Sunday, May 10, 2015

"The Split at Orayvi"

Hopi History is a refection of past and future Histories. And if anyone could interpret the ancient Hopi Dances, you would see they are "Time" Machines. What you had on Orayvi over 100 years ago, appears to be coming to America and the World. Those who  want to stay in the Old Ways, they feel comfortable with . And those that what to impose their idea, of what is best for the Masses. Your basic, New verses Old conflict. To the Hopi, the Christians first arrived with the Spaniard soldiers, the priest soon followed. Arrived to imprison the Hopi, with their form form of Christian dogma. The priests had the Spaniards guns to impose their will on the humble Hopi. Soon the Hopi were fighting amongst themselves. Those willing to throw  away thousands of years of Hopi History. And those who said no, that's what you have today. A fine line between the priest holding the Spaniard's guns to the Hopi heads. Than what you currently have in America today. Reminder Obummer, 'I'm good at killing people'.

In America today you have those, who are more than willing to follower their currents masters into the NWO. Then you have the educated masses who want no part of the NWO's plans. The Hopi of the past would never kill one another. So a shoving Match was arranged on Orayvi. In the America today, killing one another is no problem. The losers of the shoving match would leave the village of Orayvi peacefully and settle in the Hotevilla/Bacavi area to the west. In America their will be no shoving match. Bloodshed will fill the nation. As the 'powers' have done a masterful job of dividing the American population. You will have those in America, who will defend their imprisonment to their deaths. While those who realize what is being done to them, is armed to the hilt. This is a perfect scenario for the 'powers'. Because 'divide and conquer' are their best weapon against being over thrown by the educated masses. Just as the Zionist have turned the World against the German peoples. The same has been done to the educated masses of America. For the educated American masses are armed and see what is being done to their freedoms.

The 'powers' hope of a race war will never happen. And if their was a race war, it would be a short one. For the educated masses mainly White, are prepared for such an event. The Blacks need to turn their attention to the police, who have been programmed to mistrust all Blacks. Then to their Zionist masters who keep the Blacks under control, via non-education. An uneducated person is much easier to control than and educated one. That is the main reason for the dumbing down of Americas and the rest of the World's population. And because the mainly White population of America that is educated. And as long as your White American population is so well armed. it is Stalemate for the 'powers'. The 'powers' know disarming Americas, is their only obstacle for complete power of all the masses of the World.

How will the educated masses be disarmed? Maybe Jade Helm is a test run. To let the population to get use to the idea of armed American troops in the streets. Then once the masses feel comfortable with the troops always nearby. Then the next step will be the troops entering Americans homes to remove the mostly the White population's weapons. Citing the idea of civilian citizens being able kill the troops, now stationed in the communities. It's always one drip at a "Time", that is how the masses are conditioned to changes. Look how long it took to destroy Americans morals for the most part. It started with bikinis (two piece) in the 50s, to near complete nudity as the normal now. With almost no one with a tattoo to most of the kids now tattooed to death. To one of the healthiest nations in the World, to one of the most unhealthy. A country who once had the longest living population to one that is obese and dying of Cancers of every type. A country with a worst 'death birth rate' than most 3rd World Countries. America a drip at a "Time", will been brought to their collective knees. Like the Split on Orayvi, caused by the Christian church dividing the ancient Hopi peoples. Today folks are being brainwashed the same way. Dividing those who are educated and do not want to become even more of a Slave. To the uneducated who are willful followers to their death  and total enslavement from Birth to Death. Every country that the citizens have been disarmed, has not  turned out to well, China, Russia, etc.. With the citizens unable to defend themselves from their own governing powers. Those not willing to follow, are soon removed and eliminated.

Jade Helm 15 will be starting in 15 July and run through 15 September. it will be the largest such type military exercise ever attempted. The reason given for such a large operation, is to prepare the U.S. military for operations in similar conditions around the World. But with American troop stationed all around the World anyway, this explanation makes no sense. American troops have invaded over 70 countries, like the military needs practice. Their is an American military presences in over 150 countries around the World. Jade Helm is a test, but not for the reasons given. To me just another drop in the bucket for World control by a few at the top. A NWO test run you could call it. Others call it the beginning of 'Martial law'. For when was the last "Time" your government, no matter where you live. Ever did anything positive for their own citizens? Meanwhile, Nel's being tied to the Railroad Tracks!!!

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweat dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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