Saturday, July 11, 2015

"Mayan Cosmos"

Here is a link to a drawing of the Mayan Cosmos  Been doing more research on the Flat Earth principle. The more I research, the more convinced I'm getting the Earth is truly Flat. Not only Flat but with a Dome over the top. Hate sharing thing from my inner thoughts and conversation with what I call 'Those Above'. But several years ago I asked if I could not return one morning. I was told that I had 'freewill' and I could do as I please, but added, 'we need you down there'. I've been told in a message across my TV screen years ago, 'you have knowledge, share it with others, it will be good  for them'. Who or what is leaving these messages? And why do I feel those who talk to me are 'above'? Starts getting to fall into place, with a controlled environment, such as a Domed Earth. Get the feeling your being watched constantly, I do, so.

Who are the 'Watchers'? Their is no doubt, look around, this Place, was someone's far greater Creation, it's all just to perfect. So want would be mankind's part in this Creation? And is the Creator of 'This' controlled environment, watching? In the Mayan Cosmos, it took three tries to create the current human. Think something or someone might be keeping tabs, hummmmmmm? Earth could be no more or less than a Petri Dish. A Petri Dish for Souls?

Zipacna was the Mayan "God" who created the Mountains on Earth. In a Mayan tale, 400 Boys attempted to kill Zipacna by burying him underground. Being a "God", Zipacna tricked the Boys while they celebrated his death and killed them all. What is most interesting about this Mayan tale is the fact. That the 400 Boys become part of the Constellation named Hundrath. It is a 'Fallen Angle' tale from the Christian bible in reverse. Could all the Stars in the Heavens be Souls from Mother Earth? After all, where do you go when you die, most religions say, 'to the Heavens above'. Hopi tale says that if you are now living in the Fourth World, and you were alive during the previous 3 Worlds. And that your journey through life, you must encounter all Four Worlds, before moving on.

The 'powers' would want you to believe in Darwinism. And that you are no more than a fluke of Mother Nature. When one day, pre-mankind crawled from the oceans, mankind is told. It's all about control of your mind. So if you wanted control of the masses, wouldn't you want those you control, to  think they are mere coincidences? They are uneducated and must be controlled? The BS that Zechariah Sitchin spread for years about mankind being developed from the Monkeys. With the sole purpose to mine gold for the Anunnaki. Falls right in line with the creation of Jesus Christ and the round Earth. To support the Heavens idea, that all are promised if only they follow the strict teachings of Jesus Christ. Could the Earth's Dome be just another type system floating through Space? And what is Space, do we really know? What does anyone really know anyway? Just what did Admiral Byrd really find at the supposed South Pole?

What could unite all of the World's population, the death of all Religions. Jesus, Ali and the j$ws, etc. with their Round Earth beliefs, have divided the World's population. A Flat Earth with all of it's citizens united in the Spiritual growth of the individual. Is the solutions to all the World's problems. If the World's population was truly educated, you wouldn't have what you have today, a World divided amongst itself. You now have a Planet filled with lies, with only one purpose. To divide and control the masses, which only a few do. Let the citizens of the World be told the truth of Humanities journey through the Universe. Stop the suffering of the children. Could someone or something please come forward and stop the Pain, mentally and physically, with 'True Knowledge'.

My Hopi trips always take a few weeks to recover from. As so much comes into my head while exploring the Hopi Mesas. I'd like to share just what it's like to chase around the Hopi rez. I'd promised some Hopi Kachina artist from Walpi I'd make a video of them this trip up. Keeping to my promise, I arrived on Hopi Friday afternoon and headed to First Mesa (Walpi), to find the kid artist I'd made my promise to. Discovered no one was allowed into the village of Walpi with out first getting a guide from community center at the bottom of the 1st Mesa. Drove to the community center for a guide, no guide was available. Tried to explain to the folks at the community center the Kids had wanted me to do a video of them at their studio on Walpi. For your information, Walpi isn't Hopi at all, it's made up of Tewa from New Mexico. This came about during the Pueblo Wars, as the Tewa escaped west into Hopi land, fleeing the Spaniards. As I explained what I was attempting to do. A older male Tewa snapped out at me, 'no one is allowed to record on Walpi'. I didn't need this BS, as I was only trying to fulfill my promise to the Kids. So I headed back to where I was staying at the Hopi Culture Center on 2nd Mesa. Talked to my Hopi bud John, who owned White Bear Hopi Art about what had happened. John told their was one individual on Walpi who controls what goes on up there. So much for freedoms for the Tewa who live in Walpi. This all started when 'Mad' magazine visited the Tewa on Walpi in the 60s and made a parody of the Kachina Dancers and occupants of Walpi. And their was even a sign at the bottom of Walpi that said, 'no whites allowed'. That sign was still their 20+ years ago, on my first visit to the Hopi. Seeing how my plans were destroyed, I set up my camera and recorded "Hopi Rush Hour'.

'A Red Jetta Full of Hopi'. I like to make sure Ahkima gets to go along with me, when I take my walks around Orayvi (Old Oraibi). Saturday morning I went to pickup Ahkima in Bacavi, then back to Orayvi to get Russell, Lonnie's brother. Needed Russell to help find Lonnie, as he was staying at his sister's home. Lonnie is my guide and historian when it comes to Hopi and life over the centuries on Orayvi. It was a beautiful sight, seeing the Jetta loaded with Hopi, no need to take a pic. That sight and feeling will last a life "Time". Funny how I got here in the first place, but obviously it was meant to be. With everyone loaded we headed back to Orayvi to visit the petroglyphs on east side of Orayvi. One thing you learn about the Hopi, is they just don't communicate with each other. And the fact that most Hopi have never visited their heritage and history, that is Orayvi and it's petroglyphs. That's why I make sure Ahkima goes with me. As he can pass on what he is shown, to the youth of Hopi homeland. This visit I also made sure Ahkima heard the story about the UFO Flying Saucer landing next to Lonnie and Russell's father corn field. And mainly the fact that Lonnie's father never told any of the other Orayvi villagers of the UFO sight, in fear of ridicule. But waited until I came back up to tell me the tale of the UFO landing. And the fact that a burn mark was left by the UFO landing. As if to tell Lonnie's father, 'this is not your imagination'. It is good that the Hopi youth know of such historical events, such as the UFO landing. On such an historical area as the corn fields below Orayvi. Lonnie tired and Russell and Ahkima looked for the infamous 'Line in the Limestone' that was the Hopi Split. Very few Hopi have ever been to this location on Orayvi, because of the Clannishness of the Hopi. I was good to see the smile on Ahkima's face when he actually saw the 'Line', dated 1906. Like most Hopi, his first look at why he lives in Bacavi in the first place. As Hotevilla-Bacavi became the home to the Hopi who lost that Shoving match in 1906. The Christians lost the Shoving Match and relocated to Hotevilla-Bacavi on the west end of 'Third Mesa'. A Shoving match between the 'Hostiles and Friendlies'.

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

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