Sunday, July 26, 2015

"This Place is Flat, I Think?"

Is the Earth really Flat? Only been researching this (Flat Earth) about 3 or 4 weeks now. And it's getting harder to prove the Earth is a Globe than it is to explain the Earth is Flat. You can go too YouTube and see tons of videos on the subject. (best I've found   )  The first thing you will notice is that most post are recent. Even I went out yesterday to some high points here in central Arizona to look for the curvature of the Earth, which I did not find.  This video has been out less than 24 hours and the attacks have already started. When you ponder the possibility of the Earth actually being Flat. You soon realize how much of your past beliefs you now have to jettison from your life. Just like the day a "Alien" Mothership positioned itself directly over my home. As I watched the Craft overhead, I was throwing my past off the patio deck below. Now NASA and everything they have ever presented, must be examined for the truth also.

How the peoples of the Earth were hood-winked into the Round Earth by Nicolaus Copernicus in the early 1500s is questionable. What tools did Copernicus use, the Balloon hadn't been invented until the 1700s. And other before him Copernicus, had the idea of the Earth rotating around the Sun. Verses the Earth being the center of the Universe. As most of the world's religions and cults believed at that "Time", the Earth was the center of the Universe. Even the idea of Gravity by Sir Issac Newton has never been proven!!! That was 1666, just how is that possible, it's not. Just another part of the Round Earth idea being introduced to the public. (Even the year is questionable for obvious reasons, 666). Just how is it that the same Gravity can hold billions of pounds of water in place, not crush you? The idea that the Earth is spinning at 1,004 MPHs at the equators is hard to swallow. Where is the continuous picture of the Earth spinning from one of the supposedly thousands of communication and spy satellites flying overhead? Why no constant pics from the Hubble Camera of this supposed Blue Ball all mankind lives on. The only supposed pic came from Apollo 11 Moon Mission? And you though the Moon Landing and Kennedy assassination were well conceived lies. What bigger lie than the one being put on the citizens of the World currently. Without the current lie, you don't have Christianity or the j$$$$$$wish and Catholic lies. No Heaven, no one returning to save mankind's Ass.

Control. control, control, that's what it's all about folks. How a few can control so many with incredible lies, so big they would of never have been thought of as lies. Just how do you disprove any of the lies until recent years without the Internet information now? That's why the Internet is going to be either crushed or so controlled. Folks like myself will never be allowed to post out thoughts and ideas in the future. Only a few years ago the idea of an "Alien" involvement in Mother earth would have been scoffed at, not today. My pushing the "Alien" idea is completed excepted today, not so a few years ago. So now with the Flat Earth verses Round Earth as the new, you could say 'lie to resolve'. The attacks from those who want to maintain control, on those who question what is the Real Truth.

With a Flat Earth, why have any controls, we'er all in this together. Who and what is really in charge here??? Why governments, militarizes, wars, any of the things that separate humanity from knowledge of who is mankind's true "God"? All anyone really wants to know, 'what's after Death'? And why does life on Mother Earth always have to be such a struggle. It would appears that others in-charge, do their damnedest to keep the masses at each others throats. And struggling to find food and shelter for one's own family. Life should be a journey of learning life's lessons. Not how do you keep a roof over your loved-ones. But this is all mankind had been reduced to lately is, survival pure and simple. This has been done by separation of the masses with continuous lies. Your primary reason for your life on Mother Earth is your Spiritual development, that has been ripped from you.

This idea mankind evolved by pure chance is absolutely pure Evil, working for control. And the Universe as we know it came from nothing BS. That a j$w named Albert Einstein because he is a j$w, knows such things is crap. And that's all it is, is CRAP. Ain't no j$w that has any better clue than any other individual. And the idea that this living World was created for mankind for mankind's Spiritual growth is incorrect.

The Hopi, Mayan, Hindus, Buddhist, etc., all believe the environment mankind lives in today, was in fact created for mankind. And not some sort of Fluke of Nature. Hopi say you're in the 4th World, because you survived the previous other 3 Worlds. Mayan Popul Vuh just as Genesis in the Bible, talk of how the Creator created Mother Earth for the living creatures of all kinds. Nothing you see around you, was a Fluke of Nature. And you only have what you have with 'survival of the fittest'. This is the propaganda of Control. Mankind once was a Free Spirit to roam "God's" creation, to live and learn. That has been all taken away now, crushed Spirits line the road to Enlightenment.

The 'powers' want mankind to believe that, the 'powers' have all these things in place to control the masses. You are told that your every phone, and internet conversations are recorded. Their are Spy satellite in space that can read your auto license plate number. Your Cell phone and car are tracking you. Their are listening devices everywhere, so you better never speak badly of those who enslave you. Like the Moon Landings and Rovers on Mars (lol), it's all about control over your mind. And the constant bombardment of lies is all working quite well. Turn on your radio, TV or any device, their are no free words. Everything is manipulated for your mind. You once lived in a Paradise without controls, now you live in a Open Prison Cell. You just don't know it.

Freedom comes when all the propaganda that surround you ,has no effect on you. You have Risen above such lower forms of humanities's tricks. You are evolving onto the next Spiritual Plane to where the lies here on this Plane have absolutely no effect on your mental state. You look around you and say to yourself, 'I am above all this now'. Let the lower forms kill each other off, mentally and physically. You are so above it all. It's all about self knowledge so you can help others, when that "Time" arrives!!! You know, the Pope is coming to America in September.

"God" Bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings


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