Saturday, June 27, 2015

"The World Awaits, Hopi Rebellion"

The Hopi have been considered a Bellwether of future events by many. Well if that is the truth, then Worldwide Rebellion is coming to the World. I learned from my yearly journey too Hopi last weekend, the Hopi have awaken to what is being done to them. The youth can see they have been compromised, the Tribal Hopi Elders cannot be trusted. The Hopi elders of the Tribal Counsel are tied to providing Coal and Water to Peabody Energy. Saying the Hopi are broke and need to continually sell their soul, Coal and Water. Just as in America, the youth's future has been compromised financially. When all the Coal and Water have been all sold off, what is left to be sold, the Land???

Like Ahkima told me last week, we Hopi youth have seen what is being done to Hopi and the rest of the World. I was quite surprised that I've become as Ahkima says, 'famous' on the Hopi rez. I guess all my vids of Hopi have been accepted as good for the Hopi peoples. In fact Ahkima had me do a short video from his phone for other youth on the rez. He wanted to interview me, for a video for the Hopi. I told Ahkima next year we would do a complete video of Ahkima interviewing me for the Hopi peoples. Told him that I was on a square number now, age 68 = 14. And that next summer, he could do his interview for the Hopi peoples.

Ahkima said the Hopi youth want to know what they can do now. I told them the best thing to do was to stop consuming all the crap they don't need. Stop buying all the food stuffs that are filled with poisons. Stop drinking sodas, anything with processed sugars in them. As the Hopi diet of today, was being used against the Hopi youth. That the Hopi youth are being weakened and brainwashed. With a diet of sugars and processed food, that was designed to weaken the Hopi youth (and everybody else) minds. That with a poor diet, the the Hopi will never be able to pull themselves up from where they are presently. For for all the problems you see with the youth of America, Hopi is no different. Maybe the difference is that their are fewer Hopi now. And they can show the rest of the World how to fight back against those in power, who have compromised everyone's lives no mater the race.

Ahkima said the youth wanted to rise up, fight the elders over the direction the Hopi homeland has been taken. I told him that violence would go nowhere and to take a lesson form Putin. Don't be intimidated into a fight you can't possible win. You can win the battle by simply refusing to comply. The Beast rather it be the Hopi counsel members or the Zionist. Your only defense is to not consume, and peaceful protest. The elder will pass and you need to be inline to pickup the pieces. America and the rest of the World are in the same exact boat as the Hopi youth. 'Consumption' is the only thing the 'powers' understand. The 'powers' provide poison food and products and the rest of the World consumes it. Thus the general population is unable to rise up against their corrupted leaders. An overweight and uneducated in the World's ways, are the Hopi youth. Those rezs are only temporary to those who first disposed the Native Americans to reservations. That land and what is under it, do not belong to the Native Peoples. They are only lead to believe it is their lands. But in reality the FBI has jurisdiction on the reservations. The plan by the 'powers' is to eventually have everyone in concrete jungles, as I've written often about.

Divide and Conquer, been working for hundreds of years, why stop now? Ahkima says that tensions are high amongst the Hopi youth and that physical fights erupts during basketball game on the rez now. That before you would never see fights amongst the Hopi youth. I explained this is from all the outside influences from mainly the TV and music now. As this great push is being launched against the public for the 'powers' NWO. And the only way the 'powers' will ever be able to install their One "God", one country BS. Is to have the World's population divided. Told Ahkima that's why all the False Flag Shooting events now. That is why their were race riots in Ferguson and Baltimore and other cities. This is all part of a much larger plan, for World enslavement. Told him to tell the Hopi youth that 911, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing even Pearl Harbor attacks were all 'setups' to drag Americans around. To fight wars with folks, no different than themselves. (Who in the Hell wants to die in a Globalist's war?).

Ahkima and other Hopi youth, said they were finally seeing the j$$$$$$ws as being part of the problem. Explained that the j$$$$$$ws were the hands and arms of the Zionist controllers. Who may have their instructions coming from some sort of 'Off Planet' controller. And that I was not sure who was pushing the Zionist buttons. And that for sure, it was the j$$$$$$ws hands they were seeing doing the dirty work for Money $$$ and the Zionist. Explained to Ahkima that the j$$$$$$ws at the Heard Museum are the one's who put together the annual Hopi Kachina Carvers gathering.   So the j$$$$$$ws at the Heard could profit from the Hopi artist (some things never change). And they could care less for the Hopi Peoples. Told Ahkima that the j$$$$$$ws would like to compare themselves to the Hopi peoples. And that I've attack the j$$$$$$ws for that. That the j$$$$$$ws were more like the Navajo. That the j$$$$$$ws and Navajos wait for others to create, then they steal it.

It was sweet to see the Hopi youth eyes opening to there surroundings and how the Hopi are being exploited. And being asked to be a part of the Hopi Rebellion made me swell with pride. For all the hours and money spent trying to help the Hopi peoples, was noticed. I promised Ahkima I would make a video for the Hopi youth next summer and support the Hopi youth. In fact Ahkima made me swear to the fact that I would make a video for the Hopi youth next summer. "God" bless the Hopi and their new awakenings.

This year Lonnie had his younger brother take me to the petroglyphs located on the east side of Orayvi. I was asked to see these particular petroglyphs on my first visits to Orayvi over 20 years ago. Now I understand the significance of the petroglyphs. I as always, was allowed to photograph the petroglyphs. I would post them on here, except I'm not sure I want to post these one yet. What I found was a petroglyph of the Reed the Hopi used to Emerge from inside the Earth. 7 Round Faces, Spaniards arrival on Orayvi showing a Spaniard on a horse, the Line cut into the Limestone where the Hopi Split occurred. And numerous other petroglyphs from history. I have now been taken to all the sacred sites on Orayvi. I was also taken to a pile of rocks. Under this pile of rocks were several Hopi children, who were buried alive. During an Navajo attacks 100s of years ago. The Hopi hide their children inside a Kiva made of stone. The Navajo realized the children were inside the Kiva and caved in the stone walls, killing the children inside. Here hundreds of years later, every morning, fresh ground Hopi corn is ground and put on the stones that cover the buried Hopi children inside. Hopi, Hopi, Hopi

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

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