Saturday, April 4, 2015

"A Cycle of Mankind, Returning Inside Gaia"

The Hopi have a Tales of the Evil People who inhabited inside Mother Earth 'Gaia'. And that's why the Hopi escaped to the surface of Gaia. The 'Hopi Emergence Tale', talks of how the Hopi used a hollow Reed to escape to the surface of Gaia.  Now here thousands of years later. The Evil Peoples who rule the surface of the Earth, are now preparing for their return to inside Gaia.

Are the Evil Leaders on the surface of Gaia today? The ancestors of  Evil Leaders who chased the ancient Hopi to the surface originally? The idea a few ruling elite families going back for generations, ruling Gaia is not that far fetched. In fact you can do the research, you'll see that almost all of the president of America are Blood Related. (even Obummer) What the 'powers' are preparing for could be a giant uprising, if the financial system collapses all of a sudden. Or maybe the 'powers' are preparing for a massive CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) from the Sun. One thing for sure, the 'powers' know that every so often. Mankind gets wiped off the surface of Gaia.

The Hopi Tales talk of how mankind is living currently in the Fourth World. And that the previous Three Worlds were destoyed by "God Taiwa" via Gaia's local "God" 'Sotuknang'. The reason for the destruction of the previous three Worlds. Mankind had wonder away from the plans for their lives by "Taiwa". Much of mankind had become evil and only a few held on to the Traditional Hopi Ways. In today's World you have much the same situation. As the World's leaders have turned against the 'Laws of  Nature and Humanity'. Evil World leaders could care lees for the Spiritual needs of the citizens of the World. The 'powers' currently only understand Greed and Power. With what ever happens to humanity doesn't matter. If mankind does not awaken to what is being done to them currently and revolt. Then once again "God Taiwa" will instruct 'Sotuknang' to destroy the surface of Gaia, along with it's evil inhabitants.

Americas try and hide behind the fact that America is no longer the World's leader in humanity and peace. Now that American has been taken over by some vicious soulless leaders. Who have turned America into a Monster of Death. Americans can say, 'it's the government' doing all the evil things to the rest of the World. The fact is, sitting on your hands and saying nothing to stop the Murdering, makes you a part of the Murder and Destruction. Until America is returned to a loving country Filled with Peace. Their is Blood on all Americans hands. Today Israel is killing innocent women and child in the Arab World. This is being done with American supplied weapons. Weapons of Death built and supplied by the American government with America citizen's tax dollars. You drive the 'get-a-way' car in a robbery and someone gets kill, your guilty of Murder also. Americans are not pulling the triggers that kill the innocent, they just built the guns and ammo. America tax dollars will pay the mercenary's wages of Blood.

One thing for sure, DUMBs are certainly in place if needed. For the ruling families and their support to go directly underground in a moments notice. And to let the remaining peoples on the surface to fight it out amongst themselves. Those who made plans for such a disaster to happen. Will soon be those under attack from those who didn't prepare. While those underground, soon turn on each other. Greed and Power will follow the elite into their underground bunkers. And will this final destruction of Gaia and her inhabitants? No matter if on the surface or underground. Bring about the Fifth World of the Hopi and the 'Spiritual Being' mankind truly is?

Isn't Easter all about the Resurrection from Death or the Underground? Isn't Easter and the Tale of Jesus's Resurrection, just another version of the Hopi Emergence Tale. After all Jesus was forced from his World, because of the Evil that surrounded Jesus himself? The Christian World is told to believe in the Resurrection of Jesus, that saved them from an eternity of suffering? Jesus arose from underground to live again. Thus saving all of mankind!!! The Humble Hopi arose from underground to live again also. Like all ancient tales from around the World, their all some how connected. Only the names and locations of the  characters have changed. Jesus may just be another Word for Hopi, Peaceful.

Just as Leon Russel said in this song (1970) 'Roll Away the Stone'.  'What will they do in Two Thousand Years', without the tale of 'Jesus Emergence Tale'. Where would the World be today without the Humble Hopi emerging from inside Gaia??? Happy Easter, you Christians just might celebrating the Hopi, who are You.

"God" Bless


PS: "Time" "Aliens"

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