Sunday, May 3, 2015


I mentioned before about my invite to bid on the Lighting and Final Power/Trim Electrical of 'Our Lady of Sorrows' Catholic church. Located where it will have the most converts and regular followers, south Phoenix. Which is mainly Latin American. The church knows which side the 'butter is on'. The church is being built with donations as they come in to finance the project. It was a 'feather in my cap' to even been invited to bid on such a sophisticated Electrical Lighting System. And I'm sure I had to be at the top, with the most experience of the Electrical Contractors bidding the project. DMG was the General Contractor and I'd stood behind a bad bid in Eloy with them, to the final product.

Their is a an old saying in electrical bidding, 'never bid anything, you haven't first visited'. And Eloy was living proof of that fact. I'd already made one trip to visit the church job site, but needed another look before bid day. Their is one incredible marble Pulpit that is the mainstay of the project. This incredible Marble Tower rises 30 feet above the concrete floor and 12 by 12 feet square, minimum. With full sized hand carved marble Gargoyles on all four corners at the top. On my second visit I noticed what looked to be a Gold Plated door about 12 inches by 12 inches being place very carefully in the front of the marble pulpit. I could only guess that is was for, donations, but that is only speculation. One thing for sure, the Catholic church sure knows how to influence it's followers. After all it's like all organized religions, their all just 'Dog and Pony Show'. Selling parishioners their own 'Souls' back to them for money and labor. And the Catholics are the Kings of this, with the Mormons a close second (Just visit a Mormon Temple some day.).

As Catholic churches go, 'Our lady of Sorrows' is relatively small. But the glitz is all their, just the same. As I walked around, seeing how to install the electrical in a structure that was basically complete. I'd noticed at the front church entrance, their stood a figure in the light, illuminated by the Sun. It was the main Padre for the church I believe. Their he stood, surrounded by the streaming light from the Sun. If you ever wanted to paint a picture that would have an major effect on the uneducated masses. A picture of that Padre in full Robe, standing in the Sun Light of the massive Cathedral door was a winner. The Padre must have stood their a minimum of 4 or 5 minutes as if posing. Hell it even had an effect on my old ass, then I realized. He knew what he was doing and I'm sure he was trained to use such props such as the Sunlight and cathedral door. I could just imagine the uneducated masses leaving the cathedral looking up at the Padre, and what a great effect it would have on them. Here in the Cathedral doorway, was a man they believed, that could deliver them from Hell itself.

And with all the terrible things done to Natives of all the Americas, all is forgiven. 300+ years later in the Americas. For the Latins of the Americas are still prime recruiting territory for the Catholic church. While the rest of the World slowly turns their back on the church. And with the Catholic church sitting on enough Gold, money and assets to feed all the World's hungry. Yet the church still steals their followers money and labor. Always reminding the following, 'what sinners they are'. No different than World leaders constantly blaming the World's population, for the World's woes.

Al 'the terrible' Gore, 'punish climate-change deniers'. Remember when it was called 'Global Warming', not that long ago? Just another puppet whore, Al is. Doing as his masters have instructed, just like all the actors who dare call themselves 'World Leaders'. Like the Catholic church, it's all about taking your hard earned money, via a Global Carbon Tax. Money for nothing, is the Global Warming agenda. Agenda 21 wants you dead and Global Warming BS is all about making sure your broke before death. You see it's mankind's fault that the air and water is polluted. Not those who gave mankind these ancient polluting industries and transportation. Here a 100 years later, still driving around with internal combustion engines. Still burning Coal and Oil for power generation. Using uranium rods to boil water, to generate electricity. With a waste product that has millions of years to break-down. Mankind has been forced (brainwashed) into this Self-hating individuals. With all the World's problem because of mankind crap, BS.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news about the economy, but somethings up. I bid only government funded electrical project. And I usually get a few a month to look at and decide which to bid on. I have not had plans to look at for the last three months, nada, none!!! Seems strange that all the towns and county project in the metro Phoenix stop getting funding at once. With some of the new construction monies coming from federal funds and some some local governments funds. Here all at once, both stop. Makes you wonder just how far is the reach of the 'Hand', of those in 'power'? All the way down to the bottom of the government control  systems, from top to bottom. Kinda makes me wonder.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams and soft landings.


"Time", "Aliens"

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