Saturday, August 29, 2015

"Pretenders to the Throne"

The pretenders are your, NSA, NASA, IRS, president, congressman, all religions, World governments anyone or thing that wants control over your Mental State. U.S. government wants the citizens of America to think. That everything they do is being scrutinized, no mater if it's your cell phone or that supposed satellite orbiting overhead, that can read your licence plate number. It's all BS, intimating the real source of all Observations of mankind. 'Those Above', not the All Seeing Eye that the 'powers' media are currently putting on the citizens of Mother Earth. Claiming all your activity, moves and thought are being recorded. This is for only one purpose, 'Mind Control of the Masses'. Letting the masses believe that the all powerful know everything about you, even future actions on your part. The same 'powers' want mankind to think they are moving into some sort of New World where human's bodies are going to be in the future, 'part mechanical, part human. This is being done to remove the idea of mankind being a "God". And that mankind is something that once crawled out of the ocean, from a 2 cell amoeba. The race is on. Those that are awaking to the 'powers', who are of only one mindset, Mass Control. And those willing to throw their lives under others control. Others that look upon mankind as no more than Cattle. Cattle that must be, controlled, and culled. Exactly what the World has today.

Wars for population control and financial gain. Poisons in everything mankind consumes, to control quality, and longevity of life. This is not random, just happened BS. Like how mankind evolved with no help from a greater Creator, no "God", just happen-chance. Everything you see in life, is just coincidence, that's what the 'powers' want mankind to believe. The only "God" is the one that feeds you with it's man made system. And these same Fools got most of the World's population believing them. From birth, the Mind Control starts with Vaccinations and diet. Both of which are designed to limit your ability to think clearly Spiritually by attacking your Pineal or 'Third Eye'. That opens one to the Greater Realities of life. Not some system that wants mankind as only a slave to ensure a better life for only a few.

Those now in power, are only imitations of the Real Reality. They would like mankind to think they are in control. They are the 'All Knowing', 'All Seeing', 'All Powerful', mankind's Masters. The illusion is about to end. The 'powers' have never sent anyone to the Moon. They don't have 1,000s of satellites flying overhead, spying on all of humanity. Their is no one reading each and everyone of your emails. Their is no Hubble Space telescope, sending back pictures of a fake Universe. Their is no ISSI, just another fakery enemy. All federal agencies are setup for control. Just like the 'Man Behind the Curtain', it's all bells and buzzers. Yes murder is in the Cards for those who make to much noise, ask the Kennedys. For the Fools have no fear of a "God", awaiting judgement on them. That "God" was created by the 'powers' in the form of religions. When such powers over the masses is attained, it always lead to the World leader at the "Time", becoming in their own mind, "God" like. Mentality of, 'what else could it be'. Don't you think for minute Hillary, Bushs, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Obummer and others. Think they have not been given "God" like powers. When in fact it's just their soulless ability to push others aside for their own betterment. Their is absolutely no one in power today, that is not a Psychopathy. Maybe it has been that way for ever, and mankind is just finally awaking.

All the billions of tax dollars that have been stolen, in the 'Big Lie'. The 'Big Lie' that has most of mankind living in fear from day to day. In Fear they will lose their job, that some Terrorist is just outside the door. NASA will discover a asteroid is about to annihilate all of humanity. The Russian and Chinese are coming to steal all your stuff and rape your women. If you don't keep the Military-industrial complex going. The 'Big Lie', you live on a Ball on the edge of the Universe. You are a nothing in the giant scheme of things. Their is no "God", except the "God" given you. Your place in the giant scheme of things, 'Consume, work, pay taxes'. No more is expected of you, your rise to the Top, is an illusion created by the 'powers'. You'll never be president or even a congressman, unless chosen. Not for your abilities, but your abilities to get along, to live along. Their is no place for free thinkers. They will be ridiculed as instructed by their masses masters.

'Pretenders to the Throne', will all die, just as the rest of humanity will. Their pretend throne will be passed to another just as corrupt or hopefully more soulless. With families being bred to fill these spots as the elders die-off. Hildabeast will die, her daughter will replace her at the throne. Just as it is with the banksters families. As long as the rest of the World keeps pretending along with their masters. This cycle of death and poor quality of life will continue for generations. Humanity now is being prepared for an Event on 23 September. That will be used to enslave the masses even more. As the race between awakening and falling  further into slavery moves on. The Cross Road for humanity awakening to what is Real, not to what they see around themselves. Not some mystical place the 'powers' have created, like the current Universal system. When mankind realizes, that they are all in this together and not divided by religions. The 'powers' power will stop. No taxes, no wars, just mankind helping mankind. Nothing in your life is random. Your environment was created for you, just as the Mayans Popul Vuh describes, not to mention the Christian bible, etc., etc.. You are in the Hopi 'Fourth World', because you were in the previous 'Three Worlds'. It is your life, remain 'Above it All', no one has the rite to imprison you, mentally or physically. You only let them, by lowering one's self, to the lower forms (humanity) of mentality, of the 'powers'.

"God" bless


PS "Aliens"

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