Sunday, April 19, 2015

"Step Right Up, Free Vaccinations"

Ever wonder why, so many different type stores (drug stores, grocery store, Wal-Mart, etc.)  offering Free Vaccinations. Didn't Bill Gates say something about population control with Vaccinations?  Why does a child need over 40 different types of vaccinations by age 2? Why were their no major disease type plaques in America, before mass vaccination? Why are so many states trying to pass legislation that makes Vaccinations mandatory, for children to even be Home Schooled? Currently in California 'state bill SB 277' would make it mandatory for all children attending either public or private schools, to be vaccinated. No child would be exempt, no matter the religious or personal beliefs. The 'Bottom Line', total and absolute control over everyone's child after birth.

From inception to death, the 'powers' want total control over the masses. And what better way of control, than by a weakened society from vaccination applied before age 2!!! A life filled with illnesses and pain, from harmful vaccinations at childhood. Just as the Student Loan program is being used to  enslave the brightest child right out of high school. The mass inoculation of the children will have the same effect. A society of children, who's learning abilities have been compromised forever. And a dumbed down society will never rise up against those who enslave them. Look how enslaved Americas are today, without ever even noticing how much of a slave they are. You keep telling the citizenry they are free over and over, they tend to buy into the concept. America children run off to some foreign land and kill the innocent. Why, because they have been programmed into thinking they are bringing democracy and freedom. When in fact the soldiers are less free than a slave, especially an enlisted man. The dumbing of America, starts at birth and continues through high school, via the Public Education. Give your child the Gift of Life and Home School your children.

The public school system and the soon to be all over America, mandatory vaccinations. Will have an American country with nothing but Mind controlled citizens. Who's ability to reason properly and in a Spiritual way, will be loss forever. As I've written often, it's all about your 'Soul'. The 'powers' want your Soul, your Life. And most gladly offer their Souls to those who want nothing but to control. Volunteer to kill someone who has done no harm to you, you offered your Soul. And with an America society that has lost their ability to reason. The children run off to die in some foreign country. Throwing away their Souls. With never knowing what a Spiritual Being they truly were.

One of the best arguments against mass inoculation is. 'If your child is inoculated against most known contagious diseases and my child isn't, then, what's the worry on your part?' All the recent news about the deadly new Measles strain going around, trying to force parent to inoculate their children for Measles. In my generation, everyone got Measles and no one thought the better of it. Of the vaccination created to combat the Measles. No children died from contacting the Measles, yet 108 children died from the Measles vaccination. Just one more  proof of what is being done to the children of America. And the craziest part of the Mandatory Vaccination program in America. The fact that the company providing the Deadly Vaccinations that harmed your child, cannot be sued for Damages or the death of your Child. In my generation, how many children came down with Polio from the Polio vaccinations? Look no further than the 'Georgia Guidestones' To understand what the future of American and the rest of the World's population is. Wars of Genocide are not killing the citizens fast enough for the 'powers'. The only way to curb the World's population without mass spraying, is through Vaccinations from birth, that limits one ability to live to enjoy their retirement years. The fact that most of the World's population under 30 years old. Will never see my age, FACT!!!

Hitler's birthday is, 20 April 1889 and Monday Hitler would have been 126 years old. That is if he's truly dead. The Hitler that most Americans and the rest of the World has been propagandized over the years. Is far different than the true Hitler that brought Germany back from the brink of disaster after WWI.  In 1938 Hitler was Time Magazine's 'Man of the Year'. The fact is the Axis of Powers hated the German people and their leader for being so far advanced from the rest of the World's population. Look today after being bombed into ruination during WWII. And the fact that president Dwight David Eisenhower order the death through starvation of over 1 million German soldiers who surrender the end of WWII. Yet today, the Germans have the strongest money in Europe and the World knows. That if you want something made of quality, it will have stamped on it, 'Made in Germany'. Not America, not England, not China, not Japan or any other country in the World. Like everything else that has been taught the children in the American public school system. The guys with the biggest guns write history, the way they want the rest of the World to see it.

You know, Hitler was a vegetarian and the first to bring about the fact that smoking was bad for the citizens of Germany. Created Laws against Animal Cruelty. Drowned and saved just like me as a child. Many of Hitler's generals were j$ws. Nominated for a Nobel Prize in 1939. Push a few buttons and once again, most everything you have been taught if you are an American, 'Is A Big Fat Lie!!!'

Visited the Hopi Carvers and recorded them for History.  The crowds were small, unlike other years. Maybe Hopi "Time" has come  and gone, like most other things. The view counts on my Hopi Carver vids have steadily gone down hill from the first year I recorded the Carvers. Everything goes in cycles and that's the 'Laws of Nature'. Most of the Carver all know me now and it makes it easier to stick my video camera in the Carver's faces. Hopefully in June, I'll make a recording from on top of Walpi First Mesa. Walpi is mostly Tewa and not Hopi. As the Tewa were escaping the Spaniards in New Mexico and settled on First Mesa. Just a reminder the Hopi Homeland is filled with Tewa tribal members.

Flat Earth???

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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