Sunday, May 31, 2015

"Back To Hopi"

That "Time" of year again, a grounding "Time" for me. I always look forward to my summer trips back up to the Hopi Homeland. On the same token, they can be very painful. I feel so much for the Hopi peoples and the plight they now face on a growing extreme pace. Fore what is being done to the rest of the World's population, is also happening to the Hopi children. Throwing away the Old Traditions and welcoming the future Reality, is now moving at a great pace. The plan to push everyone onto concrete jungles called cities. Is like a oil tanker that cannot be stopped and about to run into the dock. As isolated as the Hopi Homeland is, their is no escape now. The Hopi children now all have their devices they look to for answers. Instead of to the Hopi Elders for answers. The Hopi children are pushed each morning to their public schools. To where they are taught that the old ways are to be replaced by the New Hopi. The New Hopi with ancient belief systems long lost from the constant propaganda in the public school system. The New Hopi generation minds, lost in the bombardment of, 'new is better'.

With only three villages of, Orayvi (Old Oraibi), Hotevilla (small part), and Moenkopi (near Tuba City) still practicing the ancient ways. You can clearly see how ancient Hopi ways have deteriorated. If the Hopi 'Long Lost White Brother' (Pahana) walked into almost any village now. No one unless an Elder in their 80s would even know the Hopi Tale of the 'Long Lost White Brother'. Let alone recognize the importance and meaning of 'Pahana's' return. And if the End "Times" are close, then 'Pahana' cannot be far away, "Time" wise.

I'll always remember the first "Time" I walked into Orayvi, a sort of Peace came over me. I felt comfortable, at home some how. That was 20+ years ago and much has changed for me. Mainly due to the influences the Hopi ways, that have reintroduced me too my Spirit. Lost Spiritually and not knowing my identity, Lonnie and Patrick acted as if they knew I was coming to there village of Orayvi. Lonnie was carving the 'Flute Player' Kachina Doll (I own now). While Patrick Lanza who's great grandfather was a past chief of Orayvi, carved on his Kachina Doll. Those two, on that Hopi afternoon, changed my life for ever. Within hours of that first encounter on Orayvi, I was taken to several secret sites of the Hopi on Orayvi. I was invited to come live with Lonnie and Patrick on Orayvi. What did the two of them know, I didn't??? With me hardly knowing anything about Hopi ways both past and presence. I was only drawn to the Hopi because of the 'Stone'. If not for finding the 'Stone', then I would still be lost. Maybe to wander my entire life, where do I fit. Lonnie and Patrick had no doubt who I was. They even built me my own Outhouse on Orayvi. That's how sure they were, I'd be coming back to live with them on Orayvi. 911 change all my plans and most of the World's also. I would miss a few years visiting the Hopi.

This journey back I want to make a vid on Walpi, First Mesa. With the guys who operate Walpi Studios on Walpi. And spend some "Time" with Lonnie  to learn more Hopi history. This year, Lonnie wants to take me to some spots I'd never seen on the North face of Orayvi. I'll buy a couple more of Lonnie's drawing for my collection of his prints. Also to give folks an idea of how different thing are on the Hopi rez. I'll set my camera up and record thhe main road passing through Hopi at White bear Gallery. I'd made a vid at White bear last year, but it never had the feel I wanted to it. Maybe just showing the silence of the rez will have the effect I want. Haven't talked to Ahkima since our last meeting and recordings.  He had indicated that the last vid would be his last. So it is up to him, if he wants to do more. His vids still get plenty of hits and comments.

I think I've been to every village except Ahkima's for a Kachina Dance (that hold Kachina Dances). So that part of learning Hopi is complete. As I've said before, 'those Dances are "Time" Machines'. Thousands of years of Hopi history is their to be unlocked in the ancient Hopi Kachina Dances. Their are no words to describe a Hopi Sunday Morning. The Sun comes screaming up, to lighten up the yellow color of the Hopi rez. The brightest yellow you have ever seen, as far as the eye can see. Their is a eerie feeling to a Sunday morning in Hopi. The brightness and quietness is almost scary. You can be driving somewhere on the rez and you will be the only one on the road. It's as if all Hopi are still waiting to awaken with the Kachina "Gods". You get the feeling, this place is for the Hopi and their ancient ancestors. And Sunday is held in a moment of Peace for the departed. For the thousands of years the Hopi have occupied this little spot in the World.

 The Hopi ancestors are buried beneath the Hopi feet. The Hopi walk on their ancestor daily. For their is no where on the Hopi rez that you will not find Hopi bones and pottery shards. The pace is slow, for their is no place to go that looks any different than from where you are standing. The planting fields have been passed down through several generations. A Hopi farmers like Ahkima and others. Could be planting Hopi Blue Corn in the same spot, their ancestor did thousands of years ago. You can just imagine a Hopi farmer planting his corn in the same spot. As his ancestors did while the Great Wall of China was being built. All the things going on around the World for thousands of years. While the Humble Hopi who is where he started, planting his fields. Saying Prayers to the "Gods" for rain and good weather for his plants.

 Thousands of years the Hopi have lived, where they are. With no outside influences. The Spaniards where the first to visit the Hopi in the 1500s. Then came the Catholic missionaries and the rest is history. Whites tried their best to change and hide the Hopi ancestral ways. The Christians took the Hopi children from their parents, put them in boarding schools far away. Forced the Hopi children to learn English by forcing them to learn English by reading the Christian bible. Many Hopi fell to the new ways. But the elder Hopi who clung to the past. Have helped to save the Hopi ways today, what's left of them. "Time" will tell if all will be lost. For the 'powers' have plans for the 'scared lands' of the Hopi that does not include the Hopi. Can the Hopi be enslaved, like the rest of humanity is falling into? Their are a few like Ahkima trying to save the old ways. But how much longer will the Hopi be able to resist the outside onslaught??? Back too the Hopi rez I go, will I end up dying there???

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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