Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Flat Earth, Hollow Earth?"

Before you start to laugh, Columbus thought the Earth was also Flat. But great effort has been put forth to prove Columbus was wrong and the Earth is a round ball floating in space. In fact the only imagine ever taken of the Earth from space is from Apollo 17 Mission on 7 December 1972, 'The Blue Marble'.  Imagine look a little faked? The Christian bible says over and over that the Earth is indeed a Flat Circle. Native American as well as biblical reference say that the Earth is held-up by 4 ropes or leather straps.

Native American tales talk of the Four Corners of the Earth, the Christian bible agree with those tales. Here are some example from the Christian bible.

Rev. 7:1  After these things I saw four Angles standing on 'four corners of the Earth'

Isaiah  40:22   'He sits enthroned above the Circle of Earth, and it's people are like Grasshopper.'

Job 37:33  'He unleashes his lightning beneath the whole heaven and sends it to the ends of the Earth'.

Job 38:44 'Where were you when I laid the Earth's foundation? Tell me if you know who marked off it's dimensions?'

Job 38:13 'That might take hold of the ends of the Earth, that the wicked might be shaken out of it'.

Psalm  104:5 'He sat the Earth on it's foundation, it can never be moved.'

Ecclesiastes 1:5 'The Sun rises and the Sun sets, and hurries back to where it rises'.

Jeremiah 16:19 'The Gentiles shall come unto thee from The Ends of the Earth;. (Hopi 'End Times Tale')

Is mankind possibly living in a, Snow Globe? With the edge all around, a wall of Ice? Admiral Richard E. Byrd and his South Pole Expedition  Next "Time" your outside and Chem-trails are being laid down. Notice they go flat from horizon to horizon, no curvature of the Earth in play. Here in the southwest where you can see the chem-trails for hundreds of miles. They are indeed, flat from horizon to horizon.

Was a Hollow Earth a ancient Tale? Yes the idea of a Flat Earth preceded any concepts of a Round Spherical ball. Mesopotamia believed the Earth was a floating disc in the Ocean. Homeric 8th century BC, accounts for water surround the body of Earth. Pyramid Texts and Coffin Texts say that the ancient Egyptians believed a body of water surrounded a body of dry land. Homer and Hesiod believed in the Flat Disk cosmology. Buddhist cosmology states that the Earth is a Flat Disk, consisting of four continents around a central mountain. Ancient Germanic and Norse peoples believed in a Flat Earth cosmology. Ancient Chinese thought the Earth was a square with a round heaven above. Sumerian and Babylonian civilizations believed in the Flat Earth concept.  Aristotle presented in 330 BC evidence that the Earth was a Spherical Body. By describing the Constellations were higher sky in the southern hemisphere.

Byrd was looking for an entrance to the Hollow Earth. The Hopi tried several "Times" to reenter Gaia in the Hopi Back Door to the North tale. That was rebuffed by Ice and Snow. In there attempt to reenter the Hollow Earth. Here is a link to Byrd's supposed Diary that was released after his death. When Admiral Byrd returned from the South Pole expedition. he was confronted by his superior officer. When Byrd told of his amazing encounter with advanced civilization of Giant Blonds living inside the Earth. He was told never to revel any of the what he had encounter on his South Pole expedition. 'Byrd's flight log from South Pole Expedition' (released after his death)  Here is a series of vids showing the Flat Earth concept.   Flat Earth Clue

Between 1946 and 1947 retired admiral Byrd was put in charge of 'Operation Highjump'. Another expedition to the South Pole. Task Force 68 consisted of 4,700 troops, 13 ships and multiple aircraft. The mission was to re-establish an American research base called 'Little America'.  (movie) 'The Secret Land, Operation Highjump'  Anyway that was the American claimed. To others it seemed more like a military invasion of Antarctica. There were rumor that several of the Germany's Nazis leaders had establish a bases on Antarctica and Argentina. And their were accounts that 250,000 German troops could not be accounted for after WWII. And on 5 March 1947 Admiral Byrd made this statement. 'It was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defense measures against hostile regions'. Byrd said,' he didn't want to frighten one unduly, but that it was a bitter reality that in case of a new war the continental  United States would be attacked by flying objects (UFOs?) which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speed'.

During 'Operation Highjump' several America sailors were killed, U. S. Navy citing accident as the causes. But in other reports, their were military battles between the U.S. forces and a unidentified combatant. Upon Byrd's return from Antarctica he was hospitalized and not allowed to hold anymore press conferences. In 1955 Byrd was put in charge of 'Operation Deepfreeze'. Part of a International Geophysical Exploration of Antarctica. Byrd died in 1957 and many speculate he was murdered. Just as his old boss Secretary of Defense James Forrestall was. Who was put in Bethesda Naval Hospital metal wing, where he supposedly jumped to his death. Byrd and Forrestall both agreed about the new UFO phenomenon and were both some how oddly killed off. Only months after the Roswell incident, it was Forrestall who put together 'Operation Highjump'. Putting Byrd in charge of the operation. You can spend days on this subject and this was to get the research juices going. The more I dive into this subject, the deeper  the Rabbit Hole gets. Just one more oddity about all of this. In 1959 3 of Chili's largest news papers wrote that. A UFO "Alien" encounter had happened and the pilots of the UFOs appeared to be German looking. Germany was know for the 'Nazi Bell', a Nazi Flying Saucer project.

"God" bless on this rainy Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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