Sunday, August 16, 2015

"To Hot"

Not a good "Time" to be here in Arizona's deserts. With the commercial construction economy down here, I'm reduced to Rudy my Navajo/Hopi journeyman and me now, which means, 'tools on'. Rudy and me walked off the job site last Friday at 3:30 PM it was 118 degrees. We'er re-wiring some apartment units for the City of Phoenix, in south Phoenix. The City of Phoenix owns 1,000s of Low-Income housing units all around the city. In the generation of flooding good neighborhoods with the Poor Latinos and Blacks, is pure 'Agenda 21'. Just another part of making everyone dependent on the System in one way or another. You see the citizens taxes being misused at ever level in the Low-Income housing projects. Just throwing money at a bad problem. Never a moments thought about how can the folks living in these situation, lives can be improved. Instead, just throw the monies of those who are willing to work long hours, at a social disaster. Maybe the Pope talking at the UN in September will solve the World's problems. hahaha. Is the Pope going to introduce officially the 'New World Order' with the Catholic church at the Helm??? Your "God" now will be chosen for you. Countries government will all be the same. Latin definition of Government, Govern 'to control', ment 'mind', or Control Minds of the masses.

How do a few control the masses, lies, lies, lies. The best Slave, the Slave that doesn't know he or she is a Slave. And that describes Americans perfectly. Most Americans have no idea how debt enslaved they are, FEMA camps are Bills, Rent, Food, Mortgages, Utilities, all the thing you need to survive with, now cost you. Shelter, Food, Water were all provided by "God" naturally, who has now been supplanted by Governments. With Mind Control over the masses. The ultimate Mind Control, the one the World is living under now. The illusion of Freedom is just that, an illusion. Religions, Solar System, your Place in the Universe, all lies, meant for total Mind Control. As I tell who will listen, 'be hell to die, not even knowing your Place in the Universe'. And that is what you have today. A World's population divided and conquered, with Lies, by only a few. With it's make-believe Universe, supported and pushed along by Debt Slaves. Willing to defend their Slavery to their death. (Look at America today). A Self-Governing society, led by lies from a few.

And that Cash in your pocket, it is also a Debt Note. You turn your labor, the only Real Money, into Debt Note. You work your Ass off all week, get your paycheck, which represents the Real Money, your labor. Take your  check and either deposit it or cash your check. Deposit your check and that Real Money your Labor, now belongs to the bank, you deposited it in. Turn your Real Money, your Labor into cash at the bank, that cash is a Debt Note, because it was issued by the Federal Reserve (Nothing to do with the American Federal government.) as Debt interest owned to the Federal Reserve. This has all been done via your Government (Mind Control), with your blessings, how crazy is that? Here again your Government Mind Control, has you believing that your Government (Mind Control) is only thinking of your best interests. The grand illusion 'America Land of the Free', is an Illusion.

Been doing my Flat Earth research for about a month and a half now. And like most everything else in America. You have some truth, the soulless whores will soon be infiltrating your truth. And that is what has happened to to the Flat Earth Fact, for it is a theory no more. Just a mater of the correct shape of 'Mother Earth' now. The Mind Control of the taught Universe has been removed from my Reality. What you have now is an all-out assault on the Flat Earth Reality. Because once the truth about the local Universe is reveled. The 'power's' will soon be no more. After all, how could you look to anyone among mankind for leadership. Who here on 'Mother Earth' could tell you who your "God" his? Who would you trust, knowing they are as trapped as the rest of the citizens of the World. More than likely those who perpetuated the lie after lie, would be hunted down like the Cancer they are on the rest of humanity. Imagine that taxes, banksters, lawyers, military leaders, politicians, all control would disappear over-night. The citizens would become self governing not governed, crime would halt, knowing the masses would eliminate those who harm others. No need for police protection, self governing would eliminate the police and military. And the 'powers' know this. This is why the Flat Earth with it's no leaders, must be stopped. The masses must be told how to think!!! According to those currently in-charge.

Mankind has a basic Loving Spirit and that Loving Spirit has been driven out of the human race by it's current leadership. The masses are programmed to hate anything, unlike themselves. To attack anything their leaders have programmed them to attack. Without World leaders, this can't happen. Everyone would have to help each other to find their place in the Universe. To find out exactly what is the Universe. Not some BS given to mankind some 500 years ago by some Masonic or others who want total Mind Control. The World would be mess without the Masons, but to what degree of Mental Powers? You always have the mentally and physically weak that feel a threat from the masses. Rise-up for self preservation like the j$ws in recent history have done. But now is the "Time" to end all this control. And the knowledge that everyone on 'Mother Earth' is one. Will unite the masses, against the few. "Time" has arrived for knowledge to be the Leader of the World. Not some fool with a M-16 pointed at your head, demanding you listen to their Reality. Much like the Christian, j$ws and Muslims do. 'My way or Death'.

The citizens of the World needed something to unite them instead of dividing them. I believe the realization of the Flat Earth, will be that catalyst for that. That's why Flat Earth Society, Mark Sargent and other have popped up out of nowhere recently. They are the disinformation bombs and bullets. The 'powers' would just as soon murder everyone who doesn't agree with them, just like the j$ws, christians and muslims, the 'powers' created for diversion do. But their are far to many seeking the truth now for mass murders. Who would cleanup the mess? The New Reality is coming and it is not coming from some controlled politician or religious leader. It will swell-up in the masses, in the form of learning, everyone's place in the true known Universe.

 'A true UFO or "Alien" Event, will remove you from the Material World.

Eric Dubay: This is a link too Eric's YT channel. He's a Yoga instructor and one of the original researchers into the Flat Earth. And appears to have no agenda, other than knowledge. Now if the rest of the World's population could get on the same path, imagine the World???

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


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