. The ride between Eloy and my home is a White-knuckle 50 minute ride, fighting with the truckers all the way down. My new windshield in the VW is filled with rock pits from the truckers. And the 120 mile round trip is killing my back. My Navajo kid Harry who is running the job for me. Is also fed up with the drive and now I have to push him to finish up the project. I've been making a recording and will post upon completion of the electrical project. We have started on a project called ,Mesa Counts on College and will start in a week a project for the City of Phoenix called Foothill Villages. These project I will also make videos of and open a YouTube channel, just for my projects.

"God" Bless


PS: "Alien"

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