Sunday, June 14, 2015

"Still Here"

Planned on spending weekend birthday with the Hopi once again. But here I still am at home on a Sunday, 2 weeks later. Finishing up 'Mesa Counts on College', and starting another called 'Foothill Village' for the City of Phoenix. Finally got my retention payment from the Eloy Medical project. Never got one dime from DNG the general contractor, without first asking for it. Funded government jobs are not suppose to go that way. The jobs are Cash Bonded, so no reason to hold funds from the sub-contractors like me. A little contractor always needs their cash, just to survive. Because the system is not set-up for the Little Guy anymore. America was once built on small Mom and Pop companies to carry the economy. But now in the World of Fascism, where the Little Guy must be stamped out. You have the Home Depots, Walmart's, etc., that the Little Guy can no longer compete with. In construction you still have the Little Guys, but those days are coming to  an end.

When I first started in electrical construction, all the electrical supply houses were owned by individuals. Now only about 3 corporations own all the electrical supply houses. I had to stop getting quotes from two different suppliers, when I realized they were owned by the same Mother Corporation. I'm sure this must be happening to other material supply houses to other trades by now. The takeover of America''s Mom and Pops is almost complete. The media has been corrupted by only a handful of owners now. Try and find a independent hardware store now, (Ace don't qualify). Of course this is all quite inline with the NWO concept. To where all competition has been eliminated. Like an old Johnny Cash song, 'you'll own your Soul, to the Company Store'. You'll work in the Company mine, live in a Company home and buy groceries from the Company Store. And without the mark of the 'Beast', you will be able to do none of the above without your 'Mark'. It's here already, just hidden with your Social Security Number.

Went up to Sedona, Oak Creek last weekend for my water supply. On the way up north I passed a military convoy. Not uncommon here in Arizona, as the National Guard does their exercises during summer months. What was different about this convoy, no markings of what branch of military. This convoy had both Tan and Green camouflage vehicles in it. The only markings I could  find, were crude caulk numbers on the doors, starting with a AZ. This was of course a Jade Helm convoy. As Arizona has been selected as one of the states that are part of the Jade Helm Operation. Jade Helm 15 is suppose to start on the 15 of July and end in September. Tell that to the folks of Flint Michigan, who weren't even suppose to be part of Jade Helm 15 operation. Here is a link to a military exercise in the middle of the night, using an Apache attack helo, on a 20 story building.  Colorado has chosen to not be part of the Jade Helm. So they have opted out. Texas and Utah have both been picked as Hostile states. Texas recently asked for their Gold bullion back from the Federal Reserve, and we all know the Mormons think their above it all. So maybe that is why they have been selected as Hostiles. With all the rumor floating around just what is Jade helm 15. I guess we'll all just wait and see what becomes of all this. I didn't think much of it at first, but who knows now. With the economy crumbling and Americans awaking at a rapid pace now, "Time" will tell as always.

A few Flat Earth facts, as my research continues on this subject. As the Flat Earth topic continues to grow. Some say it's the Flat Earth, is just another psyop. Meant to keep your eye off the ball, your freedoms. Listened to Mark Sargent 'Enclosed World'   on The Edge Broadcast, pretty damn convincing. And the fact that the United Nation's flag, depicts a Flat Earth.  Here is a link to Worldwide Flight Tracker.,120.91/5 You will notice that their are no flights between Australia and South America. If you look at the U.N. Flag Flat Earth, you will see why. Notice that flights in the southern hemisphere are not shown over the oceans. Want to fly from Rio to Melbourne Aus.. Your flight will have a lay-over in L.A. USA. That way it's a straight line from Melbourne to Rio on the UN Flag Flat Earth map. The plot thickens.

"God" willing, I'll be back up too the Hopi next weekend. City of Mesa project complete and only FHV for the City of Phoenix going. The economy has certainly fallen off a cliff here. Still six months and nothing government funded to bid. The faucet has been shut off and the 7 Year Cycle of the economy falling, seems to be true. With the last big downfall in 2008. Hopefully some great vids from Hopi to post next week.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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