Saturday, October 3, 2015

"Falling Backwards"

Seem like every "Time" my faith in humanity starts to soar, plunk, back to Reality. Watching the monster from Israel Netanyahu, staring down (45 sec.) the audience at the United Nations.  With Netanyahu reminding the World  that holofraud killed 6 million j$ws. While Israel drops White Phosphorus bombs on innocent children in Gaza. At the same "Time", World gone Mad scenario for sure. America's CIA creating ISIS to terrorize the citizens of Syria and the Middle East. In a moves meant disrupt the populations of Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. Forcing massive migrations into Europe and America. This is all just part of the bigger plan, control and destroying countries identities. Forcing those who can provide for their families. To provide for those who only want handouts like most of the Black population of America.

Mankind is supposedly, suppose to be advancing Culturally and Spiritually. Yet mankind today is doing the reverse, back to Revenge. A World now of 'Tit for Tat', you hit me, I hit you back harder. All the World's powers now have a military presence in the Middle East including China. Does anyone think this is all coincidence? America creates ISIS and Syria Free Army, then stands back and watches  Russia's military aircraft destroy them. The World is a stage for the 'powers' and the citizenry are a mere audience. To be controlled mentally by events that surround them. Like now, is all you see and hear about, are rumors of War.

Just how does the World's population move upward, with such a force pushing mankind backwards? It can't and that is why the World is the way it is today. In an effort to control via the mind, every individual on Mother Earth. Which can only be accomplished by a Central Government. As long as you have individuals who think freely, they will feed the others. Close down all the free thinkers, control the masses. An example of this. The first thing the Catholic church did when invading the Americas. Was to roundup the Shamans and A males and kill them off. This stopped the lower classes from rising up against their new Masters, the Catholic church. Here the free thinkers that gave the lower class a hope, are destroyed.

A good Slave should never dream of being Free or even know they are a Slave. Like most of the World's controlled population. You have Slaves in China making I-Phones for .17 cents an hour. For a Slave in America, making $15 an hour, who is building a bomb to kill the .17 cents an hour Slave. Brainwashed Arabs thinking their Muslims, killing each other. Instead of their arch rivals 'the j$ws'. Europe's populations divided by religions, will never rise up against the Masters who enslave them. Because they are to busy fighting amongst themselves. And now with the invasion form the Middle East and Africa. That will divide the citizens of Europe even more, as part of the overall plan. This plans will soon be coming to America, if not already with the invasion from the South.

This is all being done with religion and money. Controlled sustenance, aka shelter, food and water, mixed with religion. Easy to control the masses like in Africa, with Starvation. As the Africans who are lower forms of humanity from being forced into small inbred communities, much like the j$ws. Now being forced upon the Europeans who themselves are mind controlled. And all this will continue until the masses awaken, but how could the mass awaken? When it is so easy for the 'powers' to cut off the World's food supply. Staving men don't rebel very well, against those handing them bread crumbs. Thinking that's their reality is, constant hunger. I call it the 'Convict Mentality', you adjust or die. If you have never had anything, that's your reality. And when the individual is given something they have never had before. They have been programmed to feel guilty about the sudden help. Put new cloths on someone who's reality is, cloths are rags. They will feel out of place, want their rags back on. (Fat people who diet to become thin, most often become fat again.)

So their is no way for sure, to tell if the Events in the Middle East and Europe are not just more, 'Predictive Programming'. In other words, 'your environment controls your mind set'. Today the citizens of America give Putin a higher popularity rating than Obummer, the leader of their own country. Putin is shown as this hard working honest guy, trying to stop the Monster America. While Obummer is projected to the World and American population, as a weak Fag. Bent on destroying everything Americas thinks they are. And this could be just 'one ass big game' for future programming. Then to confuse the masses even more. The Zionist controlled media blames everything on the Freemasons. In an obvious attempt to distract from themselves. While the rest of the World's non-programmed population blames the Zionist j$ws. The whole idea by the 'powers', is to just flood the media with constant BS from every angle, some truth, some fiction. Like your typical Alex Jones program, 85% truth, 15% programming lies. Because if it was all lies, no one would take the bait.

Some believe that all the control is for stealing the 'Human Race's Spiritual Energy' from them. By 'predictive programming' like 2012, and last September's 23rd no doom, etc.. Keeping the masses in a sort of, 'out of control frenzy'. Easier to control those who are panicking, worried about the basics like food, water and shelter. Just as you see in the current invasion of Europe by Muslim, Arabs and Blacks from Africa. Who have been programmed to believe, that where ever they came from is Hell. And if they stay there, they will be beheaded, raped or staved to death. When in fact, where they are heading into, will be much worse in the long run, which I predict is true. Because in their new Homeland, they have no roots and will have to fight 'tooth and nail' for everything they get. Because their are those who came much before the recent invasion. The new invaders will be like Rats who multiplied to fast for their own environment. Soon the new Rats will be at war with the old Rats, with predictable results. With the results the 'powers' are hoping to achieve, 'World Population Reduction'. Stuff all of the unwanted mankind together with limited resources. The rest will take care of it's self.

The ultimate Mind Control today is NASA and their Masonic Universe. A Universe much like any religion, you must first have faith to believe in. And if you look at it closely, all your dreams of far away Galaxies and Stars. Is no more than a lie, created to have the ultimate Mind Control. 'Your Place in the Universe'. Said to a Freemason friend upon discovering the Earth is indeed Flat. 'Think Flat', his response, 'as far as the eye can see'.

(footnote FYI) Most all Chines, Russian and U.S. fighter jets, sport a Pentagram on the fuselage. Enemies or not, or just simple 'Predictive Programming???' Mankind currently is 'Falling Backwards'.

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

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