Sunday, March 29, 2015

"In Your, Make Believe World"

Your Make Believe president, with his Make Believe, wife and children. Your Make Believe money, with no true value. Your Make Believe skies, with their clouds of Cotton Candy. Your Make Believe food, GMO and filled with chemicals. Your Make Believe music and movies, that only have one function, control. Your Make Believe wars, with their Make Believe enemies. I could go, on and on, sad isn't it? This is today's reality and looking out my dinning room window I see what appears to be every Chem-trail plane in America, over central Arizona today. Big wide white trails in the skies, even one with a curve in it. Who ever is behind the spraying, makes no effort to even disguise it anymore. It's like everything else in today's World, 'what ya gonna do about it mister'? The ones with the Gold and Guns rule by force, not by kindness. They could care less about everyone's opinions.

In the new Make Believe World, on one hand the 'powers' are doing their best to create WWIII with Russia. On the other hand, and agreement between Russia and America to build a new Space Station was just signed. In the new Make Believe World, ISIS was created overnight, via the controlled media. In the Make Believe World, be-headings come right to your living room. This is part of Your Mind Control, to bring anger to you, upset you, give you a 'wow moment'. In this new Make Believe World, precious metals such as Gold and Silver prices are manipulated by the Federal Reserve worthless Notes (US Dollars). In the Make Believe America, the Federal Reserve has nothing to do with the government of America. it is owned by private banksters. Who charge 6% interest for their printed dollars with nothing to back them except the American military might. A perfect example of this make Believe World. Is when banksters can have the U.S. military moved into any country who doesn't go along with the Central Banking systems of the 'powers'.

Saddam Hussein and Omar Kadafi  believed they were outside the grasp of the 'powers' Make Believe World. And wanted no part of the Federal Reserve type banking system in their respective countries. The both of them did much for the citizens of the countries. Tried to share the countries wealth with the citizens. These accusations of humanity, got the both of them killed. In this Make Believe World, a country's wealth is stolen from the country and put in the hands of only a few. Never to be shared with the citizens of the country. Like the Coal being mined in the Four Corners region of America. This coal goes for the production of electricity that is sent south and west into SoCal. Is all the Hopi and Navajo get from their coal is polluted skies. Their was a Make Believe contract with Peabody Coal, saying plenty of jobs would soon coming fourth. These were Make Believe jobs for the local Native Americans.

Americans were told that the Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) would bring plenty of jobs to America. Is all this Make Believe agreement did, was to rob Americans of the factories and plants. Now in the Make Believe, your government wants nothing but good for it's citizens. Thousands of troops are being deployed throughout the western states in a Mock War. This Make Believe operation is a test like the Boston Bombing was, to see how far Americans can be pushed. The Make Believe bombing in Boston showed that the citizens of Boston were willing to let police officers without warrants into folks home to search for a Make Believe murder. And one of the so-called Make Believe bomber is now on trial in Massachusetts. 911, the Make Believe America is under attack, change America and the World forever. This opened the door to continues war throughout the World in the name of defending America from the Make Believe terrorist.

Yes everything is now up-side down in the Make Believe World of today. Nothing you hear or see from the controlled media can be trusted. The News is all Make Believe, meant to control and not inform anymore. Soon America will elect a new Make Believe president. This Make Believe I was really elected president, will be Selected not Elected. The make Believe elections, will bring the emotions out of millions of Americans, in their Make Believe World. Your new Make Believe candidates will come from families, long associated with the Make Believe power structure of the World. You are told from childhood that anyone can be president in the Make Believe America. But in reality, is couldn't be farther from the truth. As all elected presidents of America have been connected via blood-lines from day one. So soon another Bush or Clinton will be president of Make Believe free America. You can Make Believe your a free America, then try leaving the country without permission.

Water the second most important thing you put in your body after the air you breath. Should come from Natural sources such as a Spring bubbling up from the ground. As I've posted before, I'd make trips 4 or 5 "Times" a year to Oak Creek north of Sedona for my drinking and cooking water. I've now found a closer location, thanks to someone posting this link on GLP   You can look up the closest Natural Spring with this map, anywhere in the World. So much is being done to shorten the lives of all citizens of the World. It is up to the individual to defend one's self from this onslaught of Death from the 'powers'. You can't change the air you breath when you venture out, but you surly can defend yourself with what you take into your body. As I've written before, 'what part of their trying to Kill you, don't you understand!!!'

Eloy Health Clinic

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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