Saturday, October 10, 2015

"Above it All"

The Jesuits, Catholic, j$ws, which ever order, gave Mankind the Ball Universe. Then declared themselves Masters over it. This is the basics of why someone (entity?) who wanted absolute control over the masses, would have to do. Before simple eclipses were used, then thing advanced. Give mankind a Universe, and what you've  created is Mastery at a minimum. So are the Clinton and Bush and all the others in the bloodline this smart? Would you want to feel you are as low as a as the ones mentioned above??? A Reality of, lack of morals, compassion, all the thing that are "God" given, by your creation. Are the ones now apparently in total control. The only way out, 'be above it all'. Your not what you have been programmed to be,  your 'above it all'.

Spiritually grounded by being 'above it all'. Not letting one's self be dragged down with those that surround. That easily fall into traps and short lives. At 68 I've noticed, their is a "God", that keeps score. Or the "God"in one's self know your deeds, being all children of "God". Their are no old bullies, or pushy old men and women are not to be found later in life. Loud boisterous women seem to fair even less. Yet you see those in power like Hildabeast that are still doing the deeds of their Masters. To where a human life, has no meaning. You see the Mexicans of Mexico murdering each other as if it's nothing. That's because their soul was stolen at a young age. Then as they mature they have no empathy for others. All politicians that abuse those they are sworn to protect. Childhoods must have been ripped from them along with their compassion for others. Mankind is born with a Soul.

And what you have now, are those who are in power. Trying to lower everyone else into their lower realms of reality. No American child thinks, I want to grow-up and be just like Obummer or Hildabeast. A child is still a Spiritual Being until that Spirituality is stolen from them at a young age. The public America school system is the beginning of these process. Religions that teach hatred for all other religions who don't think like them. This is a type of Soul Stealing, teaching the child not to respect others who are also the child of "God". This constant propaganda that America needs a strong military presence all over the World. Is another form of Soul Stealing. Teaching the child at a young age the importance of War. Dividing the child from the rest of humanity. The child is surrounded by those of no Soul. Putting pressure on the child to conform to get along. The 'powers' know all the little tricks to steal the child's soul. Using Disney propaganda cartoons on the child from birth. 'Powers' propagandizing the parents into buying toy guns and military clothing,unknowingly preparing the child for later in life. Video game with nothing but death and destruction, programming the child even more.

One has to see what is being done to the family unit and rise above the propaganda. Knowing what ever comes from the controlled media has only one purpose, steal the child's soul early on in life. Teaching the child through violence in movies and video games, 'life has no meaning'. Just like the Mexican Drug cartels. Do you want your child to have the same mentality as a Mexican drug soldier? Let the system have control over your child's mind, you will. The child will  turn against the parent because the system propaganda is well prepared to separate the child from the father influences. A strong family unit will not let the government step between the family unit. The onslaught on the American family is overwhelming now. In a race to keep the parent from awakening to what has been done to them and what is being done to their children.

You see the awaking by the number of positive thing American citizens are now doing. Like applauding Putin for destroying ISIS a CIA operative in Syria. The fact that Americans are awakening to even notice what is going on is amazing in it's self. Usually Americans would say, 'damn those Russians'. Now in America, Putin is more popular than Obummer the fag. Congress is hated by those who elected them, how can this be? Or are all the elections just a 'Dog and Pony' show? (remember the hanging Chad) That's how Americans were programmed into going to Electronic Ballot machines voting. That everyone knows can be manipulated easily. Those that have awaken are still more than likely out numbered. And if the 'powers' were out numbered, they would manipulate the numbers in the press back to the masses. Hey we are still in Charge here, by the popularity of our decisions.

A great way of being 'Above it All', is rejections the 'powers' vaccinations, medicines and poison GMO foods. The 'powers' have stolen much of the youth's souls with their diets. That keep the child weak with malnutrition foods. And then when the child is ill, giving the child poison medicines and shots. Your child's only survival, is a parent who is 'Above it All'. The rest will fall to the wayside from illnesses and shorten life span. Just as will happen to the parent who isn't 'Above it All'. Make sure and keep your body Alkaline well and not Acidity. I recently came down with a terrible cold from the change in weather here. I broke it in 48 hours by simply flooding my body with Apple Cider Vinegar. This forced my body into a high Alkaline state, which in turned killed the Virus that was making me sick. Had I gone to a doctor or the VA, I'd been sick for weeks, and that is part of the overall plan (young or old)!!! Being 'Above it All' is taking the "Time" to learn how to take care of yourself. Always remembering a doctor is only licences to 'Practice'. Never licensed to cure you, only hide symptoms of your illness. Your doctor is not, 'Above it All', he or she is only part of what you are running from.

Being 'Above it All' is knowing that you are not on a Ball floating on the edge of space and came from nothing, the 'Big Bang'. And that you crawled from the oceans one day and became who you are today by mere chance. Being 'Above it All', is knowing your place in the "God's" creation. And that you are a child of "God". And not a Fluke of Nature as the 'powers' want you to believe. Be 'Above it All'!!! By being above those that surround you, 'Arrogance' is good, try some, I have.

"God" bless


PS: "Alien'

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