Sunday, October 25, 2015

"NASA/Hollywood, a Fine Line"

Hollywood as the World known it, is all about the Illusion. Now it would appear, NASA is all about the Illusion also. In fact I would say, they are actually, 'one in the same'. And who would have the most influences on the human mind, Hollywood and NASA in America (World?). And who are the most gullible people on Planet Earth, the Americans. Not that the average American is born stupid, although that is being worked on. It's just the American culture of, public education and media, do their best to dumb down the American child. With knowledge the child carries with him until adulthood and beyond.

At age 5 and before with the TV, the indoctrination begins. Disney cartoons along with other children's program (Sesame Street) are the culprit from the beginning. With either both adults or single parent (the America way) working long hours to grab for the Illusion of the Great American Dream. The child is left behind. The media insure the parents that their financial dreams are for more important than the child. And just put that child down in from of the TV and relax. Let the system raise your child and soon the child will be removed from the parents, mentally and in the future, physically. You would have to have your head 'buried in the sand', not to see what is happening. Unfortunately, a great deal of Americans fall into this dilemma. They are the ones who allow the military to take their precious child away to kill foreigners. They are the parents who force the child to conform, to just get along. The parent that gives the child a poisoned diet, that the system has pushed down the parents throats. This of course, all being done via Hollywood. Hollywood no only controls the movies, it also controls the music industry. Both uneducated parent or child, have no chance. This is why most Americans support a strong military. It's the constant propaganda of War, American interests BS.

Enter NASA, and you got a 'Game Buster' combination. American children being taught at a young age, NASA is the World authority when it comes to the Universe. And just where you fit in known Universe, on the Edge of the Milky Way. Hollywood invents Satellites in the movies, NASA deliverers Satellites. Hollywood makes movies about travel to the Moon and beyond, NASA delivers. The American Lunar Missions and Rovers on Mars. The Hollywood Space movies look fake, every bit of NASA's footage, look fake. In fact Stanley Kubrick did a much better job until his death, (that he predicted would happen). It was Stanley that put Americans on the Moon, not NASA.

NASA gives the World imagines from space, from the Hubble's Telescope camera. But now the World is waking up to the Hubble lies. Disney gave Americans Pluto in the Cartoons, NASA gives the World, Pluto himself on Pluto.  The j$ws created Hollywood and Einstein gave mankind the 'Big Bang'. If you don't accept the Illusion, your crazy. And foremost, never forget the holafraud.

Americans are living the ultimate lie. Every part of the American education system is corrupted. When a child first goes to school, the child is introduced to the Round Ball Earth in the classrooms. The child at 7 or 8 years old. Is taught the World is round and Gravity holds them onto the Spinning Ball. This BS is indoctrinated into the child at a age the child could never comprehend the true meaning. This is why it it done. For the same reason young men fight wars and are drafted into the military. A older person would never be fooled into joining the military to fight a war, they know nothing about. This is the type of propaganda that brings America soldiers too your doorstep, offering freedom at gun point. The soldier has been programmed from birth to think they are doing the Right Thing. Been indoctrinated into thinking by killing others, that frees them.

Now between NASA and Hollywood, mankind (Americans) have lost their Spirituality. For the indoctrination has ripped "God" from the equation of Life. And that mankind came from Nothing, backed by lies provided by NASA and 'the j$w' Albert Einstein. With all this propaganda coming from every angle imaginable, school, TV, movies, radio, on and on. America has been turned into a 'Killing Machine'!!! A 'Killing Machine' controlled by others from without America. The last thing the 'powers' need, is the awakening of the Americans who volunteer for the 'Killing Machine'. The Flat Earth revelations will turn the World against the 'Killing Machine'.

The fact that mankind will one day realize mankind is, 'all in it together on Mother Earth'. Is the 'powers' biggest fear of losing their domination and control of the masses. By only a handful of soulless psychopathic leaders. This is why the full throttle attack on the Flat Earth Reality. It is not a theory/fact that NASA would want the World to believe. In fact, it looks like the Flat Earth Reality will be the thing that brings down the corrupt system the World operates on today. All World leaders are aware of the Flat Earth Reality. And know "Time" is short for their leadership when the Flat Earth Reality comes to Reality. And all of the World's population are awaken to a New Reality. No more wars, governments of control, starvation, plagues and disease. All the abnormalities that affect humanity currently with the soulless leading the thoughtful. The NASA/Hollywood deception "Time" of power will eventually come to an end and the End looks near.

Want to thank my friends at 'Apache Jii Day', that let me roam around and make my vids. Special thanks to the Dancers and Singers of 'Chi Bii Tu' Apache Crown Dancers. We have become good friend over the years and I always share with them the photos I also take of the Dancers. Here is the vid from Saturday's performance, listen to the singers carefully. Their is a Ancient Tale in their that matches the Dances. Even if you don't understand the Apache language. Listen careful and you will see the correlation between the Songs and Dances.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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