Saturday, August 1, 2015

"1s and 0s Verses Truth"

Who or what are the 1s and 0s? 1s and 0s are the language your computer uses to talk or called Binary Code. The base of Artificial Intelligence, the future of the Future World at the current pace. 1s and 0s are, the 'powers' and use groups such as, religions, military, governments, mass media, schools, books, newspapers, anything the 'powers' believe they can control the masses. To keep the good folks uneducated, scurrying about,, trying to stay above water, mentality. Every where you turn, you see this imagine of a body or brain that is half human and half artificial intelligence. This is where the 'powers' are leading the masses currently. First the Guns and Whites brain trust must be put under control or wiped out completely. This constant influx of migrate throughout the World is part of a much larger plan. It is the destruction of the races for control. Everyone must be equally dumbed down to to point of no resistance from the masses. The Races should be Grey, no Red, Yellow, White, Tan or Black Races, just Grey.

The weapon of choice for this conversion to the Grey population, 1s and 0s Binary Code with it's Artificial Intelligence. Who hasn't noticed how the Electronic World has taken over folks lives. Families no longer communicate, they text message. Everywhere you look, faces are pointed down, not at Mother Earth. Mother Earth is a lost  Entity to the youth. The Electronic World of 1s and 0s now direct the youth's thoughts. Look how quickly the youth has been transformed into some sort of lifelessness Robot. Who go through their lives, waiting for that little Electronic devices to give meaning to their lives. You can notice how the youth's faces light-up, as soon as their device calls. Or it might be the child trying one more "Time" to beat that video game they are playing. The youth's souls are being raped from them. The Electronic World of violence and more violence has programmed the youth into soulless killers. Video games that  rip the soul from a child with death and porn. The child grows up, not realizing just how programmed they are. I can see that in the current youth of today. Just imagine what it will be like in 30 or 40 years from now. To where those who still had souls are now all gone. That is exactly where the 'powers' want Reality to become. 1s and 0s have 'won the day'.

The Truth Seekers I call them, will they win the day in the end? Will mankind let themselves become a Borg? The race is on, or I wouldn't be bringing this subject up. Mankind the Spiritual Being or mankind the Robot? Plain to see that much of the youth, had been so far mentally beaten down from poor education too diet. They may be lost to the future. But I work around plenty of the youth that are awaking fast. Many do realize what is being done to them. They are the ones without all the tattoos and body piercings. They come from stable family environment, something the system hates, the solid family unit. The 'powers' for decades now, have put great effort with the Hippie Free Love BS to what you have today. To where less than 50% of the youth come from 2 parents families. The fact that even as isolated as the Hopi youth are. They are seeing what is being done to them, is a great sign. As much propaganda that the 'powers' put out against those like myself. I've notice the kids from stable environment have much respect for my words. If the 'powers' propaganda was perfect, I'd be stoned by the kids on the job sites. But the Chem-trails are the 'powers' Achilles Heal. Just point out to anyone who is not awaken to the poisons being sprayed from the skies. It don't take that much effort to ask someone, 'when was the last "Time" you saw a Blue Sky'? Who killed JFK? And you hear, 'your right'!!! The skies are filled with white lines and by the way, just who did kill JFK.

1s and 0s aren't that smart, someone has to program those 1s and 0s. They will be educated to a point. But just like the 'powers', they leave behind clues in False Flags such as Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing. The Soulless ones who do the 'powers' bidding, are the ones rejected by the good folks. Or personnel greed like the j$ws, propel them into hatred for their own kind. With the bottom line being 'self'. Most Americas are rather naive when it comes to the hatred for them by the 'powers' and the 'powers' henchmen. If you are kind and loving, you just assume that everyone else is like you. If you are a evil whore, you will think everyone else is a evil whore.That's what is meant by, 'a Rat smells his own hole first'. You perceive other as you perceive yourself.

The 1s and 0s want a Race War between those of Color and those of White long ago. That hasn't happened, as hard as the 'powers' try. The 1s and 0s (Zionist) want a Worldwide war between the Muslim, Christians and j$ws, hasn't happened, try as they might. It appears the coolers heads who are the majority of the wicked three, have not let this happen. Yes their is plenty of hatred between the evil three, just not mass murders, unless you count. 'the j$ws' bombing innocent women and children daily in Gaza. Which the 'powers' 1s and 0s keep out of their controlled press.

The 1s and 0s are pointing feverishly at September as being some sort of 'Drop Dead' date. It's all over the Net, what will the Pope tell the masses? Will Jade Helm usher in Martial Law as many fear in September. Will the NWO be formally announced and the rumors are true. Obummer will be the last elected president and is the current Pope Francis to be the 'Last Pope'? I feel the citizens of the World have enough of the "God" like gene (DNA) in them. That the purest of these will rise to the top and a new era Spiritual Being emerges. This is the battle now being conducted. Does the World's citizens want enslavement unknowingly or are those amongst the masses going to be the new leaders of the World. Computer generated Reality or a "God" created Reality? That for sure will be the World's population next great challenge. It is being pushed in every direction onto the World's face. No sexes, no races, no religions, no countries, no "God".

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

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