Saturday, May 23, 2015

"Memorial Day"

Originally called 'Decoration Day', is a day to honor those who died or wounded defending America. Now that lie is coming home to roost. History is always written by the most powerful, and not necessarily the truth. The American system would want the nation to believe that the American military is always their to protect the citizens of America. When in fact, America has been the most aggressive country in history. A total of 70 countries have been invaded by American forces, not to mention the Genocide of over 14 million Native Americans. Their are American troops stationed in 150 countries throughout the globe. Does this sound like a passive country only wanting to live in Peace with their neighbors? The gig is up and what the World has known forever about America. The citizens of America are finally awaking to the truth, we must all Hope. How powerful is the propaganda machine?

The propaganda machine in America is so powerful and established. The day after the 911 attacks (False Flag), tens of thousands of America kids. Ran right down to their local military recruiter and enlisted, including one of my sons.The fact I was an old war protester from the Nam era had no effect on him. That is just how powerful the system of propaganda is in America. Families have been divided for a reason and the systems influence on the children instead of a strong central family shows why. What mother or father would want their "God" given child to be either killed or dis-formed, physically or mentally? Without some great outside power, pushing the parents into believing that America is in great danger and the sacrifice of your children is a necessity. But America is full of proud parents who spend the first 18 years of their child's life protecting and nourishing. Only to let the child be turned into Canon Fodder at age 19!!! Look how the returning Vets today are classified as Domestic Terrorist. But when they were children growing up. America needed the child to be a future worrier of America, glorifying everything about murder, death and plunder. The media is currently full of the Hero Worship of those so willing to die for corporation profits. Raise that child, then watch the 'powers' destroy your child's life. That is the America way, don't you understand!!!

One of the main goals of all these Worldwide attacks has been the Genocide of the White race. Making White Americas look like some sort of Murderous Monster is part of the plan. One of the main reason most Americas are so hated by the rest of the World. You see it everywhere now, the hatred for the White American Race, all accomplished with a well oiled and financed propaganda machine. The saddest part is the fact that the White America via their taxes, is paying for the own demise. And the poor American population is so dumbed down, they are currently at war with almost all of Israel's enemies. The last giant part of that puzzle is Iran. Honor the military they say, for what?

As a Nam era Vet, that was hated by a nation, with even my own brothers and sister turning against me during those hatred years of America. I now see the 'powers' constantly glorifying the military and then in a heart-beat turning against the same Vet as he returns home from active duty overseas. The 'powers' now have no use for the Vet who has been trained to kill. And some day when that Vet wakes-up and sees what has been done to their lives. The 'powers' are in fear of that well trained killer, turning on them. That is why the Vets must be destroyed upon return from active military duty. Like stale bread, the Vets are ignored and persecuted all at once. Yet one day a year, you get Memorial Day to honor those who have fallen. Hypocritical America at it's finest. It has always been this way, but Americas do not want to accept this simple fact. The American population are PAWNS to greater hidden power.

Your life has no value, other than to be no more than a Pawn, in a much greater picture. So get up, go to work and pay your taxes to the military machine that rules America. Get pissed off, then leave, oh I forgot, you must first ask permission to leave (passport). You are a Spiritual Being that has been turned into a Material Being, bottom line.

Some facts to go along with this 'America Constantly at War'. Not including Vaccinations to Third World countries children. America via their military war machine constantly killing since the 40s, is responsible for the Deaths of 1.3 billion citizens Worldwide (Hiroshima, Nagasaki, etc.). And how many future generation's of children's birth defects. In counties such as Iraq, Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries. That have been shelled with depleted Uranium munitions since all the Gulf Wars started? Not to mention all the lives still being destroyed from the spraying of Agent Orange during Nam. This is not White 'Joe Six Pac' organizing this. This is not Americans, just trying to get by with a job (just over broke) they hate. This is a much larger sinister Monster that rules America, maybe from day one (Native American Genocide). The face the World see's is a White face, Cheney, Bushes, Hellery Clinton, Perry, I could go on and on. These are the White faces the World hates, this is no coincidence. All part of Genocide of the Whites, while the j$ws scream, 'remember the holocaust'. So Happy Memorial Day weekend, a lot said for stupidity of the poor American pawn. Thinking that such a day meant what they have been propagandized to believe. In reality, Happy Pawn Day weekend.

"God" bless

PS: "Aliens"

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