Saturday, September 19, 2015

"Choosing Life's Path"

I was recently told, that I'd taken the Right Path for my life. Can't tell you who told me that, because I'm not quite sure who. I get these messages all the "Time" from out of the blue. Some of the communication come from dreams. Some come from the mouth of people who claim they never said it. What ever it it, I'm surly not the only one receiving these subliminal messages. But for me, they are the message that keep me going. I'm always under attack because the media portrays  the Blond White male as Evil. Then worships the Blond Female such as bleached blond Madonna, go figure.

With the way children are sweep from their parents, via the media and public school system. The child has no idea what their true journey is here on Mother Earth. Other than to work, shop, pay taxes. Your life is not your life anymore. The child will be given test to see just where the child will best fit into. Will the child be a scientist or a mechanic, those decisions are being made for the child. Purely based on test scores, not the child's spiritual development. Or the child's personnel interests, the child is born with. As all of mankind is first a Spiritual Being, but that has been taken away. You are just a Billet sitting on a function, not of your choice. Taught to Obey and Stand inline correctly.

The child will be given their place in the Universe, a Universe that was invented for the child. Here are the Sun, Moon and Stars and this is you. You came from nothing the child is told (Big Bang BS). Your ancestor were Amoebas and Monkeys, their is no "God". Other than the "God" that is given to you. Nothing more, nothing less, Reality. Black and White, Death and Life. Fortunately this is a recent phenomenon, as the child was once told, 'They are the Center of the Universe'. And all you see around you was created for you, by "God".

You cannot enslave a child who know there place in the Universe. This is why the child must be broken down into form, a form for the child's master's use. That's School and Religion function, the both of them will keep the child separated and divided from others, for control. The child will be taught to never buck the system, no 'intuitive' thought allowed. A good child slave is a good follower, who looks to others for approval. But approval only comes to the child as long as the child only does as instructed. Never the "God" given ideas that come to the child naturally for survival. Even a child knows Good from Evil, but is taught in a new fashion from birth on. The parents are the product of the same mental indoctrination from birth. Thus passing on to the child, as the parent was indoctrinated. Parent were forced into a path of unknown enslavement, unknowingly pass this on to the child. A cycle that has to be some how stopped. Or the entire World will be doomed, if not already. Into Mindless Slavery from birth.

I've notice with my own younger employees how much of fear of Authority has been put into them. And their inability to use common sense, that has been driven from them from childhood to adulthood. I grew up with the idea that the man who gave you your paycheck, you respected. Now the child is trained in school that the employer has less authority than the system of power. And no matter what the employer may think, Authority holds power over them both.

In Europe and Asia you have had the Caste System for generations. To where as the child will carry-on the same job description as the father. You were born into a system and their was no escape from it. In America they want the child to think that some day the could also rise up too the presidency. In reality most president are all from the same bloodlines going back to England. Good example is Trump, claiming to be a self made man. To where is father created the ground work for him. Their are very few who ever escape from the Caste System in America or anywhere else in the World. And those who do rise above, the next generation will not carry-on the same for the father. To where the Caste system for the wealthy, the child may fail, but will be given more chances to succeed. Look at GW Bush's failures, yet became president. If I fail in business, I go get a regular job again. It's called the 'Peter Principle', aka you find out just how smart you are compared to the rest, or better put, just how big or little your Dick is.

As you can see, just how hard it is to Choose one's own Life Path. The blocks have been put into place to ensure the child will not rise-up and rebel against the 'powers'. Today the system has done almost everything to ensure just how the World's population thinks. All the way down to where mankind is in the Big Bang BS. The child is trained what to do and just get along without making waves. The Child's father is programmed, thus the child is programmed by the father. I try to break others of this programming but they don't even see it in themselves. How can I help those to be more free thinking? If their programming is so perfect. They think I'm crazy for wanting them to be more open minded to the Universe that surround them. 'No Child left Behind' just means, no child that will not be programmed. Programmed in school not know how to think creatively and open minded. But to a system that teaches the child only how to pass test. Not how to use their minds to figure out the problem. That will only lead to bad things for the 'power'. Open-mindedness has no place in the World to day.

Just as the child is used, in Europe and Middle East today you have the same Mental Programming of the masses. The 'powers' using propaganda to create the Mass Migrations you have going on now. With Religion being used to divide the peoples of the World. All being done to to destroy Europe's nationalism and boarders for mass control. ISIS was created to create fear among the masses, forcing Syrians and other to belief for their own survival. They must leave their perspective countries and head to Europe. All just an illusion, Beheading and all. Populations have been part of War and Control for centuries. By forcing population to migrate in fear of their current surroundings.

The Africans are being killed and staved to force them to migrate to Europe for safety and a better life. This also for the breaking down of boarders and nationalism. Soon all of Europe will divided up into coalitions of beliefs, mainly Religious beliefs. The masses will kill each other off, in a sort of self Population Control. Then after Europe is destroyed with racism, America will soon follow. White Americans are so well armed, so who know what will happen. Take away the Americans guns, you'll have Europe today.

Control of how folks thinks goes all the way down to YouTube accounts. It is obvious if you have a YT account of vids, you have created, that are controversial. Those counts will be manipulated or vids even taken down and accounts closed. My 'Flat Earth' vid part 1,   took 2 days to go from 498 - 500. Then by magic at 1:11 AM suddenly, 111 hits are added to my 'Flat Earth' pt. 1 vid. Then the next morning I had an additional few hundred hits. It's all about control. From the moment you are born, your "God" given freedoms are being stolen away. You were born into a World created by "God" just for your Spiritual growth. Mankind was given for free, water, food and shelter, now which all items must be paid for from birth, either by the child or the parent of the child. Your 'Path' has been chosen for you.

"God" bless

PS: "Time" "Aliens"

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