Saturday, August 22, 2015

"A Phone Call"

A phone call that brought me to tears. Not the death of one of my children, or an old friend. A call to let me know that all my efforts in bringing as much truth to Hopi as I can, has been noticed. I've been banned from Red Ice Radio, Blog Talk Radio, Santos Bonacci, GLP and several other media outlets. For doing one simple thing, trying to protect the Hopi history from being turned into ones own personal reality. You see, most who quote Hopi, somehow twist the facts about Hopi to fit their own shallow reality. Much like the j$ws who try and compare themselves to the Peaceful Hopi History. While being one of the most murderous religions on Mother Earth.

How I got to Hopi Reality has been a long journey and one I was suppose to take. For to get here, I had to leave their, my Past Reality. The "Gods" leaving me the Stone that day, that led to Hopi. is obvious someone with a much bigger plan directing traffic. You see every day now I say to myself, 'you had to get me here'. Here to what the Hopi call 'End Times'.

Had a message left on my home phone, 'please contract me concerning Hopi'. It took some effort to chase down my home phone number. That had to be someone who feels their on a mission of some sorts. After few few more attempt at talking to me, I returned the phone call. Been down this road before, it can get scary, but not this "Time". Mike was the fellows name, in his 40s. And he had one incredible story to tell me, about his personnel journey to Hopi.

Mike lives in Alabama and is a Star gazer with friends. Him and some friend including his wife, were Star gazing when they noticed a Star not moving not in Progression (with the other Stars, East to West). These had gone on for several nights. This is a little sketchy but for the most part correct. One night Mike awoke to this same Star. The Star was moving in the direction heading westward  through the night sky. I guess Mike told his wife he was going to follow the Star, because that is what he started doing. The Star led him to Second Mesa Hopi in the middle of the night. Mike told me he didn't know where he was at at first. And why he was even there??? That day he hooked up with a blind Hopi living in Shongopavi 2nd Mesa. The story goes on from their and it's his own story so I won't relate it here. Just can say his tale is not that uncommon, in theses days of 'Hopi End Times'. From many others I have heard, from those who have some Magical experience while visiting Hopi.

What or who drove Mike across most of America to Hopi is speculation. I told Mike I thought it was the ancient Hopi Spirit in him. And this Spirit had awoken at the appropriate "Time", at 'Hopi End Times'. And that he was Hopi in the beginning and it was "Time" to return to Hopi as the Hopi have predicted at 'End Times'. ('All Hopi will return Home (Orayvi), from their Migrations throughout the World'.) What Mike wanted from me, was to help him connect to the Hopi, as I've been asked many "Times" before by others before Mike. "God" bless Mike, he only wanted to know what he could do for the Hopi peoples still living on the rez. Mike would be willing to live with the Hopi during the harshest of winter, helping how ever he could. Mike being young and healthy with construction skills, should be very wanted by the Hopi. But that just is not the case. As to understand Hopi, you must spend plenty of "Time" on the rez with the Hopi to understand the suitableness of being Hopi.

Mike is one of many in today's World, trying to help the Humble Hopi. As the Hopi ancient tales predicted would happen, along with the Navajo multiplying to millions (I could go on forever about Hopi predictions that have come true.). Mike's "Time" will come to help the Hopi, as he has already been  a help to the Hopi by awakening in himself the Hopi in himself. As for me, Mike informed me that their was no one else who has as much about Hopi via my You Tube vids and blog entries as me. And that my video counts should be much larger, as Hopi Truth is be suppressed by the 'powers'. I would have no way of knowing just how I stack-up to others (except Hopi telling me), trying to help the Hopi folks. Good to hear, all the "Time", effort, travel and money I've put into my passion is being received by those like myself, just simple looking for a little  truth in our lives. I was taken on the journey too Hopi, just as Mike was taken on his Journey too Hopi. How many others will follow???

My research on the Flat Earth Reality is proving more and more, what a Flat Earth mankind does live on. You know it would be Hell, not knowing your place in the Universe as I've said before. Here is a little more info how mankind got to a, what I now call the 'Masonic Ball'. Turns out Copernicus and Issac Newton were both Freemasons. Not to mention Darwin and the j$wish Mason named Einstein. I would be the first to agree with the fact that the World would be a mess without the Masons leadership. But to some, absolute control is the Name of the Game. Now up until Copernicus, it was common the World was a Flat object. But that all changed with Mind Control of the masses idea. Not sure if this idea was a Earthly human conception or from those who appear to be now in control of mankind. But what better way to control the masses than to tell them they all evolved from nothing that started from nothing, in the BS 'Big Bang' theory (talk about a theory, pulled from someones ass). And that human came from 2 cells dividing somehow and advancing to the human species. That the masses must be controlled by those of superior birth. And that is exactly what you have today. A World's population who are mindless consumers, trying to stay alive. Instead of the Spiritual Masses growing together. A Flat Earth population with an All Seeing, Loving "God" or "Gods", working together for the betterment of all.

Now you just have those who want to control all. And the rest keeping each other down, like Rats in a bucket. The 'powers' must keep the Rats divided for control. Masonic Ball creates atheism,  religions and cults that divide the masses. Just like the Catholic church which could stop World starvation in a heart beat but won't. Because, without the poor masses, why give money to the church. So the beat just keeps going on, century after century. Rats killing each other in the name of some artificially created religion for control. "Time" for the good folks of the World to awaken to the fact, everyone is a "God". And "Gods" don't kill other "Gods". Just like the Hopi way, 'Hopi don't kill Hopi'.

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

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