Saturday, March 21, 2015

"The Problem With Whiteness"

I discovered that here at Arizona State University their is a new class called, 'The Problem With Whiteness'. And my first reaction was to send a email to my good friend Gary Bitter a math Professor at ASU.  We'ed become good friends and he knows my so called radical views of the present day World. I said in the email, the reason  I no longer watch either TV or the movies. Is because of the constant attacked from the j4wish Zionist controlled media's, constant attack on the White Brain Trust. As if that wasn't bad enough (Saint George, White Whore), now the colleges are being used to push the Zionist propaganda. Gary taught me that all public colleges relies on federal funding to stay open. And he spends a lot of his "Time" back in Washington D.C. pleading for grants for ASU or some other college Gary might be representing. And now that America has been totally and completely compromised to the Zionist agenda. The Zionist can take their attack on the superior White Brain Trust right to the colleges.

Here in America that has produced some of the greatest inventions the World has ever know. Has now become under attack by the very college system, the White Brain Trust created. A college system that insures that future generations will have the White Brain Trust to ensure a safe and free America. And a system that minorities can also join in for the betterment of their particular race of Americas. Look around America today and tell me, what the White race has done to stop the country from moving forward. While the minorities that come to the America, the White Brain Trust created. They all seem to want to bring their old culture  with them. Instead of blending into the Milting Pot called America. Here in Phoenix Az. you can go to south Phoenix and you'd think you were is some dirty trash strewed town in Mexico. Where the streets are littered with trash and blaring sound of Mexican music (derived from Polka Music) blasting in the air. The Whites who were behind the creation of Phoenix and mainly the Freemasons who established Phoenix, which lays on the 33rd Parallel. Thought they had created a Jewel in the Desert, not some part of dirty Mexico. But with all the 'politically correct' BS created by Zionist. The White Brain Trust is now being blamed for all of America's woes. It's called 'White Privilege' no less.

The fact that the White Brain Trust has to be under constant attack by the minorities including ;the j$ws'. That are invading America for one and only one purpose, destroy all that the White Brain Trust has created over the past few hundred years. This being being done systematically to enable the Zionist control over the World's population. A fact that can never happen with the White Brain Trust intact. The White Brain Trust is aware of their constant changing surroundings and their purchase of massive amounts of guns and bullets proves my point. The White Brain Trust may not be organized as a group. But the fact that the individuals of the White Brain Trust can see the Forest for the trees. And that hidden in the forest is the enemy, being programmed by the controlled mass media to hate everything White. It doesn't take something like the new class at ASU to awaken an already awake White Brain Trust.

According to the Zionist, any White with knowledge, is the enemy of the j$ws and Zionist. A reminder that you only hate those you FEAR. If you have a leg up on an individual or race, that's because you are smarter. And that person or race will have great hatred for you. That is why the j$ws and Zionist hate the White Brain Trust so much. You see the White Brain Trust has a leg up on the j4ws and Zionist. Look at Israel's Netanyaho fear of the Arabs surrounding Israel. Israel must constantly be attacking their neighbors with superior American firepower. That's because the j4ws have no Rights to be where they have decided to settle. And they have Fear of their neighbors, because they 'the j$ws' are truly an outsider.

'The Problem With Whiteness' by the j$ws and Zionist is Fear. The fear that their plan for total World domination by only a handful of Chosen Peoples. Is being curtailed by the White's Brain Trust. The Zionist ability to keep the Middle East in constant turmoil cannot be replicated here in the West. The Muslim can be controlled by the Zionist, by using Arab against Arab, because of their radical religious beliefs. Here in America and the West, religions don't play that big a part anymore, while in the Middle east religion is everything. The Zionist tried their best to start Race wars within America, with Ferguson Mo., planned Racial uprising. But because of the White Brain Trust superior knowledge, that never happened. It's like plucking Chickens for the Zionist to keep the Middle East in turmoil. The White Brain Trust, now that's a different animal.

Funny and true story how I meet professor Gary Bitter from ASU. I'd been called by a general contractor. I'd not done work for, in years. He said he had this new project here in Scottsdale. And that someone who had decades of electrical experience would be needed. That would be me of course!!! I meet him at the address given, it was a gated community. My first thought was, 'this is where they will lock me up next'. You see I'd notice over the years, how where I worked was controlled. I even took one of my sons to meet (witness) with Dr. Ruth McKinley Hoover (John Mack, Harvard, Abduction). I wanted to know from her why I was so controlled. I'd meet with Ruth when the Crescent 'C' first appeared on my right shoulder. Ruth was more interested in getting me to attend her private group of UFO Experiences folks or Abductees. Even offered to, as she said in front of my son, 'I'm going to make you famous'. The rest is history, as the general contractor was kicked off the project for poor supervision and I took over his responsibility including my own electrical repairs to said house. Gary and I became good friend and he once said to me. 'I'd love to have you come talk to my students with your knowledge, problem is'. He never finished his statement and the answer would have be 'reprimanded' by ASU for having me talk to his student.

"God" bless


PS: "Alien"

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